Since 1946, #Fender has been the world's foremost manufacturer of electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers & accessories.


Did you know the Fender Tune Player Pack features 65 different drum loops? Hear one in action with this Player Series Precision Bass in Buttercream.
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Check out this awesome Jazzmaster from the #FenderCustomShop, built by @dennisfendercustom. What would you name this guitar if it were yours?


We wanted to give a shout-out to some awesome Precision Bass players! @freakyfranz (@turnstiletribe), @natemendel (@foofighters) @estehaim (@haimtheband) @danielgleason (@grouplove)! Who is your favorite artist using a Precision Bass?


In episode three of our Jazzmaster 60th Anniversary celebration, we sat down with Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine. In part one of the interview, we explore how these instruments shaped the sound of their band and established a new style of playing. Tap the link in bio to watch.


Does this vintage ’59 Jazzmaster remind you of anything? An album maybe? Our Jazzmaster 60th Anniversary continues next week with a special artist.

Photos: @tessaangus


The sound that defined the electric bass. The first commercially available Electric Bass, the Precision Bass continues to make waves more than 60 years after its initial release. @freakyfranz of @turnstiletribe uses it to electrify crowds night after night.
Learn more about this Player Series Precision Bass via link in bio.


Approaching bass playing from his past as a drummer, Franz Lyons of @turnstiletribe uses the Precision Bass as a foundation for their high-energy sound. Watch him use the Player Series Precision Bass, and learn more about it via link in bio.


Check out this beautiful @fendercustomshop Stratocaster!
Repost: @kyle_mcmillin83 "Just finished this one and sending it off to Japan!"


"I play a Fender Telecaster because _____"


We’d like to thank these awesome players for participating in the second annual #Fender4thChallenge@jimmyvmusic @thedanieldonato @strungout @thetylerbryant @brentmorganmusic @dawsonanderson @connercoffin @moon_taxi! Thanks to everyone who submitted their own renditions of the Star Spangled Banner! 🤘🎸🇺🇸


For the next few weeks we’ll be sharing some of our favorite Fender pairings. This week’s suggestion: Player Series Telecaster, Hot Rod Blues Jr. IV, The Bends Compressor and Santa Ana Overdrive. What does yours look like?