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📸Samsung 8 and Mavic Air drone📸
Last: Slovenia 🇸🇮
Next: Ireland 🇮🇪
🌍48 countries 😁
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One of my favourite. Again this week is all about the #streetart of #penang
I plan on making a map to show you where you can find this art if anyone would be interested comment below!


Another beautiful piece of street art in #penang #malaysia

More coming this week. Keep a look out.


#streetartgeorgetown art No.1

This is found near #tipsytiger in George town #penang

Such talent found around this tiny area and well worth searching.


Spent a few hours in the #regaliaresidence #infinitypool Just to look at my future apartments

This was $6 a night between 4 of us. #airbnb sorted us out. Good room and #greatview
If you're staying in #kualalumpur make sure you dont give this a miss



Nothing better than having a #drone while in #lakebled

This was my second time here and the weather was perfect!
Who has been?

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Just a little #compilation of some of the drone shits I got in #slovenia last week.
Anyone want to visit now?

Bought myself a new present! #sonya6000 with multiple lenses so my pictures should start getting interesting.

#droneshot #mavicair #visitslovenia #dronevideo #videodrone #drone #slovenia #traveleurope #loveeurope #summertime #alps #hiking #trekking #newshoot #playingwithadrone


Looking back at things I've done so far this year I think this trip was one of my fave.

From #bovec to #tomlin the walks down the #riverside were truly remarkable.

Also I've finally found out how to make the most from my #mavicair drone shots


Omg the water in #lakebled this morning is amazing

This is my second time here and absolutely no regrets.

Who wants to come here?
Who has been?

Loving my drone images atm. Keep checking my profile as there are plenty more to come!!!


The #socariver in # slovenia has the most beautiful colours.

Anyone know why it's that blue colour?

Do not want to leave this place 😍😍😍


One of the main reasons #malaysia was on my list was to see these towers.

#petronastowers were so amazing to see, especially for me as I grew up in a tiny town north of England.
Well worth the visit to #kualalumpur


When you're sitting in the hotel bar looking at this then realise you're still in work.

How's everyone's Monday night?


Today I start The #peacewalk in #slovenia
Really looking forward especially is the weather doesn't let me down.

Tag someone you would take with you to Slovenia or someone who have already shared the pleasure with.


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