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NGO in the Colombian Amazon fundraising to cover medical costs for margay recuperating from mistreatment in captivity:

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Fundación Entropika

*Link in bio to read the story of Amigo Margui, and contribute to his recovery*
An update on our amigo, the margay who was rescued from a tourist trap in a small Peruvian village, and is now recuperating in CREA, a rehab center in Iquitos. Yesterday the wildlife vet ran another series of blood and urine samples tests. He has almost completely recovered from the chronic dehydration he was suffering from in captivity, he’s gained some weight, and his coat is filling out. On Friday he gets moved to his new enclosure, until hopefully he can be released back into the wild. #CREA #wildliferescue #wildlifeconservation #margay #noselfiesconfaunasilvestre


Fundación Entropika

A big thank you to @natgeo and everyone who has donated to our GoFundMe campaign (link in bio for those who wish to share and donate) to cover the medical costs of the margay who was rescued from a wildlife tourism trap in the Amazon where he was suffering from malnutrition, dehydration, and skin issues. The treatment plan is long term, but is already underway, and thanks to your donations, he is in stable condition, reaching a healthy weight, and is very active. The staff at CREA, the rehab center in Iquitos where he is now recuperating, will run more blood tests tomorrow to evaluate his current health status and progress.
Agradecemos enormemente a @natgeo y todos los que han donado a nuestra campaña GoFundMe (para aquellos que desean compartir y donar, en la biografía encontrarán el enlace) para cubrir los costos médicos y veterinarios del margay que fue rescatado de una trampa de turismo de fauna silvestre en el Amazonas, lugar en donde se encontraba desnutrido deshidratado y con problemas de piel. El tratamiento que necesita es largo, y ya está en marcha gracias a sus donaciones. En este momento se encuentra estable, alcanzando su peso ideal y está más activo. El personal del CREA, el centro de rehabilitación en Iquitos en donde se está recuperando, realizará mañana más exámenes de sangre para evaluar su estado de salud y progreso.


Fundación Entropika

Link in bio - please donate and share!!! This margay, a small wild cat native the jungles of Latin America, was one 22 wild animals that were rescued from a Peruvian village on the Amazon River that were keeping them in poor conditions and exploiting them for illegal wildlife tourism.
After being relocated to a rehabilitation center in Iquitos, wild life vets have discovered that the margay is suffering from more health problems than anticipated, all as a result of a lifetime in captivity. We created a GoFundMe for his medical costs to help his new caregivers nurse him back to health.


Fundación Entropika

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A big win for wildlife! 🎉

Rescuers have liberated animals from this cruel wildlife attraction we exposed in our Close up on Cruelty report.

We applaud the Peruvian authorities and local NGO Entropika for undertaking this much needed mission. We hope there are many more like it in the future.

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Fundación Entropika

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Fundación Entropika