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My hubby an I used to clean the studio for awhile. He would vacuum for hour to clean this tiny studio. The thing was that I didn’t even bother to vacuum the whole week bc I thought that was his job. About year ago, I started vacuuming 2-3 times a week. The floor looked dirty. My hubby spent half of time vacuuming than before. Since last summer, I have been vacuuming everyday except Sunday( no class). He doesn’t vacuum anymore but he gets to go riding his Harley with his friends on Saturday morning. Now I clean the studio by myself. Vacuuming takes about 20 mins per day. Cleaning the rest takes about 30-45 mins on sat morning after the class.
Why am I telling you this?
Since I vacuum all the time, my studio is pretty clean all the time. It’s like the studio is maintaining the cleanses all the time.
This lesson can also apply to our #fitnesslife.
When we cleaned the studio once a week, it took 1 hour. When I started to vacuum, it took half hour. Now it only takes 20 mins to vacuum.
Exercise should be like vacuuming everyday instead of doing it when it is needed.
When people come and tell me that they need to lose 50 lbs by a few months and have no patience for during the time.
It’s like I haven’t cleaned my studio for 2 years, and I’m trying to clean the studio within 2 hours. I think I will need more than 2 hours and my hubby’s help.
The point is that..
Do something everyday to stay healthy. Walking after the meal is good. Cleaning your house is good. Gardening is good. Window shopping is good as long as you don’t buy. Hiking is good. You don’t need to make #fitness as some kinda special event. I, for sure don’t the vacuuming as a special event. I do it bc it is needed. So as your #fitnesslife .
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Gym pet peeve #1
Oh man.. this is just RUDE!! I wonder how their house or room look like. It can so nasty bc they never put away anything or it can be really clean bc someone is cleaning for them.
The one of reason that some women don’t want to lift weight at the gym is that they have to look around and try to find some weight bc all these “wanafitnesslazyass” people don’t re rack the weights.
I do my part anywhere I go. I put the yoga block away after I’m done after the practice.
I put weights away at the gym.
I show my members how important to put the weights back to where they are supposed to be. Let them be in their house( it’s inside joke)!!
It’s a courtesy gesture for people who will use weight after you. It’s showing respect for other people’s property.
I witnessed a fitness owner using her weight and left. I ended up putting away. She should know better that she needs to put everything back after she is done using them.
What kind example is she setting up for her members? Bc they can’t see her, she can act like “I don’t give a crap, I will just leave them here, and somebody will pick them up”.
Well.. my point is that don’t be lazy to put away the weights once you are done.
I will see some of you guys at my clean well organized studio later!!!
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Leg go of
Trying to be prefect in your life.
Trying to be someone instead of YOU.
Trying to please everybody.
Trying to figure out future when you don’t even know what you are eating for your lunch.
We worry about future that we don’t get to enjoy our present( this was me before)
We worry about other people’s opinion that we try to fit in( this was me before).
We compare ourselves to everybody( thank you Instagram and Facebook, now We are competing people who live in another side of continent) that we try to pretend that we are prefect and we also live in perfect 🌎.
Well... that’s too heavy to carry everyday. ✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️
Letting go all these expectations, perfect images, and never ending desire for world will set you free. Talk about less stress right here!!
Then how do we let it go?
I wish these are tangible things that i could just dump them in the trash can. But it’s not. It’s our past experience, feeling, and thoughts.
This is my way to let go.
If you try everything, and it’s not happening, then you want to try my way.
I asked God to take all my pain, negative thoughts, and my sins. I asked Him to hold me with hands and restore and refresh my soul. And I remind myself everyday how blessed I am that I can tell you guys about God without hiding myself nor fear of getting killed.
So what do you want to let go? If you have anything, and pray to God🙏🏻🙏🏻
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Someone told me today that she doesn’t want to lift weight bc she doesn’t want her legs to get bigger. So she did barre.
Me: 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄 well.. weight training is good for overall for your body and you are in your late 40s.
Her: I want to fit in my jeans. I used to get big before. You are like skinny buff. You can haves legs but not me.
Me: nada
First of all... I’m not skinny nor buff. Do you know who’s buff? Rock is. I’m lean and cut.
I have a lot of reasons that I do weight training. One of is that I don’t want my ass go to down south ⬇️ and flat as 🥞. As we get older, everything goes down. I rather have my ass up and get more jeans that fit instead of trying to fit into the old jeans.
Some ppl will do barre.
I will keep lifting.
I just finished my lifting session, and why not a #gymselfie .
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Fit Body by Jessica

I really don’t like today’s weather. It just wana make you feel lazy 🤦🏻‍♀️and hot cocoa sounds 😋🙆🏻‍♀️
But I gotta get over this feeling and stay focused!!
“This month diet is my next month body. “
I really like this quote bc it’s not just the diet. It’s pretty much everything in our lives. My current behavior/ feeling will lead to my future. If I spend too much money without thinking, I will have debts. If I eat whatever I want, and do nothing physically. Then I will gain weight. If I don’t finish my work project by due date, I will be in a big trouble.
So always think before you make that decision!!!
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The beauty of not knowing where you are is very comforting. The moment you find out the truth is pretty disturbing.
I’m talking about your body fat percentage.
It’s same reaction from people after they get their body fat checked. “I’m fat!”... well... not really... you are not fat... you have some body fat to lose.
You can be buff and fat. I call them as “fat buff”. I see them a lot from the gym. Kinda sad... no matter how much they work out, they still fat bc their high body fat.
You can skinny and fat. I call them as “skinny fat”. I see them either running, yoga, barre, or even cycling. This is the only way they can keep their weight stable that they keep doing same exercise. Tiny ppl but very soft. They usually have little muffin top. Sorry..I can’t help to see your muffin top when you are sitting.
And some are ripped, cut and lean.
The point of today post is not to put you down. However, if you have been trying to lose weight or even trying to make your stomach flat, and it’s not happening then go and get your body fat test and face the reality.
The reality is that whatever you are doing is not working so that you have to change something to see the change. The only way is to see where you are so you can change your plan.
It’s like you driving down to 10 E and hoping to get Vegas. Hello!! You will be ending at Florida!!! Btw... happy ❤️❤️valentines and see you guys later!!
I’m goin to lift now!
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Fit Body by Jessica

“Health, fitness, and finance”
Somehow they are intertwined and some of us don’t know how to budget calories nor balance checkbook. It’s not something that the school teaches but had to learn as we get older.
When I turned 30 back in 2003, I was sick and tired of carrying credit card debts.When I was in my 20s, I had so many cards from every freaking stores. I kept transferring the balance so I could pay off, but it seemed like it wasn’t going to. So I read some books and decided to pay off credit card debts, and started buying things with cash. I would use cashback credit card, buy stuffs, charge, and pay off. I made pretty rebate money from all the credit cards too.
Since then, I haven’t paid any credit card interest. I pay off all my bills. I don’t like owing money. I do have car payments. I did pay off last two cars, but we traded in and got us little luxury cars. We live pretty modest, and We don’t live beyond my mean. The cars were our gifts to each other. We have no kids so why not!!
Other then that, We paid off our House last year as our anniversary gift. We’ve been wanting to pay off so we were paying extra payments for last 7 years and whenever we get extra money, I saved them to pay off the house. It was our goal to pay off ASAP!
You see... fitness and finance require you to be in control in your life.
We spend less money than what we make.
We eat less than what we burn.
My hubby and I don’t make a lot of money compared people that we know. But we know how to save, live below our means, and hate having debts. For me... debts feel like extra weight that I carry. Just heavy and uncomfortable!!
60 % Americans are over weight, broke, and depressed. That’s pretty sad!
We worry about money but still spend money, more likely using credit card,
to buy things that make us happy for one minute. And then depression comes when the bill comes. And when we worry, we tend to not to take care our bodies.
So I want to help some of you “how to pay off debts?”
It will be on 3/10 at 9 am.
RSVP( text me) plz
It will be $25, and I am taking 5 people.
I want to teach you how to live debt free and live healthy!
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Fontana, California

I didn’t start doing #deadlift until 2013.
It looked scary and very intimating.
The idea of lifting heavy weight with my two tiny hands didn’t go well with my little brain. My mind kept saying that I was too small and weak to do this. So I started with using wrist bands and did very light weight. I was struck at 115 lbs forever. I know I could do more but I was scared to go little bit more heavier. I felt safe with 115 lbs and my wrist bands.
About 2 years ago, I wanted to take this deadlifting seriously. I got rid off the wrist bands! No gloves! Just me and my voice telling me that I can do this.
I was finally up to 175 lbs last year around this time and I hurt my lower back. I got so scared that I went back light again. It’s been almost one year to get back to 175lbs. I did 5 reps and did 4 sets yesterday. I felt strong!!
My back doesn’t hurt at all.
My next goal is 185lbs. It will take me a couple months to build the strength but i am very happy with my progress.
As you know I really enjoy #weight training
But the part that I love the most is that there’s no bs in lifting. I can’t lie about it. I can’t fake it. It is honest. I can’t get strong over night. It shows me to get out my safe and comfort level in my life. It teaches me to be disciplined and persistent. It teaches me to be patience with the progress.
It is more than just lifting weight. It is a #lifestyle !!
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This is for my challengers and anybody who is on a #diet. I don’t believe in dieting, but some people need to practice dieting because some people just eat TOO MUCH. ✳️When you cut down calories, you will be hungry. Because you used to eat certain amount food to maintain your current weight and now you are eating less. It’s like you lost your job, and you have to go on budget. Pretty much same.
So you need to understand what is starving and what is hunger. ✳️Hunger is a feeling of discomfort or weakness caused by lack of food. When you eat less calories, you will be hungry. ✳️Starving is you are DYING because of not having enough food.
A big difference!!
Get used to with hunger, but don’t starve yourself. ✳️When you feel hungry, your hunger hormone aka ghrelin will produce. It’s for making appetite increasing. It makes your consume more food!! The higher this hormone, the hungrier you get. You have to lower the hormone to control your hunger. ✳️How do we lower this?
1. Sleep 💤
2. Increase muscle mass💪🏻
3. Eat more protein 🍳🥗
4. Maintain stable weight🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️
4. Cycle your calories( this is why low calories is not all the time) eat more on high active day, and eat less on low active day( this is why I only eat 2 meals on weekend).
💁🏻‍♀️the bottom line is that you gotta control your hunger that it won’t turn into starvation. .
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What a great way to start SATURDAY MORNING!!
Omg! We literally killed that work out this morning.
I didn’t lie about “more jumping”.
Starting your Saturday is a great work out bc this helps to increase your metabolism all day. You know you are going to have some cheat meal today.
Have a great weekend!
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He failed 10000, but he didn’t consider as failure. It was 10000 ways that won’t work.
What a different way to look at our failure, more likely... our trials.
He also said “many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”
How many times did you try to change your bad habit?
How many times did you get on a diet?
How many times did you start to exercise?
How many times did you try to stop drinking soda?
How many times did you try to save money?
A few... maybe little more.. and then.. we just give up.
It ain’t happening so I’m just Gona give up.
Did we ever try 10000 times? We found several way that didn’t work.
We are a couple days before this weight loss challenge. And this is what I want to tell you.
Because you failed last diet, last challenge, last attempt to lose weight, you know what did wrong. Let’s learn from that mistake, and try this time again.
You can expect something to change when you don’t try. The change happens when you try!!
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Fontana, California

Most of us can name all the things we don’t like about ourselves.
We don’t like it so much that we tend to not to work on it or pick on our weakness. After all, we are our worst enemy. “I know myself that I will fail so I am not even going to try it.”
“I know me well. I start with a good intention, and I always fuck it up.”
“I’ve done it before, and it is not for me, nope!!.”
Imagine that if your best friend or your family member say like this negative comments to you, wow... that’s pretty messed up.
Right? But this is what we tell ourselves all the time. We focus on our weakness that we can’t see our strength. We won’t even acknowledge our strength. We won’t even try to find our strength.
The truth is that we all have weakness.
Don’t give more power to your weakness.
I’m a horrible in singing. I was singing for my hubby before we went to bed last night. He told me that he is glad that I am good at with fitness. He told me not to sing for him too.🤦🏻‍♀️🤦‍♂️
I am definitely not going to practice singing bc that’s not my strength.
So the point is that you need to acknowledge your strength, and keep working on it. Knowing your strength offers you a better understanding of how to deal with your weakness- helps you gain the confidence you need to address them.
Remember that not everybody is good at everything. Some are great on a lot of things, but a master on one thing.
I’m sure that you are excellent on one thing in your life, and that’s good enough!
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