🖤chocolate based | chakra inspired | smoothie + elixir superfood blends

Throat chakra.
It’s all about speaking up, using our voices, trusting our truth. Throat chakra asks us to trust divine will, to have faith, to surrender.
If there was a time in life out world could use a fierce and compassionate truth, now is it!
Head to @nabalo for some stunning words!! Also, this blend: ANTIOXIDANTS!! This is legit excellent for your immune system, and yes, your throat.


Good morning plant lovers! I’m starting my day with a chaga + cacao bullet proof blend. And then.... today is the BRIDGELAND FARMERS MARKET; come say hi from 3:30-7:30!!


A stunning shot of one of our most popular blends from a stunning human on IG - @foundedinbeauty
You guys, what are your fav ethical, do-good brands, and accounts you follow here on IG?
Tag them below & tell me why!! We love @foundedinbeauty because you can always count on them for resources on sustainable beauty, fashion, and human rights ethics. Plus they know a ton about nutrition for beauty, and nourishing the body from the inside out.
Pic: @teganjaydutton (best photographer in #yyc)


It’s a medicinal vegan bullet proof coffee.
Base is #chaga tea (@farmapothique custom blends!) + coffee (@rossocoffeeroasters ) + 1 tablespoon XCT oil (@bulletproof )+ 1 tablespoon coconut butter (@lightcellar ) + 1/2 tablespoon CROWN CHAKRA BLEND - cacao | cinnamon | nutmeg | clove (@farmapothique ) — all blended together.
It’s a blood sugar balancing, good quality brain food, calming on the nervous system, boosting for the metabolism kinda start to the day!
Happy Monday.
How did you start your day?


Matcha | Cacao | Cordyceps | XCT oil | Coconut butter
A #bulletproof delight! Add honey to sweeten.
Click on pic to see where I got all ingredients.


You guys! Yesterday farmapothique turned ONE. Look at those bags.... we have already made such a massive transformation in just a teeny tiny year.
What’s next?


Sacral Chakra. 🖤 sexuality + pleasure 🖤 abundance 🖤 creativity
We used orange foods such as orange peel power + turmeric to help nourish this absolutely vital energy centre.
What’s your FAV way to have the sacral cacao blend?
Did you know our elixirs are avail at both locations of @lightcellar as well as @pranicforest ??!!! Picture by: @nabalo (& Head to her account for ammmmazing chakra write ups!!!)


Is it breakfast time yet?


Home made #coconut yogurt, a super-easy-to-craft ingredient that can be added to any smoothie for a nutrient boosting, gut living, health booster.
Yogurt is a ferment food that contains super beneficial Bactria for healthy gut function; a healthy gut produces up to 90% of our serotonin (the neurotransmitter that makes us happy) + a whopping 80% of our immunity resides in the gut. This means that a healthy gut plays key roles in our over all wellbeing, our ability to fight of pathogens and dis-ease, our mood balance (including mood swings, depression, anxiety, brain fog, insomnia etc). We gotta feed the body the fuel it needs - and the gut needs good bacteria.
When working with clients & teaching courses, I tend to teach the concept that “fermented foods are to be considered a good group, and eaten daily”. What’s your fav yogurt? Tag below!


Have you gone to the @lightcellar to pick up blends? Both locations carry all 7 blends. It’s Monday, what’s your wellness goals for the week?
Post below!
Pic: @lightcellar


It was a wet & rainy 🌧️ day today @bearspawlionsfarmersmkt - thanks for all of you who put your rain boots on + grabbed an umbrella ☂️ to come down and see all of us #local vendors.
Means the world to us.
I crafted this divine, yet simple blend the second I got home (I’ve been off of ALL sugars now - including fruit - for 13 days; and I’m really l o v i n g the taste of straight up cacao); I’m sitting in my sunroom & enjoying some time with my pooch 🐶 (see IG stories to see how cute my sunroom is!). This is divine.
cacao | rose tea | XCT oil | coconut butter | sea salt (add honey if you prefer something sweeter). PS... IG I need your help. I need a few humans to be ambassadors for farmapothique - humans who are healthy, social, + fun - who care about health + wellness, - who love to drink elixirs.... tag names below!!


This is a cashew & rose nutmylk blended with vanilla & mesquite. Super delightful on it’s own | heated up with a scoop of raw honey | used as the base to your fav farmapothique cacao chakra blend.
What’s your fav nut or seed mylk? Post below!