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CALLING ALL BOOKWORMS!! πŸ“š (And all non bookworms cuz EVERYONE can benefit from some good ol' fashioned reading!) After getting lots of suggestions from women in the community like @balancing.amanda we've decided it could be fun for us to all read and discuss TOGETHER!! The first book we are starting is "Braving the Wilderness" by Brene Brown. Just read along at your own pace and feel free to share thoughts, questions, and insights under #fitgirlbookclub so we can all join in the conversation! Special thanks to @fitgirlflourishing for bringing up this idea! I know there have been other book clubs flying around the community, thanks everyone for the inspiration we're so excited to do this together!! (And anyone who wants to suggest titles or read other books using the same tag, JOIN IN! There are no "rules" we just wanna learn with each other and FROM each other!)
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HAPPY #FITVERSARY TO ALL OUR #FITGIRLSUNITE BABES!!! πŸŽ‰πŸ¦„ We've laughed, we've cried, we've fallen down, and we've kicked some major butt. Here's to another year of growth, love, and GOAL CRUSHING!! Mad love #fitgirls! #fitgirlvibes #fitgirlsguide


We are coming together to TAKE A STAND. We have had enough of the stigmas, and the screwed up "social norms." Enough of the fear that makes it difficult to speak out. We are one. And we have a voice. Together we can make change. Stop victim blaming. Stop victim shaming. And start TEACHING boundaries, love, and respect.
"If all the women and men who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote 'Me too' as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem."
Please repost. #metoo


Because JoDee AKA @badasssunshinewarrior has helped made us Fit Girls feel amazing countless times, we now need to lift HER up. Who else has ever felt this way and can relate? This is why we are here. To help and encourage one another. JoDee, you are inspiring, beautiful, and STRONG. Thank you for sharing this with us and teaching us that it's okay to share these moments too. These moments lead to connection and growth. Thank you and we love you. πŸ–€πŸ¦‹


COMMENT the last time you saw one of these bad boys 🌴🌴🌴 Cuz we're dreamin' of palm trees this chilly morning in Chicago!! Thanks for some sunshine @andinaturally
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Day 14! Gotta love a good #creepyselfie πŸ˜‚πŸ’€πŸ₯Š #fitgirlvibes #fitgirlphotochallenge
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When you're in denial that the weekend is almost over πŸ™ŠπŸ•πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
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Throwin' it way back. And it ain't even Thursday. πŸ–€ #fitgirlvibes #progressnotperfection


We wanted to give a quick shoutout to @afterschoolallstars and their amazing group we got to hang out with at the #FitGirlstakehb event! ASAS is a free & comprehensive after school program that helps students receive homework help, meet caring mentors, and enjoy TONS of different fun activities like on this special day! Definitely one of the highlights of a magical weekend with you #FitGirls! These babes had a BLAST hanging with all of you, sharing in your light and love! For more information on ASAS & to donate, click the link in their profile πŸ–€πŸ¦‹


Let's all take a moment to celebrate this BEAUTIFUL HUMAN! Read her story below:
""I've watched this video a thousand times of myself, and teared up every time. This right here sums up what this journey with @fitgirlsguide and all of the #fitgirlsguide community.
A year ago, I wasn't even able to look in the mirror without hating myself and what I saw. I was struggling with the ugly beast of depression head on, and it was tearing me to pieces. I was never happy, and always stressed. I didn't even recognize my inner self anymore. I didn't know where I had gone.
Fast forward a year, to this video, and as I watched this video, you guys, I saw her!! I finally saw that glow of joy and happiness, and gratefulness come out from under the darkness! (I saw myself realize that what I was saying really was true... Its so good to be alive!) I started my #fitgirlsguide journey to start losing weight. I haven't lost any weight yet. But I've gained so much more.... I thought I had to be skinny and look a certain way to love myself again. Turns out, I didn't! I can do that right here and now, and that is truly the first step to living a completely full life. I've also gained all of you amazing women. I am beyond blessed and thankful for you beautiful souls. Thank you for helping me learn to live again!!" - @fitgirl_kassieh
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Day 13 of #fitgirlvibes! 🍁 We don't ALL have fall weather, but we can still all enjoy the festivities! What was the weather for you ladies today?! FLASH FLOOD WARNINGS HERE and a balmy 63 degrees. β˜”οΈπŸ’¨πŸ
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Today is day 13 of the #fitgirlphotochallenge FALL ACTIVITIES!! Hope you all got some in today!! And we can't wait to see your creepy selfies tomorrow πŸ˜‚πŸ’€πŸ‚πŸπŸŒΎ #fitgirlvibes #fitgirlsguide


When you start a relationship with a new water bottle! πŸ€£πŸ’¦ We hope it all works out @fitgirl_teja!! Now everyone #sdac πŸ’¦πŸŒŠπŸ’§ #fitgirlvibes #fitgirlsguide


#ProteinPancakes with @fitgirl_schlingo πŸ“πŸŒπŸ₯ž What did YOU #FitGirls have for brekkie this fine Saturday?! #fitgirlvibes