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#Ireland... completed, that's it's I'm home. 1200 miles drove, 10 different beds slept in. Video being made at the moment, 1500 pictures taken.

It's been incredible and I'm finally happy to say I've done it. Hope you have enjoyed my adventure as much as I did, there will be plenty more pictures to come.


Who's been to the #giantscauseway before. Ever wonder what it looks like from a #seaguls view. Little fuckers where everywhere, but looks cool as.

This picture got me into trouble with half of Ireland hating on drones.
Who's visited Ireland and northern Ireland before?


I'm always looking for opportunities for good video footage or pictures. I'm not just a pretty face😂


I spent over an hour at this location waiting for the best shot in my 50th country, #northernireland

#thedarkhedges are a great location for photography, to be honest it's just some tree but look how awesome they look. I took this at 2130 last night and even then there were people about.

I tried to edit it to give the dark mood, who knows what episode this location is filmed in game of thrones?

I'm doing my own tour today who's a fan?


Today was the 4th time I've been told to take my #drone down. Apparently new rules state that you must now be at least 50m from people and buildings, 150m from groups but can only fly 120m high so in other words no flying near anyone or anything anymore.

I did however get a few good videos of the #giantscauseway today, looking forward to showing you the pictures from the last few days.


#killkennycastle was absolutely beautiful located in the south of kilkenny. Thinking about going or have been check out my review below and comment your opinions.


OK So I never really do reviews and I might piss a few Irish people off but I want to give you my view on #kilkenny
Firstly go, it's more than worth your while but watch out for tourist traps. The #milemuseum unless you have an obsession on William Marshall it's a waste of €8. Bought by a private company and made into a trap.

Kilkenny castle is worth the visit, I didn't get inside as it was too late but it was beautiful as you can see from the picture. Also across the road is national design and art gallery.
The cathedral has a tower to see the whole of Kilkenny for €4 worth the 100 odd step climb, Inside the cathedral wasn't so special.


For the boozers people will say go to the hole in the wall and while I liked the bar it was very expensive and they tell you it's the oldest bar which it isn't it's just an old building. #Kytelersinn was my favourite followed by #thepumphouse both had great bands on with decent prices.

Let me know what you thought below.


Well for my 200th post I give you the glorious countryside of Ireland as the sun sets.
There's no point showing you what today's like because you can't see anything for the copious amounts of rain.


Well here it is #rockofcashel is a beautiful structure from medieval #ireland
Lots of pictures from below but not many from above. I took the #mavicair out and it last 10 minutes before I had to bring it back down the winds were so strong

Got some great videos circling grounds as well looking forward to posting them in my Ireland video.

Who can spot me comment below if you can! I will let you know if you are right tomorrow😁


It's been an interesting beginning to this trip. First I hit a lot hole in Liverpool which blew out a tyre. Repaired in Dublin where our #airbnb was cancelled last minute. We had to go to #portlaoise for the night.

I took a trip to #rockofdunamase last night for sunset and got some great pictures. Will post when I can.

So far Ireland has been interesting and luck hasn't been on my side.


Last one from my snowdon pictures. Unfortunately I've been too busy working in Scotland to get away for pictures but can't wait for Ireland next week.
Instead of taking the track down I decided to take the railroad route, who's done this?


Walking through the hill of # snowdonia is a great place for amazing pictures as the sun goes down.


Sent the whole day in #edinburgh yesterday wandering around and came across this beautiful memorial for the fallen. Tried to capture it as I saw it. Much respect.