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Today 🥰 Dress & belt from @VeryUK - Links in my stories 😝 #Ad


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I’ve loved seeing everyone’s #10yearchallenge pictures over the past couple of days, so here’s mine... a whole lot more bleach and a questionable choice of attire for my 21st Birthday party in 2009... at the time I had just started watching makeup tutorials on YouTube and little did I know that turning on my webcam and starting my own channel less than two months later would be the beginning of something that would change my path in life completely 🥰 I was still with @MikeDeForce back then, still super close to my family and had mostly the same friends, so not much has changed in my personal life (aside from becoming a mama!) but I never in a million years could have predicted what would happen for me online. I’ve only got you guys to thank for that... so THANK YOU! Especially to those of you who have been here since the start! 🎉🍾✨


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My new VLOG from my trip to Paris last week is up on my YouTube channel now 🤗✨


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Remember back in November I showed you a sneak peek of the new iD cartridges from @CliniqueUK ?! Well they are now on counter! I love the concept of these, allowing you to customise the classic Clinique moisturisers to fit your individual skin needs. I personally really love the hydrating jelly on its own (it’s formulated with hyaluronic acid and feels like a drink for your skin, but still lightweight like a serum so perfect to layer under another moisturiser, spf, or foundation) The new cartridges allow you to enhance your chosen base (they also work with the dramatically different lotion and gel) to target concerns of either lines & wrinkles (🙋🏼‍♀️), skin fatigue, redness & irritation, pores & skin texture and uneven skin tone. Adding a cartridge to your moisturiser is also only £5 more than buying a standard bottle, so brilliant value for money in comparison to buying a separate, targeted treatment. Check out my stories for more info 🥰 #FindMyiD #Ad


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I’m back home now... on the sofa in my PJ’s, watching Netflix and cuddling the dogs after a day running round after little one. So for the sake of Instagram, let’s just pretend I’m still in Paris, drinking champagne on the balcony of dreams 😝🍾🌸 (but home is pretty good too) 🥰


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One night in Paris ✨


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Busy lives, work, kids and distance may keep us from spending time together, but that just makes it all the more special when we do! ❤️ #sisters


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Exploring Paris with @DiorMakeup ❤️🤗✨ Check out my stories for more info, but they are reformulating one of my all-time favourite foundations, Dior Forever 🙊 It now comes in 67 shades total, including their new Skin Glow finish as well as the classic matte 👀 I wore it last night and so far, so good... but I can’t wait to properly test it out this week!


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Bonjour Paris! 🍾🥰


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Back at it! Went for my first run of the year today after @MikeDeForce signed me up for a 10K race in February 😱 Thanks for the new gear @VeryUK - it definitely helped get me motivated to get out there this morning! Especially as it was freezing cold! Completely in love with this hoody too... I’ll put a link in my stories ❤️ #Ad


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My 2018 Best Nine 🤗 As per usual... I’ve chosen my own based on LOVE over likes 😝 Of course, this year has been an exceptional one in terms of memory-making and really, all nine TOP highlights would be River-related BUT leaving 564 of those out... my very best moments of this year WERE... (swipe for a closer look)
1. Bringing our little girl home just in time to ring in the new year as a family of three! I’ll never forget that night... our quietist NYE to date but without a doubt, the best! None of us slept very much 😂
2. New York for the weekend (in May) - my first time away from River for more than a night. It was hard leaving her but so much fun and made me feel like the ‘old me’ again!
3. Mastering travelling with a baby... We took her to Austria, Italy (twice), Portugal (twice) and Cornwall this year and I think just about mastered balancing all this luggage onto one trolley by September! 😂
4. Turning 30! @MikeDeForce and my friends threw me my first ever surprise party. I had the best night with my favourite people. Even River came along! BEST. BIRTHDAY. EVER!
5. Visiting Cornwall for the first time since I was 10 and falling totally in love with it. I can’t wait to go back ASAP, even though the drive is looooong!
6. Surprising Mike with a fun day out in London for his birthday. Seeing him show little River dinosaurs for the first time was just 🥰
8. Escaping the real world for the weekend and spending some quality time together at Les Sources de Caudalie in Bordeaux. Just dreamy, and getting to spend a rare weekend just the two of us was super special.
9. Celebrating Mike’s sister’s wedding with his family in Ravello, Italy (made even more perfect by finding my absolute dream dress to wear!) 10. Finally, too many feels to fit into one photo... but this past week has been the best. Celebrating River’s first Christmas, hosting our very first Christmas day, bringing back our annual pre-Christmas party after last year’s (pregnancy-induced) hiatus 🎉 AND watching River turn one, surrounded by friends, family and balloons 🤗🍾🌲🎅🏼
What a year! ❤️


Fleur De Force

Happy 1st Birthday my sweet little girl. What a year it’s been! Thank you for bringing so much love and laughter into our lives 🤗❤️🎉