Regular-Joe private pilot sharing fully immersive self-analysis videos + staying current. Humbly embarking on increasingly epic adventures.


Just completed my first helicopter lesson - I think being a drummer helped me figure out hovering with all 3 controls - episode coming soon!


Flying something a little different tomorrow! Any guesses?


Prepping for a mission with the Beaver - bringing horse feed to a remote lodge in Alaska tomorrow


That moment when ATC at the world’s busiest seaplane base welcomes Evelyn to Alaska on frequency :). Awesome float flying episodes coming soon!


We’re producing some awesome float flying content here in Alaska! Comment with any related questions or things you’d like us to cover. Formation flying the Beaver over Denali national park was a buck list item and I can’t wait to share the video(s)


Setting up for a “short lake landing” float flying the iconic Canadian made Beaver in Alaska! Awesome content coming!


What would you like to know about float flying in Alaska? Currently working on a multi part series!


This is how we Roll! T6in’ with @edseguin on the 5th anniversary of #FlightChops (and my birthday :) Episode coming soon! - we also watched TopGun on a 20 year old VHS tape in the hangar after wrapping up :). (P.S. are there too many yellow planes on my feed lately?)


Tropical GA flying, and the challenges that go along with it. The latest episode is live - link in bio!


Today was the 5th anniversary of launching the Flight Chops channel, and was also my birthday. Thanks to all the fans and supporters for helping this project become what it has.


So stoked to have just uploaded the raw / uncut video of my first solo in the T6 for Patreon supporters!
I honestly never thought I’d get to this point, thanks so much for being a part of growing the “Flight Chops” project! (If you’re not already a supporter, search Flight Chops on Patreon)
The last couple years have been tough as I struggled with some of the business end things and my over all training and flying
IFR has definitely been sidelined for the summer, but massive progress has been made with stretching my fundamentals, and I am truly living the motto, “Keeping my Flight Chops Sharp!”


Checked out on the Harvard / T6! Stay tuned for this story - too tired to get into it now, but wanted to catch you guys up - it was an intense weekend of flying but I am signed off as a T6 pilot! Massive thanks to @the_candourist for helping shoot this!