Girls. Beats. Bass. 'ANGEL' out now everywhere. 🔊


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It's your girl 🖤 thanks @superdry for my favourite new sweater. I feel like I'm in high school dating someone on the football team 🤳💋


This morning while I was rolling around in the dirt of what is to become my new studio I learned that I've been nominated for 'Best Female Solo Artist' and 'Best Electronic Act' at this year's @umamusicgroup awards. It's a great day 👌👌👌


That's my catdog. She's the greatest.


Just heard the news that 'Angel' has now been played over 700 times on the radio across 65 different stations in Europe. 😱❤️


Always wanted to be a stripper but I was too worried about what my gran would think. Think there might be a sideline business opportunity for me in here somewhere...


Bought a house but right now it looks like a 60s crack den. 😬


I love it when people send me artwork they've made inspired by my wurld and music. Isn't it mental that we can connect with people across the globe, make creative work and share it with each other instantly? No need to print it out and put it in the post or any of that shit. I appreciate everything that gets sent my way and it honestly keeps me making music, knowing there's people out there I've never met who have been moved enough to be bothered to make their own piece of creative work after being inspired by mine. Here's a couple of things I've been sent recently by @antoniomeza_art and @ryanshaneowen. ❤️ don't stop sending them.




I've lived in London for a long time now but I grew up in fields a bit like these. Photo by @__floorshow__ ❄️


Messing about on film with @__floorshow__


Happy New Year ppls. Let's be kind to each other. 🥂


Getting ready to step into 2018 like... 💆🏻 This is not a drill you maniacs, get out there and DO YOU. Stay freezy. ✌️