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The 1 Train Posse cut:
So for many of yall who been listening to asap rocky for a long time will know that he creates arguably one of the best posse cut songs In hip hop history. A song titled 1 train where the rappers just go all out and show off their skills and Go ham on the beat. Every rapper on that track murdered and preformed exceptionally well with skill and compotency as well as killer rhyme schemes and flows vice versa. Now one question that does raises to me upon is who had the best verse??!!! Tbh This is how my list goes
1. Big K.R.I.T (arguably the star of the show and for a good reason as to why rocky himself said this. Finish of with a bang of a story driven flowed verse with schemes)
2. Danny Brown ( Unique and creative as well as a Amazing flow and going Ham. Killer wordplay too in terms of doing it best here)
3. Kendrick lamar (Unique rapping style here and a nice flow to follow too. Follows upon where asap verse left off and builds upon)
4. Action bronson (ngl not a huge fan of him but he actually performed exceptionally well on this track with some killer verse and flow)
5. Joey Bada$$ (I mean he ties with Bronson tbh but only thing that lacked for me was a lack of flow. However rapping all out made up for this. Bear in mind this is when the man was on the rise and released 1999)
6. Asap Rocky (The man himself and who set this collab up. Honestly his verse wasnt all terrible but he was a lil On some random shit but was creative with his bars so he gets a high spot)
7. Yelawolf (Ngl He Didnt deliver anything too amazing in terms of rapping but had some nice wordplays inbetween as well as a nice flow and puts his place with some killer lyrics)
Anyways this is my list and Let me know if you agree with this order of list. Regardless every rapper did amazing and made this song a future hip hop classic. Also comment below which asap project is your Fav
A. Live.Love.Asap
B. Long.Live.Asap
C. At.Long.Last.Asap
D. Testing
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What is your favourite Notorious B.I.G Song as well as album and why?
Also Choose from these 4 Which group of songs you would pick?
A. Suicidal thoughts, Hypnotize, Warning, Ten commandments
B. Runnin, Who shot ya, Flava In ya ear remix, juicy
C. Big poppa, mo money More problem, Dead wrong, long kiss goodnight
D. Notorious, Respect, Notorious Thugs, Kick in the door, skys the limit


My Fav trap albums ever in order:
1. The Recession ~ Young Jeezy
2. Rodeo ~ Travis Scott
3. KING ~ T.I
4. Ds2 ~ Future
5. Jeffery ~ Young Thug
6. Luv Is Rage ~ Lil Uzi Vert
7. Ridin Dirty ~ UGK
8. Pretty Girls like trap music ~ 2 Chainz
9. MP tha Last Don ~ Master P
10. DropTop Wop ~ Gucci Mane
HM: Painting Pictures, The inspiration, Thug 101, Trap lord, Trap Muzik, Culture, Flockveli, Barter 6, Astroworld, the world is yours, Lil Pump, Sremmlife 2, lil boat and Without Warning.
Anyways this is my Fav trap albums ever. Comment below your fav ones!!!


The chemistry and collabaration between Asap rocky and Schoolboy Q are no doubt one of Hip Hops finest and unique collabs, as well as personally being some of my fav music collabs ever. For good reason this is due to some of the songs they would often collab on Such as Hands on the Wheels, PMW, Work(Remix), brand new guy and more. Often these collabs have a new york mixed west coast gangsta rap inspired Hard gritty ear hitting production that goes perfectly well with each artist level of work as well as amazing rhymes and flows from both rappers. What really stands out to me about this duo is that they never fail to amaze me with the versatility and New sounds and reinventions they often do on each collab as well as how their is amazing subject matter that delivers from drug dealing, Drug parties, Survivin on the streets, friendship and much more. Honestly im expecting a future collab hopefully and even possibly a collab album/mixtape to join in with!! This would be top notch quality amazing.
Anyways in regards with the post choose from all these collabs which one is your fav and why. Make sure to comment below!!!
A. Brand new Guy
B. Hands on the wheel
C. Electric Body
E. Work(remix)
F. Fuck LA
Anyways stay tune for more post People!!
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BLOND: A Gritty and emotional wreck journey that ventures into the new next arc of Frank oceans Life in the wake of the success of His 2012 Masterpiece Channel Orange, A album that touches on Love, sex, friendship, trust, money and Fame as well as some of Franks Earlier Life. However with Blond, We follow and Get intrigued into a Journey of where Frank must find a reform of Love within himself and continue and expand on the Psychedelics of a Amazing concept that focuses on a futuristic but Proposed love of a Love of Franks. As well as describe upon how franks Life has been since he became famous and Feels some type of Love and Pain with his emotions for his family and that loved one he desires. The album Sees a shift in sound That contrast from franks earlier Sound of Rnb to Hip Hop and Other forms of music. Whereas He drifts off into A More versatile and revolutionary and influential sound of what we hear from artist or bands such as bjork, radiohead, Kanye west and Kurt cobain and more. These sounds being Ranging from Electro, Sophisticated and alternative Rnb, Trap, alternative rock, soul and much more. The sound is a very gritty and Robotic tuned sort of sound that captures the essence and emotions that frank conveys throughtout the concept as well as give the listner a certain emotion such as tears or Happiness etc.
Looking at the structure and subject of these songs, Blonde is quite a original piece itself that can hit you within a snap. With songs such as Ivy or Nights, Frank touches Upon the fact he feels a Rejuvenile night and Spent a good DAMN. Time with That girl of his and engaged into some sex and other prosper love he feels. Self control or Nikes where frank feels and finds within himself of how he feels, White ferrari a song that touches on with the thoughts of Fame and how franks everyday life is a conundrum and feels the need to have some good love from his friends or girl. The other tracks on the album all give a Amazing type of feeling and Translates into a language of Basically relaying that franks on a brink of Love with the pain that he desires and needs it. Continue down¥
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Today J.Cole dropped a Freestyle titled Album of the year(Freestyle) in promotion and preperation to Lead us up into next years The Fall Out album. However this is also to promote his upcoming mixtape the Off tape. --------------------
Honestly seeing at how this freestyle was rapped upon a Classic hip hop beat oochie wally from coles biggest influece Nas and plus killer rhyme schemes left for a amazing freestyle in general. However mf also contradicts himself upon how he felt about some lil rappers but does set a good standard to remind them about the true hip hop form and to actually speak some sense into their music. However calling his own album a aoty is a L. But i respect him for his own confidence and the fact he dont care what people say.
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Kendrick lamar is no doubt one of the best Wordsmith lyricist and rappers ever in the game and his progression and artistry evolution as a artist is quite noticeable during 2010-15. This vid shows 2010-12
Choose which song better below in da comments
A. Turn me Up
B. Good Kid.
Anyways stay tune for more post yall


So today me and a bunch of homies will be ranking our top 5 fav songs from travis scotts classic album Rodeo
(P.S i know i been posting a lot of travis but fuck it i need to have something that yall aint seen yet from my view!!!) Anyways here we go!!
1. OK Alright
2. Piss on Your Grave
3. Oh my dis side
4. Never catch me outside
5. 90210 ~ my list
4. Piss on your grave
2.Oh My Dis Side
-- 5. Antidote
4. Nightcrawler
3. Apple Pie
2. Pornography
1. 90210 ~ @nehruvian.hiphop
-- 1. Oh My Dis Side
2. Ok Alright
3. 90210
4. Apple Pie
5. Piss On Your Grave ~ @cinematic.hiphop
2-Maria I’m Drunk
3-Ok Alright
4-Oh My Dis Side
5-Never Catch Me ~ @culturalyokai >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Anyways this is all our list. Let us know in da comments below what yall thoughts guys!! Also make sure tk follow em all for amazing content
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So far based on the amount of listens rank the three albums in order which you think is amazing??!!!
Imma keep it real im not scoring this on first listen so I think Astroworld is amazing and def a contender of aoty but imma give a month or two before anything be said fully. As for Stay dangerous this is some Trash. What happened from being a 8 to a 2-3 smh. Swimmings is a "potential" future classic but i will let it sink in first. Anyways no ranking imma give it listens so yeh!!!
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What is your favourite kanye west album and why?
For me its Graduation. This album was the one that really got me into Kanyes music and also the kanye album imo was very innovative for the modern hip hop music and new school that led to amazing new collabs in Electro, techno, pop and such. While also birthing new artist such as Drake, kid cudi, travis scott, lil uzi, xxxtentacion, kendrick lamar, j cole and more. This album was also very important to me personally cayse i had first listen to it in important significance when i was in year 7 few years back. It felt so surreal and amazing to witness a momentum of graduating primary school. However i believe it will be huge importance for my 'true' graduation in senior year next year as thats my big break. The lyrical content, yes performance and even the concept of A Big moment and reliving through the college trilogy of Yes stellar opus albums from tcd, lr to graduation. A amazing moment. It also Had some amazing standouts such as good morning, stronger, the collabs with wayne and mos def, cant tell me nothing and more. Honestly this album will forever be one of my top 15 albums ever overall in music genres across. Too amazing and surreal and also actually knowing about this album when i was young. ----------------------
HM(cause this also my fav ye record): The College Dropout: just amazing and A great debut!!!
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With astroworld dropping this friday, the hype has finally been unvieled. Now ill be honest im keeping this album either a "hit or miss" situation(basically either as good as rodeo or terrible like huncho) just cause i dont know what to expect at this point. Considering we already had two singles drop which are Butterfly effect and watch where the former in my opinion is great and a slapper but the latter is pathetic. With tracks such as The unreleased Stargazing or The sequel to travis classic song Drugs you should try pt 2 expected to drop on the album, its no wonder a portion of my hype remains. -----------------------
With that being said before the tracklist gets unvieled im just gonna list a bunch of Guest features im expecting and imo who fits well for the album(note this isnt in any order just who i believe should be on it:
1. Kid Cudi( honestly no doubt he should be on the album due to his influence and the fact he and la flame can pull a amazing collab together)
2. Stevie wonder(honestly the main hype and star of the show as well as a factor to why this albums expectations are high, i mean its a legend and his samples and ft will be a factor to the albums success and reception)
3. Young Thug(all i can say is the chemistry collabs between thugga and la flame are 'legendary')
4. ScHoolBoy Q(honestly this could be unexpected and unlikely but after hearing Ok alright i got my hopes up for another banger and to add for more hype on Q)
5. 1975( gotta kind of expect em tbh, they also have intresting sounds so lets see)
6. Thom yorke(another important influence to the album and possibly the hope that this album sound is similair to rodeo or its own unique versatile. A collab would be legendary depending on the execution)
7. Kacy hill( i hope these two collab, 90210 was fucking masterpiece)
8. Kanye West( Ye should be expected on so stay tune hes also important to astro)
9. Lil uzi vert( The new wave trap leader. Lets see this could turn out amazing or worse but fingers cross here) Continue down¥
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(What if Untitled Unmastered was In TPAB)
The Origin and Concept: The album to pimp a butterfly is a hailed masterpiece and a rare one of a kind album to ever be made in modern history. Kendrick lamars intellectual mind and music prestige is no doubt an amazing Outlook piece of musical talent and Vunerabillity in which he exploits and Discusses from politics, Morals, hardships to family, Doing things questionable to much more. Untitled Unmastered is no exception to where Kendrick explores the themes of apocalyptic, Racism, love, Support and the sonical aspect of Politics that tpab ushered upon. Looking at how this album was and stood out as a figure would no doubt leave people at a level of intrest upon how well it was executed considering the 8 tracks on this album were unmastered or unfinished nor had a title or were not properly mixed. Seeing tho as this album delivered and no doubt can beat even peoples best albums alone, kendrick is at the epiffiney of his career during the tpab era that began and ended from 2013-16. So today im here to discuss what if some tracks ended up on tpab??!!
My Opinion and thoughts: If i be honest seeing as tpab is already a masterpiece and one of a kind album thats a 10 already, adding all 8 tracks or even some wouldnt have been necessery due to the fact that the album was already polished and had reasons as to why this was left out for that reason. However going into more depth i could also see some of these tracks appear and still remain at a 9-10 due to the content as well as certain tackle on Topics that could begin their own arcs such as Mortal man beginning and Untitled 01 being the twist end or hood politics beginning about black education and such with untitled 03 and 08 adding to that. In addition it would Add to a unique take and different approach to how the albums content was. As it is UU no doubt has its high moments and intresting guest and topics that kendrick doesnt always discuss upon his albums always. Continue down ¥¥
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