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Been a really stressful week at work... Decided to take a midday sweat session to distract myself from all the things I'm afraid will go wrong 😝 #sweatyselfie #progressnotperfection #stress


I don't really do yoga normally, but soo glad I did today! My muscles have been super stiff all day from yesterday's workout, but now I can actually walk without wincing 😜 #sweatyselfie #progressnotperfection #yoga


Sooo it's been a realllllly long time since I have focused on my physical well-being (or even logged into this account!)... Between the stress of grad school and the excitement of a new relationship, I lost my workout and eating well routines... I'm embarrassed and ashamed to admit I've gained 15 pounds since early February 😳 so I'm trying to get back into the habit of working out and eating better again. Today was my first day of pre-training using the #bodybossmethod and man, it kicked my butt! But I have to start (or restart) somewhere 😜 #sweatyselfie #progressnotperfection


What you all probably don't know about me is I'm a PhD student and I spend most of my time in the lab (especially this past week 😥), sometimes until the wee hours... Anyway! Soooo my whole 'I'm going to do my own challenge' thing sorta fizzled out... Between being sick and now having a hectic couple of weeks at work, I just couldn't stick with it... Excuses, excuses. So I'm excited about this next challenge starting on Monday so I can get back to some sort balance! #sleepyselfie #gradschool #lablife


#sickgirl stuck at home trying to feel better. Luckily I have this cutie by my side ❤️ #dogsofinsta #fitgirlmascot


First sweaty selfie of 2018! 😜 Leg day is a tough first workout, but it feels good to sweat! I meant to get up early and workout first thing, but insomnia made that next to impossible... But proud of myself for getting it done as soon as I got home from work! 👊🏻 #fitgirlsguide #sweatyselfie


Everyone's least favorite part: the before pics. I can tell from my last progress pics that I've gained a bit over the past month 😳 I guess that's going to be part of my motivation to stick with these healthy habits for the long term 💪🏻💪🏻 #fitgirlsguide #progressnotperfection #progresspic


I know it's the last week of the official challenge but I'm starting my own challenge tomorrow! #fitgirlsguide #introvideo


First time out on the slopes in 2 years! It felt so good to shred again ❤️❄️ #snowboarding


Happy new year fit girls! I'm traveling for the next couple of weeks so I'm going to get a late start on this challenge round 🦄 hope you all have a strong start, and stay sparkly!! #fitgirlsguide 💖


Took my progress photos yesterday before heading back to Washington for Christmas... I lost 3.6 pounds and 1.5% body fat, gained some muscle, and lost an inch or so off my waist, hips and thighs! The changes don't look very obvious to me, but I try to remind myself that it has only been one month, and I am physically feeling better. Also this has been the longest I have ever eaten healthfully in my adult life, and it isn't as hard as I thought! Thank you @fitgirlsguide for making it so easy (and tasty) to eat healthy!! #fitgirlphotochallenge #fitgirlsguide #progressnotperfection #progresspic #jumpstartprogress #28dayjumpstart #immyownhero


Aww thank you so much @fitgirl_jayesto for the #fitmas gifts! 💟💙💚💛💜🖤❤️🦄 #fitgirls #fitgirlmail #fgmerryfitmasswap