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This daredevil climbed the Sidemen Tower.

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Some 1,500 pigeons made the night sky glitter as they took flight in Thamesmead. Each pigeon carried an LED light in homage to the birds who carried messages during WWI.

The performance artwork, known as Fly By Night, is part of the London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT). LIFT, a biannual festival which runs throughout June, celebrates London’s diversity by exploring the experiences of individuals and communities through cutting edge theatre and art. 📷 John Stillwell / PA

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Glorious sunshine beamed down on the Maya Playa water park in Wuhan last weekend.

A sea of bright blow-up crustaceans bobbed about in pool areas as visitors to the Chinese amusement park lapped up the sun and warm weather.

Shiny red crayfish are popular with swimmers, many opting to drift lazily in the breeze while splashing friends with the cooling water. 📷 VCG/VCG via @GettyImages

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This is what London looks like at 4:50am.

The incredible image was captured in Battersea earlier this week as the Summer Solstice marked the longest day of the year. The nights may now be drawing in, but there are still many hours of sunshine left to enjoy. 📷 James Burns

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Heartwrenching footage shows an orangutan trying to save its home.

Sungai Putri forest is home to more than 1,000 orangutans but illegal logging is destroying their habitat. This heartwrenching footage shows an orangutan trying to save its home.

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Hundreds of yogis were out in force on International Yoga Day earlier this week. These downward dog enthusiasts performed the discipline at the Sri Kanteerava Stadium in Bangalore. Cobras, warriors and child’s poses sprouted all over the world as people practised mindfulness. “From Tokyo to Toronto, from Stockholm to Sao Paulo, Yoga has become a positive influence in the lives of millions,” Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday. “In a world where non-communicable diseases, stress and lifestyle-related ailments are rising, yoga can play a central role in mitigating these diseases to create a healthy mind and body.” 📷 AFP / Manjunath Kiran

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We’re at the People’s Vote March, an anti-Brexit demonstration, demanding a vote on the final Brexit deal.
This cheeky little girl has a poster referencing the British program Love Island. One of the islanders became very confused about Brexit, thinking it might mean all of Britain’s trees could be chopped down. While the trees might not be in danger there are fears that Brexit could be devastating to the UK’s economy, culture and standing in the world. Words and 📸: Elise Johnson #Brexit #remain #leave #EU #Britain #Europe


A new piece of artwork at the Serpentine features 7,506 horizontally stacked barrels on a floating platform. The huge piece is the work of 83-year-old Christo, a Bulgarian whose past projects have included wrapping landmarks and coastlines in extensive lengths of ballooning fabric.

His first major work in Britain stands an impressive 20m high by 30m wide and 40m long, taking around two months to construct. The vibrant red, mauve and blue barrels form an ancient mastaba - a type of rectangular Egyptian tomb with two sloping sides leading to a flat roof.

Christo’s wife Jeanne-Claude was his lifelong collaborator before she died from a brain aneurysm in 2009. A number of their early works will be on display at the Serpentine Exhibition gallery and you can see The Mastaba in all its glory until 9 September. Niklas Hallenniklas / @AFPPhoto / @GettyImages #Christo #Serpentine #Art #Mastaba #ChristoAndJeanneClaude #HydePark #Sculpture


This sneaky squirrel was caught stealing sweets from a shop.

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Today in Ascot fashion: why buy a hat when you can wear a bouquet of flowers?

Miss Natalia Beach donned this incredible design during day four of Royal Ascot at Ascot racecourse. Not only is the headpiece highly patriotic – in the colours of red, white and blue – but it also appears to defy gravity. Adorned with roses and butterflies, it’s surely Ascot’s most natural look yet. 📷 Steve Parsons / @PA

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There was almost another horrific incident of death by selfie. This terrifying image shows the moment an 18-foot python started to wrap itself around its captor as he posed for a photo with it.

Sanjoy Dutta, a forest range officer of Baikunthapur Forest in Jalpaiguri, rescued the snake from a village in the Indian State of West Bengal.

As he posed for a victory photo with the animal, the python began to wrap itself around his neck - almost strangling him.

Mr Dutta was forced to wrestle the huge snake as it began to entwine itself around him.

At one point the snake managed to wrap itself around Mr Dutta’s entire torso.

The forest ranger was eventually rescued by local villagers. It took several attempts before Mr Dutta appeared to be out of danger. His actions were deemed irresponsible.

A woman called Trishna wrote: “30 seconds of fame nearly cost the ranger's life. The animal was only reacting instinctively because it felt threatened. Would've been another ‘death by selfie.’” Words: Alex Richards 📷 @AFP / @Getty

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@eshomesproperty hosted the first London Home Design Awards this week. Here’s our expert judging panel in the fabulous Lecture Room & Library at @SketchLondon.

Members of the public have been sending in pictures of their home makeover projects for weeks now. The shortlist included a bathroom carved out of a loft; a renter's overhaul of their Stockwell living room; and a compact Islington kitchen with a cleverly added table.

The winners will be announced on July 4, look out for them in our Homes & Property section in the Evening Standard and online.

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