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Photo by @mattiasklumofficial
After years of mostly traveling abroad, getting to spend a little time at home with @irisalexandrov and our kids is a soothing blessing! Early mornings outside our house near Uppsala, Sweden are now humid and cold. Nature in our backyard is gradually turning into a beautiful autumn landscape. Please follow @mattiasklumofficial and @alexandrovklumoffial for more images, films and stories from Sweden and around the world.
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Snowy day in Central Park - New York ✨❄️❄️❄️✨ Tag your friends!!!
Video by ✨✨@samhorine✨✨
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@Chrisburkard. Near home in California. At 3,000 ft above sea level, the exposed trails of these coastal mountains feels like you could literally dive right into the ocean. Between the endless hiking trails and world class surf, the Golden State truly is a playground of the outdoors enthusiast.


Float On | Photograph by Matteo Ghislandi
Kids play on some floating logs in the Irrawaddy River in Mandalay, Myanmar. The river is the country's largest, stretching more than 1,300 miles.

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Video by @theflippistflipbooks “I’ve somehow plopped into a moment in time where this bonkers childhood dream job is somehow my reality,” says “flipbook-maker guy” and artist Ben Zurawski (@theflippistflipbooks), who lives in Chicago. Growing up, Ben’s father frequented garage sales and thrift stores, often bringing home unique items. One of those treasures was a flipbook. “I was mesmerized getting to watch a cartoon without a TV that I was powering with my own thumb. It instantly sparked in me a love of the magic of flipbooks,” says Ben. “Each one is like its own little puzzle. I love figuring out the idea, the design, the timing. Getting to just sit and draw and color all day is literally all I’ve ever wanted to do and getting to share it with others is such a sweet bonus.” See more of Ben's work on today’s story.


Photo by @renan_ozturk | Figures on a landscape. One of the things I love about climbing is the community and inclusiveness within it. This is where it all started for me, and I was taken in by the tribe, and the place I come back to in order to check in and grow. This past trip was all about giving that back to others with new experiences like new desert crack climbers. In the spirit of our lost friends Micah, Dean, Bean, Stanley, Johnny, Hayden, we rage on, burning every moment of each day with wonder and gratitude. Follow @renan_ozturk for more images from the climbing life.


Far over The Misty Mountains cold


La vie en rose 💜


“A wild grumpy beast has been spotted!” writes @wildwildpack


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