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I love this woman, my cousin is always there for anyone, even those who want to break her spirit, yet she comes back even stronger but she doesn’t see this strength because the best people in your life will never truly know or see their worth. They think they’re the same as everyone else as they always get treated like it. When in fact they are far from it. This woman has come through so much and yet I wish she could see how amazing she really is, because when shes not there, my worlds a little empty but when she’s there she’s my big sister like no time has passed 😘


Lady in red🤷🏻‍♀️ - When a woman is confident she’s unstoppable. . . .


Life begins whenever you want it to, you can achieve great things in which you have a lifetime to do, so don’t rush, you’ll miss all of the good bits and all of the good people, never forget who was there with all their time when no one else would and who helped you when no one else could. Never think of yourself as anything less, if you do good for others with good intentions you’re a decent person, but don’t confuse it if you drop one good person expecting it in another, for there’s too few good people left and so either greed will consume you or karma will. Speak your mind, let the people you care about know what they mean to you. Make memories and care less don’t be careless. Love and learn to love yourself because for a time you’ll be all you have and you need to see yourself as a person to then know what you deserve and know your worth to see if someone is worth your love or vice versa. And just be happy. #quotes. COPY
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