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What are you having for dinner? Working out is easy but staying consistent on your nutrition is 3 hard. Abs are made in the kitchen. Stay focused my Friends!!!


Blessed to get another day of hard work and dedication in with @chris_jordan_athens. If you're looking to burn calories and get abs while learning to defend yourself then please hit him up. #Focused


Working with @chris_jordan_athens got my confidence up. Anybody can throw punches but you have to be able to react and block the ones coming back at you. Have Offense and Defense.


What are you having for dinner? Lettuce wrap taco me please. Just trying to stay consistent 365days. Abs are made in the kitchen. #focused


Oblique Killer. Just trying to be the best version of Me. Stay focused my Friends!!! #crunchtv #crunchathens


Just another day of Healthy living. What are you having for dinner? Not a season but a lifestyle. Stay focused my Friends!!!


How many calories did you burn today? This doesn't include the full body weight routine I did today. Stay focused my Friends!!! #TeamNoShirts


What people do with 2 hands, I try to do with 1. Today was a back day. Finished up with 12 rounds on the heavybag and 3 rounds of shadow boxing. What's your routine for Today? Stay Focused my Friends!! #crunchtv #crunchathens


What's are you having for dinner? Grilled Tilapia, baked shrimp, mixed veggies, and cauliflower steamed rice.You can do every ab exercise in the world but Abs are made in the kitchen. Stay Focused my Friends!!!


After eating a cheat meal and feeling bloated, I still can see a little definition. 6ft 3in 225lbs and feeling great. #stillfocused


Steady working on trying to be the best version of MYSELF. When you take your clothes off, there's nothing you can hide. Though I'm a work in progress, I will be satisfied one day. #crunchtv #crunchathens #Maybe #focused


Sometimes I'm not in the mood to cook, so I just make me a Heathy ass smoothie lol. Stay consistent my friends!!!


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