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Doing weights as part of your #exercise routine? Progress to the next level when it starts to feel easy to keep pushing yourself safely. 🏋️💪💚🤔


#NutritionTip: Make sensible weight loss targets. If you have a way to go, losing 5-10% of starting weight is realistic🤔🏆💚


#Fitnesstip Challenge: Try 30 crunches before stepping out of bed 🛌 each day


Listening to @amymannysings has some perks, got to meet @whitemamba Brian Scalabrini #feelingsmall


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Why you need to be in shape- 😂 #Repost @policefitnessnutrition
Rise, shine, and remember to get your cardio in. Whether it’s sprints or just going for a jog, don’t neglect working on that stamina.

Work on both your slow and fast twitch muscle fibers. You want to be able to sprint (fast twitch) after someone, but also have the endurance to detain or wrestle them once you finally catch them (jogging - slow twitch). Making sure to work on your explosive speed, as well as your endurance, will better prepare you for when the time comes. It’ll also help you avoid injury when that time comes.

Plus, if a guy who is cuffed behind his back gets away from you, your squad will probably never let you live it down 😂. Mainly because it’s pretty hard to run too fast with your arms tied behind your back! If you don’t believe me, go ahead and try it.

Idk how this dude got away from the officer after he was cuffed behind his back, but the officer did a good job in a pretty lengthy foot pursuit. He caught the suspect and still had some juice left in the tank to take him to the ground.
Great work and stay safe PFN fam. Enjoy your day. •

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Blow dry your #jeep


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CEVICHE/SHRIMP AVOCADO SALAD By: @eatwell101 🥑 @eatwell101
Fresh, easy, and filling! Here’s a healthy and delicious shrimp avocado salad for two that tastes crazy good and is also paleo, Whole30, low-carb, and gluten-free.
Full recipe with directions, as well as many more recipes like it, can be found on @eatwell101’s blog. Link is in their bio!
Serves: 4
8 oz (225g) raw shrimp, peeled and deveined
1 large avocado, diced
1 handful cherry tomatoes, diced
1/2 red onion, minced
Freshly chopped cilantro (or parsley)
2 tablespoons salted butter, melted
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon olive oil
Salt and fresh cracked pepper
Check out @eatwell101 for more. Enjoy!