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We’ve just got one question, babe… How’s that Tummy Redemption Challenge going? If you’ve fallen off track, we’re here to kick you into gear. It’s time to get up, get that Activate brewing and get it done. We’re not taking any excuses. #tummyredemptionchallenge #flattummytea


Keep chippin away, babe. You’ve got this. #backtoflat #flattummyco


We know you’re excited to shake things up, @joviniicole. But save those packs for Monday… it's time to let your hair down and get a little festive. #shakeitbaby #flattummyco


And maybe one more slice of pizza into our tummies... but that's it! #sorrynotsorry #flattummyco


All you need is 1 x Flat Tummy Tea and 1 x Babe and you’ve got yourself a Tummy Redemption Challenge. Yup, our girl @celinelikedion is ready to get back to flat. Let’s do this. #backontrack #yougotthis #flattummyco


Wanna shake things up like the babes at Flat Tummy HQ? Grab a banana to throw into your Shake It Baby mix. Bonus points if it’s a babe-certified pink one. #obviously #shakeitbaby #flattummyco


It’s not an Ultimate Tummy Redemption without an official Flat Tummy HQ Challenge. You ready for it? It’s on the blog - flattummyco.com #babesonamission #tummyredemptionchallenge


Us babes at Flat Tummy HQ defs woke up on the right side of the bed today. And you bet we’re ready to kick some serious a**. You in? #onamission #flattummyco


When you go to bed feelin’ freaking fiiiine and wake up feelin’ the same way? Heck yeah, we’re all about that life. @_authenticbeauty knows what’s up. #ohyeah #ourkindofgirl #shakeitbaby


Yep, our Tummy Redemption Challenge is still going strong, but incase you need a littttttle more motivation… new kicks should do the trick. #treatyoself #flattummyco


“Always starting the morning off right with my cup of Flat Tummy Tea and a healthy homemade breakfast.” Sounds like a pretty damn good combo to us, @theindieguru. We’re in. #shegetsit #gettingflat #flattummyco


Let’s be real…. our Shake It Baby packs aren’t the only thing we like to shake. #ourkindofgirl #flattummyco


This tummy redemption challenge ain’t nothing our girl @tiffthornton can’t handle. Babe, it’s time to kick those cravings and move some of those stubborn LBS. Trust us… you’ve got this. #babeonamission #tummyredemptionchallenge


Let’s do this, babes. We’ve got your back. #realtalk #flattummyco


You’re looking at the OG Flat Tummy product. All natural, babe-approved herbs to get you back to flat. #bloatsabitch #flattummyco


Let’s be real… packing our gym bag before bed increases the chances of us actually going by at least 5%. And if you throw a Shake It Baby pack in there… pretty sure that bumps it to 10%. #gettingflat #onamission


@kravekarma knows the drill. Time to forget about the weekend #whoops moments and grab your Extra Kick Monday, babe. #yougotthis #babeonamission


Get ready to kickstart your week, babes. Tummy Redemption is still going down so get ready to freakin’ own it. #ohyeah #flattummyco


Don’t worry, @myahskye. We can’t keep our eyes off it either. You ready to kick bloat’s ass and get back to flat? #gotyourback #flattummytea


When you're almost halfway through the Tummy Redemption Challenge and you and your babes are still going strong…. yep, that’s what we’re talking about. #babesonamission #tummyredemptionchallenge


Can confirm: Great things come in small packages. Designed to speed your metabolism, boost your energy and reduce bloating in two easy steps. Yep, you’re welcome. #flattummytea #tummyredemption


We knew you were thinkin’ it. #realtalk #flattummyco


Those feels when you come home and find your new Shake It Baby delivery. Yup, @mizzbarbara… the weekend hasn’t even started and it’s already gonna be freaking awesome. #wegetit #shakeitbaby #flattummyco


Not gonna lie... even us babes at Flat Tummy HQ need a little motivation (even on a Friday). @bufgirls, count us in! It’s time to get that Activate brewing and those shakes shakin’. Let’s smash it. #flashthattummy #everydayactive


Moving those stubborn LBS has never been so freaking easy. Oh, and did we mention @chelseamorgensen is absolutely killing her tummy redemption challenge? Keep it up, babe! #shakeitbaby #tummyredemptionchallenge


We just hit up your inboxes with the best tummy workouts straight from Flat Tummy HQ. So get your best kicks on and get ready…. cause Phase 2 of the Tummy Redemption Challenge is here. If you want in… check it out on the blog. #tummyredemptionchallenge #flattummyco


Alright, @elleisalwayshere. We’ll let you have your #whoops moment as long as you follow it up with that Activate. We’re gonna help you stay on track and keep that tummy flat. #gotyourback #flattummytea


The ultimate tummy redemption challenge? It looks a little like this. And if you want in - you better hurry…. we don’t wanna leave you behind. #tummyredemptionchallenge #flattummyco


Flick that hair and flash those tummies, babes. It’s time to own it like the 12/10 you are. #ourkindofgirls #flattummyco


Sh*t happens and yep, we get it. #whoops #flattummyco