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Design Your Life


I know because he just delivered the best presentation and workbook for you to use during the Design Your Life Blueprint.⠀

This blueprint is how you will design Your Life in 2019 and is a completely free training!⠀

Ho ho ho, friends! Doesn’t the holiday season get you just as excited as I feel?⠀

Link in the profile to save your seat ⠀


Design Your Life

This guy waited on me for an entire year! 12 months. 365 days. I told him no more times than I can count. To the point where I would avoid him because I knew he liked me and I wasn’t interested.⠀

He was respectful but persistent. I just didn’t want to be in a relationship especially one that deep down I knew would be more than a fling. I was focused on my business after all. I don’t have time for the commitment that a true relationship requires and I enjoy my time alone.⠀

To be honest I thought one would have to give. Either you have a family or you have a business. Not both. For someone that speaks to designing a life you love I wasn’t sold on the idea of love and certainly not love and money at the same time.⠀

The thing is love just like money will flow to you when you relax. Let your guard down and focus on the gratitude of having it, not focusing on when the shoe is going to drop and when it will leave you.⠀

Just like in my business I opened my heart to possibility that love would find me right where I’m at. I didn’t see it at first and it has t been easy. I finally met a man that didn’t run away from my strong will, closed heart, and at times bossy tone. He puts me in my place and makes me consider his heart, not just my own (you know the whole flight or fight thing). Best part is he’s just as silly as I am.⠀I mean what guy shaves his beard to get into character for a 70’s theme party? This guy. ⠀
Love and money have the same energy. Open yourself and it will come.


Design Your Life

My word for 2018 was visibility. And visible I became. My business grew this year. I was invited to speak more, and as a result you, reading this, found me.⠀

I’m currently thinking what I want 2019 to be. I’ll talk about that more in my upcoming Design Your Life Blueprint training (Link in Profile).⠀

This visibility and growth have led me to opening up my time and business to other coaches that want the same. By partnering with me you get to work along side of me to grow your coaching business. Learn my secrets. Develop your program and create residual income while leaving an impression on those that we meet.⠀

I feel blessed to be able to do this at no extra cost and if you’re a woman that knows she’s meant to change the world and wants more Put yes in the comments


Design Your Life

Comfort zone = protection.⠀

I realized this when I dived into the coaching industry. It’s the minds way of keeping you safe, which is its most important job. By keeping you in the comfort zone so you do the same mundane things day to day instead of going out and a limb and doing what you’ve never done you stay safe. But nothing ever worthwhile or magical ever happened in the comfort zone. ⠀

Step out of it darling. Forever keep changing the status of what is comfortable so that you keep rising.


Design Your Life

Lost when it comes to creating your program?⠀

Grab is guide that teaches you everything you need to know about creating, pricing, and launching your next course or program.⠀

You’ll find it in the coaches toolbox. Link in Profile.


Design Your Life

Are you a serious entrepreneur that wants to change the lives of your clients in a big way?⠀

You know that you’re meant for so much more and you’re looking for support, inspiration, and training to grow your business.⠀

I have two spots available coaches that are ready to take their business to the next level. By partnering with me in DoTERRA you will get hands on coaching training to develop your program and marketing + training on using essential oils with your clients and an added stream of income.⠀

✔️Join a growing group of women.⠀
✔️Weekly coaching training.⠀
✔️program development.⠀
✔️learn how to add oils to your existing clients. (Hint: my one on one clients gets a box of oils when they work with me to aide them in mindset work and overall health)⠀

When you sign up as a wellness advocate to partner with me, together we work to grow your business. Creating a group of high performing coaches who are working together to shift the world.⠀

All coaching is included when you enroll, the only cost to you is within your DoTERRA account. ⠀

Leave me a comment yes or DM if you have an interest and want more information ⠀


Design Your Life

Who started a fire in your life?⠀

Who lit a passion for you? ⠀

Many thanks to Emily Williams for igniting the dream of starting my business. I’m lucky to be a coach who loves guiding women to start their own coaching business.⠀

Perhaps we can light the world on fire with our passion...who is that special person for you? ⠀


Design Your Life

To start a business you’ve got to be bold. Like really bold.⠀

It’s not for the faint of heart.⠀

When I was first starting out I would get up at 5am to do 2 hours of work before going to my full time job. Then I would come back home and begin working on my business again until 11-12. My nights and weekends were completely devoted to my business. I said no to things because I knew I needed to get work done.⠀

The one thing that kept me pushing through was knowing that it wouldn’t always be like that.⠀

My point is you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do in order to build your business. Nothing is an excuse not to start.


Design Your Life

Have you had a day where you feel a little meh? Maybe something happened to make you feel that way or you woke up on the wrong side of the bed.⠀

I’ve often found that getting up, putting on a nice outfit, doing makeup and hair can make the world of difference. A lot of times I grab a scent that lifts my mood and make me feel pretty. Even more so when you work from home. ⠀

What do you do that makes you feel beautiful?


Design Your Life

Have you caught this episode of Design Your Life Podcast?⠀


Then you better head on over to iTunes or the blog to listen now.⠀

Building relationships is the fastest way to grow your business and in this podcast I’m Show you how you can do this.


Design Your Life

Something big happened yesterday!⠀

I hit a goal rank in DoTERRA ! It was a lot easier than I thought it would be achieve. This has allowed me to add another stream of income to my business.⠀

I have been incorporating oils in my coaching business. Using them with one on one clients And growing my own team.⠀

I decided I wanted my team to be built with women and men that want to do the same and who really want to impact the world. I created a coaching partnership where each member get coaching from me on how to grow their business with both oils and their offering.⠀

If this is something you want more information one leave me a comment or shoot me a DM⠀


Design Your Life

Every November, it always seems extra important to acknowledge thankfulness for even the littlest things. I’m thankful for my 5 senses, and that each fall my freckled nose gets treated to the lovely scent of Wild Orange and cinnamon. As it happens I’m very serious about which oils I diffuse when, and before I move on to Christmas next month, I’ve got to revel in what I’ve got right now.

What are your favorite autumn oils?

Or would you like to try them for the first time?