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Grab your kid (s), a deck of cards and get moving! Beat the heat and give the Deck of Card Summer Fun Workout as featured on @abc15arizona a try. Let you kids help select the exercises and enjoy your sweat session.


Reading in the Rain!! Yes, we get excited when it rains in the desert. Has anyone read this book? It’s right up my alley, thanks @jlnelson28! Let’s hear it, what book are you currently reading?


✨Keep Shining ✨


🇺🇸Flag Cakes🇺🇸 Forever a Fit Mom Diet FAVORITE snack.
❤️Rice cake topped with nut butter
Don't knock it until you try it!
Have a Healthy and Safe 4th of July!


Quit comparing yourself to the person next to you. If you continuously compete with others, you become bitter. Start competing with yourself and become better. THROW AWAY YOUR SCALE! Weight is just a number. It's Time to #LOVEYOURBODY. Do you own a scale? How often do you weigh yourself? ❤️Take a peek at our #LoveYourBody apparel on CLEARANCE a few posts back! ❤️


Are you feeling stuck or unmotivated to get focused with your healthy eating? I feel you, I’m in the same boat. To get out of my funk, I headed to the grocery store yesterday and loaded up on a few favorites then spent an hour meal prepping last night. Now some may say they don’t have time. If you have time to check all your social media accounts, you have time to hit the grocery store and prepare a few items. Here’s what you’re seeing in the photos.
* Veggies, fruits
* Snack items: high fiber cereal and yummy new bars with only 5 ingredients. * Proteins: tortilla encrusted tilapia, shrimp, Greek yogurt
* Easy Peasy Meal: salmon, green beans, bread. Sauce optional, my kids love it! .

Stop spending hours on social media and start taking action for the things you can control like prepping healthy foods. .
Speaking of social media, for those who don’t know... Our Fit Mom Diet Facebook business page was deleted 3 weeks ago for some sort of violation. All we received was the attached email and no warning. Sad to think after 5 years of empowering women and sharing valuable content, in a blink of an eye Facebook has the power to kiss it all goodbye. So, if you’ve followed us on FB, don’t have an account at this time, only IG. Heads up fellow business page folks, this can happen to you too. .
PS... If you have previous experience dealing the the Facebook gods and can recommend the best way to get in touch with Facebook, let us know. They make any sort of communication to their company rather impossible. There is no email available to reach out. Suggestions are appreciated!

Xo, Shannon



Simple Shrimp Saturday Snack. Say that 10 times fast. No need to over complicate meals. Place Shrimp, cherry tomatoes, and basil in a pan with nonstick spray. Add a little seasoning, lemon juice and splash of balsamic vinegar and sauté on low until tomatoes are cooked. It’s A M A Z I N G!


❤️ S A L E ❤️$5 Tanks & shirts ❤️ $10 Sweatshirts
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R U N and get yourself every single flavor of @arcticzero New Light Ice Cream. It’s simply delicious and their amazing new product line doesn’t require any thaw time. Just dig-in and enjoy!
What’s your favorite flavor?
#ArcticZero and #LightIceCream #ThankYouArcticZero


S M O N D A Y has arrived. Your homework for the day... what’s ONE thing you want to improve on this week? Think about it, write it down, share your ONE thing with friend, colleague, family member or US. This ONE thing can be very simple such as drink more water, cut back on alcohol, Walk 10 minutes a day, make your bed before you leave the house. We encourage small baby steps when it comes to accomplishing goals in your world, especially in he health and fitness world. Small Baby goals you can realistically accomplish and are sustainable. We would love to hear your ONE goal, ready go!


Grab a few water bottles and get moving. You don’t need to spend money or make excuses for not having a gym membership. Let’s go!
• Side Lunge w/ Front Raise ⭐️
• Reverse Lunge w/ Lateral Raise
• Stationary Lunge Chest Fly to Shoulder Press ⭐️
• High Knees, Hands High