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How I am missing waking up to this everyday


Who’s traveling this spring and where are you headed? // Model: @yourejessintime


You may remember this shot from the summer... now it moves! For those who don’t know how we did this, I went to the roof of a parking garage for a birds eye perspective, while on speaker phone, I guided my buddy into position. He literally had to lay in the middle of the street, in his boss outfit, in between traffic lights, while people walked by wondering what the hell he was doing! It took us about 5 takes. Thanks to @javografo for making him swing and a shout out to @allaroundchicago for taking my directing like a true man!! Btw, we went back and forth about the sewer cap (keep it in or take it out). We chose to keep it in for depth, eye movement and just to let you know, it’s still really a street. #aftereffects


All quiet on the streets of the romantic zone
A7rii ISO 4000 Zeiss 16mm f4.5 1/50sec


Sunset in the Romantic District


Gotta love golden hour, low rising sun shadows


You say Willis I say Sears. What do you call it?


Puerto Vallarta streets at night
Sony a7rii @zeisscameralenses ISO 2000 16mm f/4.0 1/6sec


Last weekend I was able to walk down to the warm, peaceful marina in Puerto Vallarta every morning and catch sunrise. This weekend I am back to norm of the cold, wet and gloominess of Chicago 😞


People are always asking me questions in my DM box. Here is your chance to ask me anything in my comments. I may even post some of the best in my story board later. (Btw, how about that golden sun shining onto that @princesscruises ship 😍)


If you could, or had to be a bug, what would you want to be? I’d probably be a 17yr cicada because it’s the longest living insect in North America


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