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So this is my opinion not yours, don’t get all butt hurt.
If it works then do it.
Would I go on these diet?
Because I just hate the idea of restricting myself from food. I don’t eat certain food bc it’s my choice not to eat. I don’t have any reasons to eat any dollar menus and some crazy food combo that I see from social media. I enjoy food and I appreciate food.
So then... how about these diet ideas?
They do work because people eat less calories than what they usually eat normally.
How much can you eat during 8 hours? 2 big meals maybe 3... definitely there is no snacking.
High fat food sounds good and it is easy to stick w it.
Cheeseburger with no bun adding avocado. That’s yummy. But how about pooping department? Not enough fiber to flush down all those food. Yike!!
And very small amount of carbs. That’s just depressing.
You see.. any diet works for a period time. Try whole30, weight watcher, Paleo diet, and of course air diet too.
They all work but our brain doesn’t like to eliminate certain food. Our body craves and not feeding will lead to binge eating disorder or go psycho ( after all you need was some carbs).
Weight loss is calories deficit.
You eat less than what you burn.
Track your calories intake using the app. Don’t assume.
Eat healthy for 80-90 % and eat junk fun food 20-10 %.
Eat protein in every big meal.
Eat more veggies( don’t drink green juice.. that’s just dumb).
So that’s it for my opinion.
Do it if u need to ,but have a back up plan Incase you fall.
If you stay longer than over year, then that’s your lifestyle .
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I’m rocking @concreteroseusa pants and top. The brand was born by @mayragtz3 and she has an amazing that why she started this business. This is her baby and her passion. You need to check her #instgram and website to read her story.
I left my earpiece today that I had to use my generic one and the pants has the pocket. I can’t lift without music so it saved me from listening gym music.
I love to help out #smallbusinessowners #smallwomenbusiness
It is tough to start a business and not knowing who’s going to show up ( in my case) or who’s goin to buy it( in her case). If you are need a new pair work out pants that is not see through and sweat proof, check out her site. .
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The left pic was taken yesterday and the right was taken back in 2014.
Oh... my @swmpolo Sandra
She is the instructor who teaches at 7 pm on Tuesday and Thursday classes.
I’ve known her from 24 hours fitness back in the days. We used to take Sat. Step class together. I didn’t know her well enough back then. I was always up front of the class right next to instructor and she was behind the class. We said Hi and bye. I remembered her with a baggy shirt 👚 all the time. Later She hired me as her trainer at 24 hours fitness too. After I quit 24, I saw her at that gym one day and I told her I opened my studio. I told her to come by , check it out and she did. She liked the first class and she joined for the first month and still here.
OMG.. this is back in early 2013. I didn’t know her about eating disorder. I didn’t know anything her personal life. All I knew that she liked working out. She was very quite( not anymore) too.
When she told me about her life with food, body, and her ex husband, she had so much baggage with her.
For last 5 years, I have seen her getting out her dark side and be a 💡 light.She is so dedicated, disciplined, hard working, determined and have a big heart for people. When I asked her to help me, she said yes without even thinking.
Who ever thought that Sandra will be teaching boot camp classes? The woman who was behind covering herself a cloths that fit 2 people is teaching other people how to exercise.
She is my motivation and should be your motivation too. I’m so proud her!!! .
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I took my mom for a therapy about a month ago. It was $120 per hour session. . I was like “wow..I could buy some yoga pants and supplements”. She felt good after the session but it was one time thing. She told me she felt better that she told her story to a stranger, but it is up to her to do her part to get out the depression and anxiety.
My mom started exercising about 7 years ago. The woman who worker for last 50 years , she finally retired at 2011. She joined the gym and started taking some classes.
It was her therapy time. It was her time to release her frustration, anger, and sadness. She loved working out.
About 2 years ago, she started having vertigo that she started taking some medications to ease her vertigo. She couldn’t sleep at night. She was anxious. But she still tried to exercise daily. So she cut down her gym time and started practicing yoga with me.
We go to the studio twice a week. We talk. We catch up. I’ve never really had mom and daughter time growing up that this was a great time to spend. My mom told me that I’m her best friend.
However, For last couple months, her vertigo got so bad that she hasn’t gone yoga with me. She told me that she has been doing some yoga poses at home but it’s not the same as practicing at the studio.
She really missed her therapy time. She was feeling better that she went to the class last week and yesterday.
She was so happy. She was smiling after the classes.
Her condition changes every day that she may not go this Thursday with me. I hope she can. My mom is 69 going on 70 this year. She tells me every time I see her “ I wish I could start taking myself when I was younger, and I’m glad that you are taking care of yourself. “
We take our health for a granted. Our health doesn’t have a price tag. It gets expensive when you try to fix it. Exercise is the cheapest way to take care your body and mind.
I will see you guys later!
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So I talked about controlling your emotions yesterday.
A kid lose his/ her self control that he/ she throws a tantrum. You lose self control over your feeling that your feeling takes over your body, mind and spirit.
Wanting is a feeling but doing is not. Doing is action which means that your body has to make it happens. “I want to be a millionaire”, and you don’t do anything about it. You spend all the money food that you don’t need to eat, clothes that you already have, paying for gym membership that you don’t use. “I want to lose weight” and you still do what you have done before to get where you are now.
You gotta take it back and be control your life.
If you don’t, you are going around circle ⭕️. It ain’t going anywhere.
What’s really holding you?
You gotta figure it out and take care of it.
Life is to short to stay and going around circle. It’s so much to experience and see that you don’t want to miss bc you didn’t take action to change YOU.
Seriously... why????
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Frustration, sadness, jealousy, doubt, envy, despair, depression, guilt, grief, fear, shame, bitter, angry, anxiety, confused, lonely, worthless, unhappy, worried and so on.
These are negative feelings that we feel daily.
We also feel positive emotions too.
The problem is that when our negative feeling throw a tantrum then we don’t know what to do. It’s a kid crying at the market bc he wants his candy and mom doesn’t allow him to get it. At the end, either he gets or he doesn’t.
This goes to your feeling too.
When you let your negative feeling takes over you, you need to make a choice. “Am I going to let my feeling take of me or am I going to control this feeling?”. I mean seriously... you can’t let your child control you.. right ? Bc you are his parents. You can’t let your feeling control you, bc you gotta be control your mind, body and spiritual.
Practice how to tame you. Practice how to talk to you.
Spend some time with you so you get to know yourself.
It’s Monday and new week starts. Work on yourself!
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I do legs twice a week for last 7 years. Tues is for heavy lifting with squats and deadlifts. Thursday is for a lot of single leg exercises and lunges.
I was practicing single leg squat with a dumbbell.
I was horrible and couldn’t go down when I started first.
Practice makes it perfect!!
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I don’t like #benchpress
I rather do #pushup than benching.
But I felt like doing some benching so I did.
I felt good. I kinda liked benching today.
I started w 65 lbs 10 reps and kept adding up to 95 lbs with 7 reps.
Boy... it was heavy!!
But I killed it!!
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Front squats with only 75 lbs
Why do I emphasize “only”..
Because some days I lift weight with my ego. My ego will tell me that I can do 115 lbs with horrible form😣. About 2 months ago, I was doing front squat, and this boy came and started doing front squat right next to me. My ego started kicking and I kept adding up till 115lbs.
Of course.. he did more than I did. I get that stupid time to time.
So... Today, I told myself that I will not lift w my ego. I will go all the way to the ground. It was all about good quality squats. Good ass to grass front squat! No half ass ugly ego squats.
The result is that I can actually feel my butt cheeks getting little sore.
I have to tell myself over and over that too much ego will me. .
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“I eat healthy but I can’t seem to lose weight”. American people like you and I consume 166 lbs sugar per year. PER YEAR!!
We should be getting 25 grams for women and 35 grams for men.
Look at this chart. I had to divide for 3 so you can look at it. We still eat too much sugar. Yes we don’t eat white sugar but we eat “added sugar” and there are in almost every food. This is why you can’t eat “all organic, all gluten free, all fat free, or even all vegan food”. The companies will add sugar using different name to make food yummy.
I hate when ppl say “but it’s organic”. I don’t give a crap whether it’s organic or not . Sugar is sugar. Shit is shit.
My point is that what we think is healthy eating is not helping us to lose weight.
The best way to cut down “added sugar “ is to read the label. If it says “ added sugar ....”, you might need to start cutting down.
Some ppl are going “how about fruits?”. Fruits are better than added sugar but won’t help to lose weight if you eat too much.
If you are not sure how much you are consuming sugar, download an app and check.
That’s how I found out that I wasn’t eating enough sugar. Less sugar = super bitchy
More sugar= super tired
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