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Dark hair is back and so is my emo phase :)


Least favorite day of the school year: getting all of my art work at and realizing I only made like 3 decent pieces this ENTIRE school year




Waited a while to post this on mental health awareness week. It’s finally the week for awareness.
Mental health is very, very important because of the stigma that comes with having one. You hear things like “others have it worse, don’t be selfish” “PTSD is only for war veterans” “you pull out your hair? That’s weird. Why don’t you just stop?” This isn’t something to be glamorized. Pills, therapy, and unhealthy coping mechanisms are NOT cute. Take this into consideration when you watch 13 Reasons Why(season 2) this weekend. There is a reason Netflix and the producers chose to air the new season during this week.
Also be aware of the harm that this week gives. You watch the show once and think “wow how sad, maybe I’ll tweet about it” but a tweet doesn’t show compassion and neither does the interest in benefitting off of it.
Mental illness is a spectrum. Feeling sad in the moment and having a bad day does not mean you have depression. When you get annoyed because something isn’t organized how you like is not OCD. Feeling anxious for a test does not mean you have anxiety. Just because someone didn’t serve in the war, doesn’t mean they can’t have PTSD.
Mental illness for me is seeing how long I can go without pulling out my hair. Filling in my bald patches with eyeshadow so no one notices. It’s forgetting to take my meds consistently. It’s having nightmares every single night relating to past traumas. It’s “forgetting” to eat. It is buying a CAT for therapeutic reasons.
If you do not struggle there is no way to fully understand what someone’s day to day struggle consists of. But it doesn’t take much effort to check up on a friend or show them how important they are. Advocating isn’t scary.
Today marks my 16th day without pulling out hair. I’ve had trichotillomania for half a year and the longest I’ve gone before today was 4 days. The last photo in the thread is what my hair looks like right now. Baby hairs growing back and scabs from pulling out clumps. Relying on small victories is what gets me through the day.
Talking about mental illness is scary, but doing is alone is scarier.


Abbie is currently going to Marquette to move her stuff up there for college and I’m getting a glimpse of losing her again for an entire year. But this time I lose Cassidy for an entire year. DON’T LEAVE ME AND GROW UP. Who is gonna be my big sister now?? WHO GON COME INTO MY ROOM AT THE ASS CRACK OF DAWN LOOJIN THRU MY DRAWERS FOR A T SHIRT?? WHO GON ASK ME IF THE LIGHT WASH JEANS OR DARK WAS JEANS LOOK BETTER WITH THE TOP?? I’m out here crying. Please fill out an Older Sister resume


I love brady cuz he puts up with my annoying sense of humor, sadness, unhealthy coping mechanisms, obsession with cats, when I whine about being in pain from scoliosis, obscure music, laziness, and unconditional love for his mom. I bet you thought I was going to say unconditional love for him but I love his mom. But like ... luv u bRADy




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Sunday lewks!


When will I stop drawing on my skin?


Love da planet, respect da planet. If you litter, I will tell your mother. Respect our animals and water and forests and literally everything on here. (First photo pc: @abbieleirstein)


Hello everyone !! Come see my show tonight at crooked tree arts center!!!1! It’s called August: Osage County!! I play a little slut who disrespects her parents and smokes illegal substances on the dl! I am a good child (not really) anyways it’s at 8. Tickets are 17 dolla BUT if ur a student it’s 12!! I worked very hard on this for months and stuff but like ya cool u don’t have to go cuz I know y’all don’t like me so just like the pic and go I guess


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