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Αλέξανδρος wore skirts 🔥


Going grocery shopping 🌱


#tbt my 1st « Cube of Truth » 💘 xx +here is a passage from Hollinghurst’s latest novel, The Sparsholt Affair, about the character’s sudden transition to vegetarianism: « (...) as he dropped in the soft triangles of liver and the cold blood sizzled in the oil he thought two things: (...); and that, after this week, perhaps even after today, he was never going to eat meat again.
He kept this to himself, and ten minutes later was forking down his dinner in a trancelike state, both eager and reluctant. He loved meat, he loved liver in particular, and while they went on chatting he found himself sighing and smiling at the imminent drama of change. It wasn’t the taste but the intolerable meaning of food that came from slaughter that he wanted to excise from his life. The decision had been shaping inescapably for months, perhaps years, and even now he found he was keeping it, for a day or so longer, to himself. »

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« L’amitié n’est que l’égoïsme des gens de coeur. » (Flaubert) ❤️


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Me & my godfather looking very serious (&me looking v pale too) #graduationday🎓


After at least 32 essays, 1 dissertation, many crises, countless hangovers, numerous supervisions, lots of naps, hundreds of ballet classes and one or two blackouts, I now have a degree!!! 🎓🎉 I’ll miss you Cambridge xx


New mugs new us 💞


should go to the gym instead of posting questionable selfies 🤦‍♂️


Lune de miel w @rinnyorchezza ❤️❤️❤️


Don’t expect me to be tanned - I have a pale complexion ok? 🍋