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The difference between an adventure and an ordeal is attitude- #adventureswithpurpose

Acclimating can be easy, especially when you have views like this - 9.48°S, 77.43°W - 14,288’ - #peru #exploremore #skimo


Today @thorretzlaff graduates from @lewisandclarkcollege. Since we have graduated, we’ve made the trek back to LC pretty often to see Thor. Now that he’s done, we won’t be around nearly as often. Today, I came back into this room where it all began. It was in this room that I was told I had received the Sheryl Reid-Smith Scholarship, that covered all of my tuition. The generosity of the @fordfamilyscholarships and the Reid Smith scholarships forever changed my life. Although we won’t be around as much, I am eternally grateful for this place, and my time here. - 45°26′59″ N 122°40′12″ W - #lewis&clark #college #grateful


An Important part of Earth Day is realizing how vast the earth is, and all the parts it has to offer. I have been extremely fortunate to visit some incredible places, all of which have inspired me to try to do my part for this little blue spec floating through space. Cheers to everyday being Earth Day- 26.22°N, 77.02°W - #explore2restore | #adventureswithpurpose | #sea | #sky | #tropical | #bahamas


Throwback to my first multi pitch climb in 2006. I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s been very special reconnecting with the rocks these past few years. - 44.36°N, 121.14°W - #climbing #smithrocks #tbt #mountaineering #travel #climbing_pictures_of_instagram


This is June, a Barbary Falcon. During college, I spent two summers working as a falconer, with June, Thunder, BBB, and Barb 33. Technically, I was a bird suppression specialist, that used a falcon. Our entire job was to protect blueberry farms from European Starlings. Massive flocks of invasive starlings can decimate a blueberry farm in a matter of minutes. Falcons can be used as a non-lethal protector of blueberries. They train these massive flocks of birds to steer clear. There is nothing quite like driving an ATV around a blueberry farm all day, with the fastest bird in the world as your colleague. - 45.15ºN 122.41ºW - #onceinalife #adventure #falcon #bird #organic #farming #epic #falcons #birdofprey #raptor


Back in 2016, @steinretzlaff and I met @icemandoug in Whistler, Canada on a chairlift. If you don’t know Doug, he is probably the most accomplished Polar Explorer on earth. He told us stories of his adventures, and stressed how much Antarctica had changed over the years. Some bases had an “out of sight, out of mind” policy when it came to waste management. He also stressed the massive potential for renewable energy in Antarctica, due to its 6 months of straight sun, and year round sustained winds. He wanted to do something about it, and Stein and I wanted to help. Lewis & Clark College paid for us to reach to Punta Arenas, Chile. When we arrived, we approached the Antarctic Airline, DAP. They quoted us the flight at $55k… We returned to the office every day for a week. After 6 days, they agreed to let us hitch a ride on the last flight of the year to pick up a group of Chinese Researchers. We would have 3 hours on King George Island to document the waste. When the day arrived for the flight, we received a call from the researchers. The weather was too poor, and they decided take an icebreaker out a month later. We had four days left in Chile. We decided to visit Torres Del Paine. We ran through the “W” circuit with no sleeping bags and street clothes (everything we had packed was for Antarctica, and way too warm). The first night, we froze. We had to hold one another for warmth. This made us wake up at 3:30AM and just start moving. Silver lining: We were the first ones to the Torres that morning. We were later told that people don’t go that early due to Puma danger… Torres Del Paine is one of the most impressive places I’ve been in my life. Deep blue water, jagged peaks, and calving glaciers made our journey feel all the more adventurous. I believe this trip was the kickoff to a lifetime of #AdventuresWithPurpose. Jumping in head first makes things happen, which we try to translate to our work now. We were lucky enough to finally visit King George Island this year with @iceaxeexpeditions. I can say I will be an Antarctic Ambassador for the rest of my life. - 50.93ºS, 73.41ºW - #adventure | #explore | #travel | #mountaineering |#epic | #conservation | #polar


Ocean and Mountains. My two favorite things. I’ve loved the mountains longer than I can remember. They’ve been home to my most cherished memories. Since working with @sea_legacy, I’ve developed that same love for the sea. Many great memories, and many more to come! - 79.65°N,11.18°E - shot while on expedition with @sea_legacy - #mountains #ocean #sea #turningthetide


It’s a big world out there. Go see it. It’ll put some things in perspective. 64.59°S, 62.12°W - #explore #exploremore #iceaxeski #iceaxeexpeditions #skicruise2017 #antarctica #ski #skimore


What is adventure? Is it the feeling of being in the unknown? Is it the feeling of having fun? Being scared? Adventure comes in so many forms, so many ways, and at any time. I believe that if you want to live an adventurous life, you just have to open for anything. You can’t always “prescreen” for adventure- it just happens. However, you can prescreen for purpose. Picking to do something with a purpose ultimately will be the most rewarding adventure. I am so proud and happy to be a part of @sea_legacy. Who knew that fighting for our oceans would be one of the best adventures yet. - 79.23°N,10.64°E


Can you spot the skier? - King George Island, Antarctica - @iceaxeexpeditions - 62.08°S, 52.28°S // #ski #skimore #skiuphill #antartica #epic #travel #exploremoreoutdoors


A squad of penguins coming to check out a group of skiers - @iceaxeexpeditions - 64.83°S, 62.90°W - #antarctica #penguin #penguins #iceaxeski #epic #adventure


Congrats @cristinamittermeier and @paulnicklen on being awarded @natgeo Adventurers of the year! It’s an incredible privilege to get to work at @sea_legacy. I cannot wait for the adventures with purpose to come! - @sea_legacy #turningthetide


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