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Our friends at @wellandaway just released a healthy travel guide to the beautiful city of San Francisco! Use discount code ‘WAFRIEND’ at checkout for 10% off!
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Everything you need to plan your next San Francisco adventure, whether your flying in or just escaping your desk. Our #SFVitalGuide, edition 2, launches on our site ✨TODAY✨. For the first 24 hours, our IG friends can use code VitalSF for 30% off. The 2018 edition is essential reading for anyone who wants to get off of the beaten path and feel all things Vital: well, for, zen, energized, inspired and of course like a healthy local. .
This is our first updated guide since we launched print in 2016. Since then, we’ve gotten into Whole Foods, major New York travel stores and ended up feeling that digital is where it’s at. Each purchase includes a mobile optimized version as well as a printable for folding, printing and getting the eff off of your phone while you explore. .
What’s new in the 2018 edition? New interviews, new guided itineraries, new vegan-friendly restaurants and new airports added to the airport cheat sheet!


Lunges and layovers. ✈️✈️💪💪 #Repost @triplepeakpaleo ・・・
11 hours of flights down, 1.5 to go! 🚀
Its been a long day of travel to Cusco, Peru. I left my apartment last night at 7pm, flew to Mexico City, hopped a connecting flight to Lima, and I’m still going - currently sitting on a plane in Lima, Peru waiting to take off for my final destination.
Not only is this a lot of travel but it’s A LOT of sitting, which has my body feeling all kinds of cramped. I’ve been taking advantage of every opportunity to stretch: in my seat, in the airplane aisle, while waiting at the baggage claim... Yes, I’ve been getting some funny looks. But who cares what they think? I’m doing what I need to do to feel my best!
Not only is stretching relieving my physical tension, but getting in some movement is great for both my circulation, my stress levels, and energy levels (which, after 4 hours of crappy plane sleep, could use all the help they can get).
Here are some other travel observations from the past 24 hours:
👉🏻 I didn’t know windowless window seats existed until I got one on my flight to Lima 😑
👉🏻 AeroMexico offers gluten-free meals!
👉🏻 I’m already getting more comfortable practicing my Spanish... and people have been nice listening to me butcher it 🙈
👉🏻 Hiking poles will pass US airport security, but not Mexican airport security (in a carry on bag) 🤔
👉🏻 Spanish speakers will be confusing my name for “Helen” this whole trip 😂
All in all its been a fairly smooth journey so far! I still have my hiking poles and my sanity! Unfortunately I have been experiencing sharp pains in my upper abdomen (stress?) which has put a damper on the 2nd half of these flights. But I’m definitely looking forward to a good meal and a full night’s sleep when I get to Cusco 👊🏻
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Check out Emily’s newest strength program! You’ll only need an EmPack (or dumbbells) and rings or TRX. If you don’t have those there are modifications. Perfect for traveling!

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Just because I’m on a boat doesn’t mean I skimp out on my newest program 😍 By far the BEST PLACE I’ve ever done a glute workout, #empack style.
20 weighted hip thrusts
20 weighted crunches
20 bicycle sit-ups
20 squats
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“If you’re looking for a formula for greatness, the closest we’ll ever get, I think, is this: consistency driven by a deep love of the work.” - @brainpicker aka Maria Popova.

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Because when you stop and look around the life is pretty amazing! 🤸🏽‍♀️👌🏼#summerintheair #outdoortraining #lifeissweet


Make every handstand count!

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Making the most out of a long layover #handstand #bodyweightworkout


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A bit of personal philosophy today.
I almost never use the word "good" to describe something, regardless of what I am talking about.
This falls in line with my thoughts about positive thinking in general, but I find it interesting how specific language and word choice can impact our perspective on the world.

I don't use "good" because it is dangerously close to falling into a trap of complacency. See, when you call something good, it's not far off from being labeled "good enough"(for government work). When something is good enough, it no longer needs improving and then progress can stagnate.
I dislike the idea of goals and destinations, because I have watched too many people lower their standards in order to "arrive" rather than continue looking at the path ahead as they tread onward.
I also don't take compliments well, so this is a way to rationalize it. This also invokes my early days where I received too much positive feedback for the absolute garbage I was doing. It made me develop an ego where later it was difficult to handle advice or criticism. Now I've transformed into the opposite, where my self critique is often much harsher than what others would dish out while I shrug off and negate any form of compliment.

Rather than "good", these are my levels:
-Terrible: Usually denotes some kind of technical failure.
-Not good: Usually denotes potential for risk.
-Better: A sign that things are in the process of improvement.
-Not bad: High Praise

So terrible and not good are on the negative spectrum while better and not bad are more positive.

Of course, this style of thinking is not for everyone. Personally this logic makes sense to me and it's what allows me to keep on learning as I go.
What are your thoughts?


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