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Everyone hopes they’ll avoid the worst life has to offer, accidents, illness, loss or violence. Unfortunately, few of us will get through life unscathed. post-traumatic growth is a positive change experienced as a result of the struggle with a major life crisis or a traumatic event. It can be transformative and powerful, Growth begins with healing from trauma, it is not a free pass to avoid suffering. But, as researchers now know, people have the capacity to do far more than just heal. Given the right environment and mindset, they can change, using the trauma, the suffering and struggle that ensues, as an opportunity to reflect, to search for meaning in their lives, to ultimately become better versions of themselves.
It's normal to love when we are happy, it's normal for us to be hurt and sad, but it's angelic to have the capacity to love even when we are hurt.
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Till now there is no cure for paralysis, because any damage for your spinal cord isn't fixable, but twenty years ago we couldn't find a cure for many illness that we cured today, I believe that every illness has a cure and it's up for us to find it, but till we do. We must not lose hope, we must not lose the ability to dream about a cure, maybe our handicap isn't about our body. It's our mind, we can visualize that we can dance, let's free our souls. Because we can go anywhere good we can dream about in our mind, we must dream of the impossible because with God ANYTHING is possible, the sky is the limit to our dreams. We must seek the unknown, we must try a new thing every once and a while. By applying these techniques we can achieve greatness
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We are not angels neither we are devils, we are humans so we make good stuff but we also make bad stuff, so the concept that we are either pure as white or dark as black is invalid