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April theme: Fae and Fantasy
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“Whoever possesses that chest, possesses the leverage to command Jones to do whatever it is he or she wants…” - Jack Sparrow.
I have always loved Pirates of the Caribbean and that’s why I had to make this bath bomb: the Heart of Davy Jones. Davy Jones is such a ruthless pirate. Captain Jack makes the movies though. Anyone else a fan of POTC? Pirates in general? Sword fighting? Mysterious legends leading to treasure? Yes, please. I loved the plot of the most recent movie. Any time you give me back story for an awesome character I’m there for it.
I still have some of these bombs in the shop. Just click the link in my bio.


I like the little swish sound the paintbrush makes.. 😋
Our restock is now live! Check out these spanking new shower steamers inspired by classic authors. This particular one is Austen, scented in lavender. We also have Bronte, in green tea, and Shakespeare, in eucalyptus. You can see photos of the collection on my story or on our website. We have an array of bath bombs restocked as well, and also new lip balms. You can get the Fae and Fantasy Fairytale Crate for the last day today before they run out!


Happy Friday friends! Who else needs this to be their weekend? ✋🏻 Beautiful bath set up by our new rep Anaïse. @literaryhistory
She used the Yule Ball Bath Bomb, a fan favorite. Couldn’t you just sit there and read all day? Or, at least as long as the water stays warm. That’s always my #bookandabath problem.
I’ve been working hard to make this a kick ass restock for you! Don’t forget, it’s today st 6 pm CST. If you want to combine your Crate with your shop order just shoot me a message. If you want your shop order ASAP, make sure you place them separately. Today I’ll be making shower steamers as well as one of the bombs for the Fae and Fantasy box. Do you like box spoilers or no? I’ll post one if you do!


Restock is tomorrow! I’m launching a few new products as well as old favorites and items from the past couple Fairytale Crates. Here’s what we’ll have for bath bombs:
🌺Claire - blackberry and sage tea (in the video)
🍂Jamie - tabac and leather
⚡️Sorting Hat - mountain rain with a hat charm inside
🍃Free Elf - cucumber
✨Snitch Please - buttercream frosting
💀I Am Your Father - patchouli, Amber, vanilla, sandalwood
❤️Heart of Davy Jones - black amber musk
💎 Pirate’s Treasure - blackberry magnolia
🔮Pepper Up Cauldron - sparkling mojito
I’ll also be launching two NEW bath soaks and two lip balms! They’re inspired by Narnia and Tolkien and I love how they turned out. What are you getting tomorrow? It’s also the last day to get your Fairytale Crate. If you want, I can combine your crate with your restock order so you can save on shipping. (Testing this out, we’ll see how it goes!)
Video demo by @fictionallyfloral


How cute is Jacky’s shirt?! It goes perfectly with our little Snitch Please bath bomb. What is some of your favorite HP merch? I have an amazing Gryffindor poncho that I wear a shameful amount.
Photo by @betterwithabookinmyhand


NEW PRODUCT! Turkish Delight Salt Soak. Festive fruits mixed with the warmth of cinnamon. Top notes of sweet cherry, strawberry and apple. Inspired by the favorite treat of Edmund. Get it Friday at 6 pm CST!


“Everyone has something dark in their past. I suppose it's our job to overcome it. And if we can’t overcome it, then all we can do is make the most of it.” - Tricia Levenseller, Daughter of the Pirate King
What are you reading this weekend? I just started Rising Tide by T.L. Zalecki. So far I’m really into it! It’s the second book in a row I’m reading that’s set in the 22nd century.
Loving this photo of the Pirate’s Treasure Bath Bomb by @thehookandtale


Sirens Song demo. Coming April 20!


The making of the Heart of Davy Jones Bath Bomb. Inside these bad boys are purple, blue and green embeds (they’re all different!) and on top is gold sparkley cocoa butter. I’ll be posting the full video to my YouTube channel soon! 🖤


Check out this unboxing if the Ultimate Heist Fairytale Crate by @anovelescape! Four of these products will be available for purchase on April 20 in limited quantities. Sign up for email updates on our website to be notified of the restock and to get a 20% off coupon.
▪️Pirate’s Treasure Bath Bomb
▪️Danny Ocean Shower Steamer
▪️Kuwei Bath Soak
▪️Heart of Davy Jones Bath Bomb


I’m beginning to think I’ve lost my mind. There has not been a single winter in my 24 years that I didn’t resent the existence of snow at some point. Like really truly hated every speck of snow and ice on the ground. You’re probably like ok Ashley we get it it’s cold in Minnesota get a jacket but no really. Every year I regularly consider abandoning this frozen wasteland to start my tropical island dream life.
But for some reason unbeknownst to me, this year I don’t mind the snow. This year I’ve been enjoying the shockingly fresh start the world gets with heavy snowfall. I’ve been enjoying the look of snow in the trees while driving (even though it seems we’ve gotten our minivan stuck in the snow at least once a month this winter). I keep announcing that it’s patio season and Anthony reminds me no, it’s 30 degrees.
I think I just decided one day that since I can’t change it, I might as well enjoy it. And over time it must have started working. I really believe in mindset. There’s so many ways you can improve your mood and outlook if you just take the right mindset about it. I love finding positives in every situation. I thrive on making bad situations work. What’s a unique quality you appreciate about yourself? What are you good at? What keeps you up at night? How can you apply your strengths to your passion? I want to know! ⤵️
You’re looking at a photo of the December Frostbite Fairytale Crate by @stmetcalfe (minus the shower steamer).


I really enjoyed making the Midas Bath Bomb for Enchanted Book Box last month. If you’d like to see me making all 100 of them, click the link in bio to go to my YouTube channel! I have another behind the scenes video coming out this week. Photo by @thebookworm_princess


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