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Hey friends! I made Female Coaching Society to be an affordable solution to those looking for a coach. You all have many different reason for doing what you do. What is yours? ⠀

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When people guess the best part about running my coaching business, they often think it must be setting my own hours or working with high vibe clients But I have to say, while all that IS amazing, my very favorite thing about my job is hearing directly from Female Coaching Society members how grateful they are that this platform exist. I wanted to share this inside look, so you know just how much I love what I do. Truly.⠀

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Hey there Instafam! Some of you know me well, and others are a bit newer to the party (welcome, by the way)! Every now and again I like to use a post just to remind my followers exactly what it is I’m doing here. I’m a business and success coach for new coaches, currently residing in Charlotte, NC I began coaching interior designers, which is what my background is in, then things transitioned to coaching new coaches. 2 years later, Female Coaching Society was born. I married my passion to my purpose, coaching and creating content that helps coaches run their business. Click the link in the profile to learn more.⠀

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I never knew THIS was possible. ⠀

It wasn’t until I reached the lowest of the low that I was like okay enough is enough. I decided to do something about it. 6 months later I found myself in Paris. I traveled there alone which for me was something I needed to do for myself. 6 months after that Design Your Life was born and now I’m working with women from all over the world.⠀


I followed that still small voice.⠀

You might be sitting there right now asking for a sign on what your next move is going to be. The thing about God is sometimes he doesn’t answer with lightening bolts and thunder. It’s usually the small tugging on your heart telling you to move in a certain direction. Trust your knowing. Trust your calling?


Out of all the coaches I’ve hired you know the one thing I always wish I was taught?⠀

How to be a masterful coach. The techniques of coaching and asking those moving questions and conversations.⠀

I know that if you’re a coach just starting out you’re asking yourself the same question.⠀

I’m here to help you!⠀

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Where do you stand on “inspirational quotes,” Keep Calm and Carry On, and the like? I find that when I’m in the right frame of mind, even a silly ad slogan can give me a lift What about you? And have you got any tried and true quotations you’d like to pass along?⠀


If you’re like me, someone they had to have tee total control of her life, then submitting your business to the Universe/God is difficult. you’re going to make isn’t your business. It’s God’s.⠀

All you have to do is show up ready and willing. Worrying about where your next client is coming from. How you’re going to build this wildly successful business does not serve you. Instead trust that it’s meant for you and that the doors that need to open for you will open. It’s allowing the divine be the divine and you be the vessel.⠀

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FCS is the only membership site that’s dedicated to female coaches to get the training and support that they need. It cost less than month of Starbucks.⠀

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This month’s client spotlight is on Michelle @theshiftstarter !⠀

I have enjoyed getting to know this beauty in Female Coaching Society. She has true passion for what she does and it shows in every area of her life.⠀

Michelle is a certified life coach that helps her clients move past fear. She 💯 practices what she preaches! Just go check out her Instagram, she recently jumped out of a plane you guys! Talk about overcoming fear!!!!!!! ⠀

She’s a motivational speaker and author of The Invisible Chameleon. ⠀

I am truly blessed to get to work with this amazing woman and to see the life changing work she is doing. If you need to overcome things like fear, taking risk, or the need to change your life in some way reach out to Michelle! ⠀

If you want to join her and the other women in FCS click the link in the profile and learn how you can get 30 days free.


It’s time for a quarterly progress report on all those lofty promises we made to ourselves this January! I’ll say I’ve been impressively solid with mine but it’s never a bad plan to challenge yourself yet again. I’m here confessing, I want to: grow FCS to 200 members. I don’t think any of this will be easy…old habits can be hard to break, but if you pick one, too, we can hold each other accountable! What do you want to do less often?⠀


“I’m not coming from a place of fear, I’m coming from a place of fed the f*ck up.”⠀

I said that statement to a coach I had hired to help me reach a certain income level in my business. I was doing all the things.⠀

✔️posting daily, sometimes 3x⠀
✔️ Facebook Lives⠀
✔️ Email Marketing⠀
✔️ Funnel⠀
✔️ Webinars⠀

I was exhausted and working 12 hour 7 days a week. I felt guilty for taking a break just to watch Netflix because that I was time I could be doing something in my business. I really was fed the f*ck up. I was working so hard and not seeing any reward. Hardly any clients at all and it was getting to the point where I was panicking. I need income and I needed it fast. I didn’t want to be told that it was fear or my limiting beliefs that were keeping me back. I was angry.⠀

Hadn’t I shown fear whose boss by stepping up and into the calling I was meant to do? Didn’t I mean business by forking out thousands to start this business in the first place? Hadn’t I already overcome my biggest fear by putting myself out there?⠀

That’s when I started to opt-in like crazy. Maybe I was missing the mark and leaving something out so I signed up for every opt-in, webinar, and freebie I could. I was grasping at anything I could easily implement to my biz that would send me into success, just like the creator promised.⠀

The thing is that never comes from one any single thing. I had to really look inside myself and my business to see why I wasn’t getting clients. Here’s what I found.⠀

💗 I was not lit up about my ideal client and at the end of it all when I saw into the future of my biz I wanted out of that niche and to be coaching biz owners who wanted to become world changers.⠀

💗 I wasn’t having fun. My spirit was so stressed out and broken that joy was nowhere inside my business. If you aren’t having fun it will never work.⠀

💗 I was trying to create all the programs. One on one, Self study, group coaching- I needed to master one before starting the others.⠀

Once I tuned in and really listened to what I wanted and decided to screw the funnels and just show up having fun things drastically changed.⠀

This year I’ve ran one FB ad to test. The rest of my client


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