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What’s your current easy read? •
I’m on the sequel to Me Before You by Jojo Moyes called After You. I didn’t love the first book but I really loved the film so I figured I’d see what the second book was like. I’ll report back!


Eeewwwww... can you tell what is is?


Feeding the turtles from our hotel room. I’m hoping for a nap, jet lag had the kids up at 3am and in true mom form I didn’t manage to go back to sleep! Unfortunately the turtles are far to exciting for quiet so I can nap! 😴 💤


Traveling with kids used to be such a head f$&k. The planning in advance, makes my sure there’s enough to do on the plane. Taking endless spare outfits. The stress!!!

Well these days are a whole different ball game. They are so used to travelled that they are actually helpful. I’m not sure how 11 hours in economy is going to go, but something tells me they’ve got this too! So to all those people with little kids... you’ve got this, and it DOES get easier!


North Terminal - Gatwick Airport

So tonight’s moan... I mean blog post is about how becoming a mother means the end of any spontaneity in your evening plans.... like ever. Basically I'm having a good old whine about why its not fair for your reading amusement.... but hit like if you agree with me?! ⬆️⬆️⬆️
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She may be kicking my butt with workouts but she also speaks sense on gun control. I don’t like to talk politics either but this isn’t politics any more, this is life saving action. Please repost and spread the word #Repost @autumncalabrese ・・・
I’m not one to talk about politics on social media but as a mom, an aunt, someone who has friends with kids, it’s unbearable to continue to see these senseless acts of violence and not speak up. Nikolas Cruz, the person responsible for the 17 deaths at Stoneman high was in and out of mental hospitals, he was NOT allowed to carry a backpack to school because staff feared for their safety, he had photos all over social media of weapons and dead animals, and a call was made to the FBI by Simone reporting that he was talking about a mass shooting and had weapons to do it and still nothing was done.
This can not continue, it feels like terrorism on our kids. To have to sit with my 9 year old son and try to convince him he has nothing to worry about going to school is heartbreaking. Especially when I sit with fear about it daily. Enough is enough. Our kids need to feel safe, our kids need to be safe. How many more have to die before a change is made? ...and so it begins #ENOUGH
STAY TUNED for details & REPOST~ spread the word If the government won't step up...WOMEN WILL
Tag a mom, tag a woman, tag a person who has had enough! 💪🏻
#momsagainstguns #kids #guncontrol #makeschoolssafeagain


I can’t believe I get excited about new weights! Taking my 17lb dumbbells up to 20lbs (or 26lbs for some exercises). #gettingstronger


Homework be like..... I love this kid. She always gets it done without being asked. And since returning to the UK even kid number 2 does his homework, it seems it’s all a little bit easier. I don’t hate homework quite as much as I once did!


Just one more (becuase it’ll probably be dark and raining later) #nofilter #oxshott #sunshine #springbirds