--------------- 🎃 🔪 Goth + Submissive Girl 🔪🎃 --------------- 23 🖤 Taken 🗝️️ 18+ ONLY 🐾 Petplayer (puppy) ⛓️ Kink


cookies from last night's Livestream! Cherry chocolate chunk cookies. ♥️🍪 And we announced the book for the first book club! Conquer Me by Kacie Cunningham. So many new things going on~ More info on the book club coming soon


ah yes, who doesn't like a good flogging? 😍 This month's Patreon video is ALL about floggers! Flogger materials, how to pick the right one for you, practice techniques for Tops / Doms and even a little flogging scene demo so you can see those techniques in action. Check out the link in my bio if you want to see it!


While my taste in BDSM has grown to be more diverse than I would have ever thought, I still always find myself going back to my roots: to petplay. And I am so happy more people are becoming aware and comfortable as female puppy players and embracing traditional Leather gear! Its been a wonderful sight ❤️🐾 I don't normally show this side on Instagram but after Kinkfest I have been feeling even more kink positive than normal


just some subtle under clothing rope before a walk. ❤️


So happy to finally learn a sustainable version of this tie (an agura) for suspension, and fun for being on the floor too -- great alternative for futomomos for crawling. Thanks @kinky.lotus for sharing your design !


Some rope labbin' at @ropecraft San Antonio! Leg tie is a reverse dragonback (of @secondfloor_fet 's design) chest tie is a sinju with extra wraps. Not perfect, but hey what is labbing for right? Tired, but loving the chance to work through some positions and ties that have proven difficult for my body in the past.


I know these aren't my best outfit shots but I thought people might like to see my Valentine's Day outfit from my date with Sir! (dress and cardigan from @trashydiva)


corset details. 💖 see the full outfit in my story! Nothing like going out dressed to the kinky 9's. (corset from @isabellacorsetry , 20 inch custom Josephine style)


Some absolutely darling fetish heels Sir bought me for Valentine's! I'll be training to walk in these, since the incline of the ankle is almost like those of ballet boots. Would people be interested in a video of a try on / first impression of these shoes and ballet boots? 👠♥️ (Also, reminder that today is the last day to get your questions in for the Couple's Q&A! So see my last post if you want to ask about BDSM relationships)


was getting ready to film and Sir walked in and surprised me with this little number. 💋 not latex, but sooo pretty and skintight.


absolutely living for this all-cotton "everyday lingerie" look right now, happy Friday everyone! Nothing beats simple and sexy. 💕


love being cute around the house on the weekends in my lingerie. 💕 The start to this year has been busy, but worth it.