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Getting down low to get that lookup of @il_visuals doing his thing. I purposely shot this photo allowing for some motion blur to add a little sense of movement. By the way, he landed this jump. // #whplookup // @instagram // @sonyalpha a7rii @zeisscameralenses 16-35mm //


When one walks into a cathedral and looks up to the heavens... I wish developers, architects and builders could create like this again. The craftsmanship, art and talent that goes behind these beautiful structures is unbelievable // #whplookup @instagram // @sonyalpha // @zeisscameralenses 16-35mm


The morning glow in Point Reyes .

@sonyalpha a7rii
@zeisscameralens 16-35mm
ISO 100
1/320 seconds


Skatin’ into the sun with @alphawanderlust // @sonyalpha a7rii //


There she is with a different view (yes. I still took the insta-famous shots too) // @sonyalpha a7rii // @zeisscameralenses 16-35mm //


I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what settings to use, or what lens to buy, or how to do this or that. My thought process is this: it doesn’t matter how many lenses you have or how expensive and new your camera body is, if you don’t know how to use it, you are wasting your money. My feelings are to spend your money on learning and mastering your camera inside and out. Composition. Lighting. Editing. So on and so forth. I’ve been asked about what classes to take and I’ve been telling them to check out my friends at @spirestreet. (And btw, I’m not sponsored by them or anything.) You can learn at your own pace and in your own space. Today is the last day to get 53% off of their classes (links in my bio). I just truly believe people should learn their skill rather than waste money on equipment they don’t know how to use! // @sonyalpha a7rii // @lightroom


This is pretty much the legit color of the sky a couple of weeks ago. If you swipe over to the next shot, you can see the RAW image (for those of you that don’t know, RAW is the original photo that came out of the camera that has been flattened in detail and has lack of color and depth so it can be edited properly). I also need to thank @mmeyers76 for texting me to get outside to see this sky!


Hey @elleu2djeliana, is that a @drinkpetal in your hand? #ad


I set my alarm for 3am to see the Milky Way in the pure darkness. 3am is when the moon sets behind the horizon (which I got to see sink behind) and it becomes pitch black out outside. The MW literally went from horizon to horizon and could be clearly seen by the naked eye. .

@sonyalpha a7rii
@zeisscameralenses 16-35mm
ISO 3200
30 seconds


Taking the right path with @alphawanderlust


Thanks to @wsanfrancisco for the hospitality and this model trolly car (beer and chocolate as well). Made the beginning of @alphawanderlust’s and my photo trip a good one!


That San Francisco treat .

@sonyalpha a7rii
ISO 100
126mm (thanks @alphawanderlust)
30 seconds