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Recovering Lenga Forest | Photograph by Stephanie Hohmann // #sponsored by @bloombergdotorg // "The Lenga Forest in the French Valley of Torres del Paine National Park was hit by forest fire," writes Your Shot photographer Stephanie Hohmann. "A group run mainly by volunteers works tirelessly to grow lenga saplings to replant forests such as this one. During a trip to Patagonia, I spent the morning at Reserva Cerro Paine Tree Nursery helping to water and transfer lenga saplings into larger pots. One day, I hope to return and see mature trees planted in this very spot." This image was submitted to the Climate Action in Your Community assignment, curated by National Geographic photographer Katie Orlinsky (@katieorlinsky) // Check out @paristopittsburgh to learn more about how communities across America are coming together to act on climate change. #ParistoPittsburgh


“May you stay as fierce as the wind 💨👌🏻” writes @brussels.sprout


To honor the black community on Instagram and celebrate #BlackHistoryMonth, we’re sharing another story in our series #ShareBlackStories. This month and beyond, follow along and share your unique perspective using the hashtag.
For Brehanna Daniels (@brehannadaniels), Black History Month is about celebrating groundbreaking accomplishments. “It’s amazing to see people that look like me accomplish and break barriers,” says the 24-year-old. Brehanna is breaking barriers herself, as the first black woman to be a part of a pit crew in a NASCAR series race. “Once I found that out, I realized it was much bigger than me,” she says.
In 2016, Brehanna graduated from Norfolk State University, a historically black college, on a full basketball scholarship. The lifelong athlete then joined NASCAR’s Drive for Diversity program, but she admits that before that she didn’t see a lot of people in the racing league who looked like her. Brehanna now hopes to be an inspiration for other black women out there who might feel the same way. “Why not be that change? Hopefully, people will see me and more faces like mine will want to join,” she says.
Check out our IGTV channel now to learn more about Brehanna’s story in a short #ShareBlackStories film. ✨


Photo by Muhammed Muheisen @mmuheisen | Refugees from Afghanistan and Pakistan offer the Muslim evening prayers outside the abandoned warehouses where they took refuge in Belgrade, Serbia. This image was part of my story “Young and Stranded,” published in December 2017 issue of Nat Geo. For more photos and videos of the refugee crisis, follow me @mmuheisen @everydayrefugees and @mmuheisenpublic #everydayrefugees #muhammedmuheisen


#FotoDelDía | Un patinador de velocidad olímpico entrena en Lake Placid, Nueva York. En 1980, en esta pista, el estadounidense Eric Heiden ganó cinco medallas de oro.


Lors de ma collaboration avec evian, j’ai vécu l’expérience incroyable de réaliser un shooting en hélicoptère au dessus des plus beaux sommets des Alpes. C’est ici que se trouve la source de l’eau minérale naturelle evian, une eau extrêmement pure et filtrée naturellement par les roches pendant plus de 15 ans. @evianwater #instantpureté


Photo by @taylorglenn // A busy street in the pedestrian area of Tokyo’s Shinjuku. There is something incredible about the energy of this city. The sights, the sounds, the smells - sensory overload in the best way. What a wonderful place to stroll, especially at night. Follow @taylorglenn for more images around the globe #Tokyo #japan #shinjuku #travel


Snowflakes in Seattle ☃️⁣

I’ve been a little behind on posting since I got back from the road trip (as those of you who watch my real time stories know 😂😂) It’s been a nonstop barrage of winter the past 2 weeks, snow, rain, sleet repeat - here’s some beautiful photos of nasty weather.


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