It’s never too late to feel a little more alive.


I’ll never forget walking up to this hot spring on a cold, rainy day. We planned to shoot the local volcano, but couldn’t see it due to fog. I’d say Plan B turned out just fine. .
Hitting the road with @jess.wandering again tmrw. Got some plans, but always ready for a detour.


Look to the trees, the mountains, and stars. Take a moment in silence, and tell me we’re not here for a greater purpose. | 50mm | f2 | ISO5000 | 20sec |


A ride thru the Cherry Blossoms 🌸 🚂 🌸


No matter how many times I visit Yosemite, there’s always a new perspective to find. This was my fav this time around. High above Bridal Veil Falls, the Granite walls seemed to fit together like puzzle pieces.


Sitting here thinking about what I should write here, and I’ve come to determine that everything’s been said. My few life lessons have already been shared, reshared, stretched, exaggerated, etc. It’s important for me to remember that what I write here doesn’t always have to have substance (tho I try to add it when it feels right). My experiences and words are no more valuable than anybody else’s. If I really think about it, it overwhelms me. Hundreds of thousands of people’s attention at my fingertips - the digital spotlight is on - but it’s been on for years now. And the spotlight can only be on for so long before my eyes start to hurt. So here’s another photo of a happy time, when I had no connection. Half way thru a mac n cheese dinner, about ready to call it an early night.


@colefreakindavis leading the way down. .
Showing up to this massive hole in the ground, the light rays seemed to be inviting us in. We looked down, all we could see was darkness, and imagine what it was like. Here’s to chasing down locations you’ve never seen before. And to the feeling of not knowing what you’ll find.


After boulder hopping 3000ft into the Grand Canyon, we were rewarded with solitude along a pastel blue river. .
Goodtimes w/ @jakecure and @luke.sky.watcher


6,500 miles, 12 states - I’d say Alabama was the biggest surprise of all. Ascending 160 ft out of this cave was one of the most physically challenging, yet exhilarating things I’ve done.


Like sleeping in clouds. #liverefreshed @hydroflask #sponsored


Solo drives are important to my health. Just let my mind wander freely, and see where thoughts take me. This day I drove from Oklahoma City to Sedona. I set out on a sunset hike, ended up getting lost, and bushwhacking thru some pokey plants. Ran into an angry rattle snake as the light was fading. And after the long and eventful journey, I stepped into this cave and thought to myself... this looks like a good spot to watch the stars come out.


I saw a photo of the springs in Northern Florida a little while ago and knew I needed to see it for myself.. that’s usually how my road trips start. One place I really want to hit, then I take it as a challenge to find spots along the way. Ideally never driving longer than a few hundred miles without hitting somewhere new. How do I find these specific spots? Usually on google image search. Occasionally from people we meet along the way.


Dropping into the Alabama underworld today with @jess.wandering and @aclingan25 ... one of the most impressive places I’ve witnessed/experienced! Swipe for a pov video.


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