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Poem VII (Trilogy Of Poems About The Female Experience)...
These little girls,
In which life they do not know,
Too young to suss the game yet,
To life they must soon owe.

Before their brain have room to breathe,
To learn, acknowledge and succeed,
They are spoon fed the world’s perceptions,
Remember that man take lead.

If life would’ve stepped a huge step back,
Let the little girls do what they please,
Who would be the first on the moon?
The first to travel the seas?

When we talk of Girl Power,
The rise of the female voice,
We don’t mean battle or war,
We mean the reclaiming of our time,
The time to succeed, express and rejoice.

These little girls,
In which life they do not know,
They’ve been cut before their flowers can even grow.
Oh, they’ve been cut before their flower,
Can blossom into what they know,
They’ll never get to be who they really are,
Since they’ve been cut before they’ve even grown.

Liverpool, UK

Poem VI (Trilogy Of Poems About The Female Experience)...
There always seemed to be,
Too many questions,
For the amount of,
Answers she could provide.

Young and unknown of her body,
Young and unknown to her body.
It seemed it was impossible to,
Provide document of ownership of her identity;
That her existence dwelled only,
In the curl of her hips,
The ambiguity of her hair,
And the light touch from the sun on her skin,
Her ancestors gave her many years ago.

Questions that demanded knowledge,
That even she did not know.
Everything was about the external,
But she didn’t feel that was all of her though.
As questions drew her more and more distant,
Between herself and her body,
She drew the only knowledge she knew.
The thoughts inside her head,
Seeds were planted; she grew,
But, who knew?

No one asked who she was,
Within the soul that,
She had nurtured.
No one cared about,
The time she spent,
Trying to build from,
The pain that lurked still.

Because the distance that they all created,
From herself and the ownership of her body,
Meant many dirty hands had touched her,
Her body was the world’s commodity.

But, once she learnt that,
Not all questions deserve knowledge,
And hands should learn to rest,
Her soul was no longer bound to chains,
No longer blind to its body.

Freedom lied within the peace,
That she belonged to no one.
Taking the time to learn knowledge about herself,
Was glory second-to-none.

You see;
Life is a con.
A master trickery of sorts,
An ancient game to serve just one.
The man that seeks to know all,
Like an impatient, temptress child.
Finally, she was able to say;
‘I won’t follow these rules,
Long ago; I tossed them out,
Into the wild.’

Liverpool, UK

Poem V (Trilogy Of Poems About The Female Experience) ...
Mother Nature is a telescope,
To which my eyes adjust to see,
A woman in which embodies an ocean,
A world seemingly bigger than He.

Mother Nature; my closet Soul Mate:
Born in a Flower,
Raised by a Saint,
And to fall in love Without Cower.
How can she not be my vision,
When I have trusted her intuition of power.

She is stronger than he,
For she created a Kaleidoscope of Dreams;
To Turn one dial,
You’ll see the Mermaids make Song,
Turn; see the Flower Fairies Dance,
Turn; watch the Moon Wink,
With a Smile and Smirk much bigger than Words.

I trust the female intuition,
The Mother Nature Of Worlds,
The Safety of Beauty in Silence?
Without Worshipping the Glorification of herds.

As the Moon grins,
The Stars wink the night away,
I Dream not Pray,
That Life maybe continued to be Created this Way;
To Turn the Kaleidoscope,
And see Another World,
Blink, and Turn once more,
And know this is Mother Nature’s Pearls...
The Life Of A Woman’s Work.

Liverpool, UK

Deese Sunday Feels .

Liverpool, UK

Life can confuse us with its seemingly one-dimensional facade. Sometimes it seems like there is only one path, only one set of ways and rules to get us to this ‘destination’ of happiness we all believe is going to happen to us. But, we are all so different; so why shouldn’t our paths, timings and ways of achieving our dreams and happiness be different also. Life can deceive us with its one-dimensional facade; it makes us believe we are all attached to a badly oiled machine...we are simultaneously the cogs in the machine, and the ones that have to keep oiling us to keep this machine going... Once you realise that you are not confined to running this machine, that you can be as isolated and individual and unique in your process, life becomes so much easier to take in, to be apart of; to thrive within. Everything is about perception. Some people might only have a one-dimensional view on life, and this might make them feel stuck. Please know, every thought, feeling and want you have is valid and with meaning. If you want something, go get it. If you feel a certain way, be it. If you love something, throw yourself into it and don’t listen to dissuading perceptions of yourself. You Are Here. Once. That’s the only thing we know for certain. Love Openly and Freely and Scream Who Are and What You Want. You don’t belong to anything, you belong to you and it’s important to listen to yourself, not society. Life Is Not A Singular Lense Telescope But A Kaleidoscope Of Dreams.
Technically there is no meaning to anything, but putting meaning to things is beautiful. You can create whatever reality/existence you want for yourself. And if it’s hard to put that into a physical manifestation at your current state, just make sure this reality is at least in your mind and you’re working towards making it a physical reality.

Liverpool, UK

... Oohhhhhhh I’m Just Walkin’ In The Rain With The One I Looovveee, Feeelll Sooo Fiinneeee ... 🍒✨💫🥀🌙

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Are You Having Daydreams?
Are They Sweet?
Are They Of Me?
Are They Sweet?
‘Sweet Daydreams’ ... Evey Tiiger #Soundcloud

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