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Lets pretend that breakfast this morning involved smoothies and not re-heated pancakes, stressed out bathing suit searches and asthma nebulizer treatments while the camp bus waited outside. #happymonday 💆🏼‍♀️


Pickling gone wild, summer squash, gooseberries, sour cherries, beets & shallots, plums & red onions, did I miss anything?


Smoked porterhouse tacos with sour cherry salsa c/o @traegergrills, made extra special with @patlafrieda aged porterhouse steaks. 🔥🍒 Happy Friday everyone, who’s grilling this weekend? #GirlsWhoGrill #TraegerGrills


Lemon pound cake (GF), my son’s only request when he came back from overnight camp. And given that I don’t love to bake, my daughter rolled up her sleeves and did the dirty work for me 😜 She nailed it though!


Proving that I actually do eat sweet things sometimes ;) I have the opposite of a sweet tooth, but my kids are obsessed with these bacon waffles so I make them on the reg (@maplegrovefarms makes my favorite GF mix). Just sauté bacon, crumble, add to batter with some maple syrup. Even better with warm brown sugar berries & whipped cream spooned over the top because it’s bikini season and you owe that to yourself. 🥓🍓🍴


Cherry & wild blueberry smoothies with coconut and a touch of sweet mango. The kids started their first day of day camp today and the house feels so empty without them :( More from our weekend up on stories 🤙🏻✨


Happy 4th! I’m smoking a 12-lb @patlafrieda brisket on my @traegergrills but since I’m mid-smoke and not touching that beast for a photo op, I’m throwing it back to our campfire cookout in Alaska 🔥(pictured, @lilydiamond prepping some grilled peaches & thyme to go with our wild @copperriversalmon). Hope everyone has a great day xx


Happy July 1! Honey garlic harissa heritage breed chicken from Snowdance Farm, smoked on my @traegergrills, chilled, sliced and served on whipped ricotta, drizzled with hot honey & topped with micro salad. The perfect meal for hot summer days ✨ Lots of grilling & smoking in store next week for the 4th, who’s with me? 🔥 #traegergrills


Grilled rib eye banh mi sandwiches, cooked to perfection using a few of my favorite @OXO tools. These babies were cooked indoors on @OXO’s stainless steel grill pan + I pulled the steaks off when they reached that perfect medium-rare, gauged with my @OXO thermocouple thermometer which gives you an accurate read in 2-3 seconds.

If you’re not a regular thermometer user and want to start using one to better gauge your temps, this one is really easy to use whether you’re grilling or roasting. The probe rotates out without having to touch it and the backlit screen turns on automatically, super useful at night.

All of the pickling, searing, and sandwiching action is up on stories! (+ the link to the thermometer itself is in my profile too :) #spon


It’s #prideday here in New York and already from my Chelsea apartment I can hear the sound checks happening on 8th ave, the annual parade festivities about to begin. There’s a buzz in the air and I’m thankful for sun, a nod from the heavens that today is one hell of a day to celebrate.

I returned from Alaska yesterday morning but already I miss the quiet rhythm of the Cordovan summer season, seagulls, boats in the harbor, the gentle hum of canneries in the background. And although conservative in its leanings, I fell in love with the inclusive nature of Alaska which hinges on the premise that if you came to Alaska and you can hack its remote wilderness, you are welcome.

Happy pride day to all 🌈


Kinsey @copperriversalmon doing that sockeye thing, campfires and cedar planks, cedar wraps for the asparagus; @lilydiamond grilled peaches with thyme; we feasted on the Alaganik Slough, an outcropping from the Copper River. Blog post recap coming soon, but for now I have a video up on stories. A love story of sorts for that humble, beautiful, wild Alaska 🌲🐟🌧️ #salmoncamp2018


Soaked in one last wet walk along the Cordova harbor this morning, home to the Copper River’s fishing fleet. So many stories to tell, the grizzly, the sea, the salmon...clay face masks and solstice prayers...the people who opened their hearts and their homes to our merry band of lower-48ers, Jodi, Lily, Jill, and our favorite fishmonger Auntie Annie ❤️ Thank you Kinsey and Christa for an eye-opening five days along the Copper River. @copperriversalmon #salmoncamp2018