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There Should Be Salmon… | Photograph by Douglas Croft (@douglascroftimages)
“A Spirit bear paces up and down a stream that should be full of water and salmon at this time of year,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Douglas Croft. “There has been a severe drought in the rainforest and the need for rain is immense. The whole ecosystem depends on good salmon runs and so far, those numbers are as low as the rainfall totals.” This photo was selected for the October 12, 2018 edition of our Photos of the Week series.

“This moment feels like pure magic to me Douglas. I love how the bear’s white fur is so stark against the lush green background while the perfect little rim-lights on her fur. I can’t get over how lovely the dappled light is in this forest. So beautifully done, thank you for sharing.” — @natgeoyourshot Associate Photo Editor Kristen McNicholas (@kemcnicholas)


No matter how many batches she bakes, Ran (@konel_bread) gets excited every time she slices into a fresh loaf of bread. “I’m nervous every time!” says Ran, who lives in Tokyo.
Inspired by rolls of sushi sliced to reveal images on the inside, Ran started baking her bread in 2010 when she became pregnant with her son. “First I make the ordinary bread dough, and then I divide it and add colors to create the design,” says Ran, who uses natural ingredients like vegetables and cocoa to achieve the different colors. Today, her bread designs are inspired by everything from pop culture characters to her son’s drawings, and she teaches others how to make their own loaves in her baking school and with her published cookbook.
Join Ran in her Tokyo kitchen to see how she makes her bread, today on our story and on our IGTV channel. To watch IGTV, update your app now, then look for the new icon in the top right corner of feed.


Photograph by George Steinmetz @geosteinmetz This ancient Mayan ruin of Palenque dates from ca. 226 BC to ca. AD 799. Palenque is considered by many the most beautiful of all Mayan ruins, containing some of the finest architecture, sculpture, roof comb and bas-relief carvings that the Mayas produced. Analysis of the hieroglyphics on many of the monuments here have enabled historians to piece together much of the history of Palenque. Only a small percentage of the original city has been uncovered, the rest remaining covered by jungle.

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The Philippines 😍😍😍
Picture by ✨✨@warrencamitan✨✨
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The Reader, Saint-Michel, Paris 🕵🏻‍♂️🗞


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Discover the life of a prairie dog in the shadow of America's first National Monument.

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October Spotlight :Animal moments
Some of the most priceless animal moments ever!
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Photo by Robbie Shone @shonephoto | In Ittoqqortoormiit we sat down to discuss options for sailing on with the boat. We had maps of Wegener Halvø peninsula, up-to-date satellite images showing the sea-ice extent and nautical charts with limited soundings. The satellite images showed that accessing the fjords around the peninsula was impossible because of the sea ice. In addition the nautical charts showed that there was limited information, meaning the true nature of the depth and terrain of the fjord was still rather a mystery. Onward travel to Wegener Halvø peninsula by boat seemed highly
unlikely at this point. We had to look at other options... @greenland_caves #EAGRE18


The shadow knows


STORY TAKEOVER! “The toughest bros in all of LA!” writes @danzigbros | Tap our Stories to enjoy Bart’s birthday party!


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