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They say staring at the ocean actually changes our brain waves’ frequency and puts us in a mild meditative state. The constant ebb and flow and soothing sound of the waves has a de-stimulating effect and provides a euphoric escape from our busy lives. Moments like these don’t always leave lasting impressions. They’re often times short and uneventful, yet I find them the most important part of any trip. Feeling the warmth of the first sun ray, the sound of the waves, the flow of the sea. Everyone travels for a reason. Everyone is chasing something different. I’m looking for moments like these. Pure bliss where everything seems to come together into something beautiful. I’ve found it 5,000 miles away in a tropical ocean at sunrise. I’ve found it on top of snow capped mountains at sunset. I’ve also found it right at home. It takes practice, but being in this state and looking for these small euphoric moments adds so much joy to each day we get to live.


I’ve heard of drawing a line in the sand but this was next level. Dancing on the edge of teal and blue as we cruised our way to the island of Maupiti 💙


Felt like we entered another world as we descended our way through the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon. I’d only seen the canyon from above, but walking next to them adds scale to the impressive formation process that makes this area so unique. This particular stretch looked like a rock castle! 👑


Different depths of the ocean shelf creates wild variations of blues all throughout the Tahitian Islands. On the island of Taha’a, the mix of sand bars and beautiful reefs created an otherworldly scene from above 😍 Each island I visited on my trip with @airtahitinui and @tahititourisme seemed to have its own color palette to create with 🎨


How on Earth to places like this exist? Worked our way through the bends of these slot canyons for a couple hours and each turn seemed to bring a new sense of sheer awe.


The towering peaks of Nuka Hiva made this beach one of my favorites I’ve visited. It’s always fun visiting new places you didn’t even know existed a few months ago and seeing how beaches here compare to the ones at home.


Partnered with @Lactaid supplements, so I don’t have to skip out on my morning Kona coffee with cream before exploring the island of Kauai. There’s so much to experience when you’re on vacation (like this INCREDIBLE view), and making the most of each day from the first drop of coffee until the stars come out at night always makes that vacation extra memorable. Thanks to LACTAID, I was able to #MilkTheMoments of my trip without having to worry about a stomach ache getting in the way of my adventures. This is one of my favorite lookouts on the island, but you can swipe left to see how I started my day…


Ever since I started photography I’ve used @Lightroom as my editing tool to capture and showcase my world in the colors I love. That’s why I’m so excited to partner with @AdobeStudents to release a preset I created from my latest trip to the Polynesia called “Tahiti Blue”. This preset is free for you to download and I’d love to see how it works on your summer shots! On the above shot it helped bring out the different shades of blue, especially the teals that were in the water over there. Post your edited pics on Instagram using #LRSummerContest and @adobestudents for a chance to win a gift card. See the link in my bio for info on the contest and good luck!


Different shades of blue everywhere you look. Bora Bora from above is quite the sight. The birds here sure live a rough life. I was enjoying a morning paddle from the bungalow at the bottom thinking I had the best view in the world. Guess you can’t go wrong at sea or sky level!


Sunrise on the island, moments before the water turns from gold to crystal blue. So much beauty all around Bora Bora, paddling around @conradboraboranui was the perfect way to get some morning exercise before finding a spot on the beach.


Bora Bora has some of the most beautiful water I’ve ever seen. Spent the morning spinning donuts and buzzing around the island on jet skis and afternoon relaxing at @conradboraboranui. It was an entertaining experience being on an island with all honeymooners and trying to run around and shoot with @robstrok and @karl_shakur 😂😭 Thanks @moanatours for making the day so fun!


These sandbars sticking out of crystal blue waters were straight out of a dream. It was almost as if you could walk from island to island but boating was a little more fun 😎. The shades of blue throughout the Tahitian islands were incredible to experience. Super excited to share pics from island hopping the past week.
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