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Throwback to this one time I had a cast up to my butt. Spoiler alert: I was still a snark. This surprises no one. #thatsocktho #tbt #throwbackthursday #latergram


Life sets things on fire. We can’t plan it, we can’t control it, we can’t prevent the smoke from clouding over everything in view. But all that means is we have to focus harder to see the detail in the haze. The beauty ahead is only masked, not diminished.

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I got just one light
In a world that keeps on
Pushing me around
I will stand my ground
And I won’t back down


There are people who come into your life who are immediately like kin. As if they always had been and you just lost touch. There are people who sweep out of the woodwork from a seemingly random direction who bring a quiet fearlessness to stoic, scared corners of your life and who breathe warmth into the chilliest hail storm life can throw at you. When you find those people, you keep those people for freaking ever. Aaaand when those people are prone to runner’s high and giggle fits and they ask you to drag them up big mountains, you always say yes. 💁🏼⛰ You’re the most selfless, compassionate, giggly, appropriately inappropriate, and enlightening human to ever text me about an empty room. Despite the almost decade I’ve got on you, you manage to constantly teach me things I didn’t even know how to see before, and I’ve never laughed so hard through so many steep climbs and stressful times. • This is my favorite photo of you (that I can post on social media without getting in trouble). You’re my sista from anotha mista and I luh yoo. ♥️ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @meraytuh!


Droppin’ into the weekend like...


If you could fight, if you could choose ↟ If you could say all the things you wanted to ↟ If you couldn’t lie ↟ If you would only move like you had something to lose ↟ If you could cry, if you couldn’t sleep it off ↟ If you could feel everything you’ve ever caused ↟ If you couldn’t lie ↟ If you would only move like you had something to lose..
📝: Split Stones by @maggierogers
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You just don't get rainbows without inclement weather. So don't whine about rain like I do, mmkay? Sometimes it's magical. #ultrawuss #workinprogress

Kesler Peak

"I guess that's kinda like life.." I find myself saying that frequently when rambling (read: complaining) about a route up a mountain. Today was no exception: a brutally steep route, unpredictable weather, inconsistent energy... and a huge payoff in perspective and accomplishment at the end of it all. ⛰♥️

Kesler Peak

Autumn means it's time to get DIRTY! #signsofagoodtime