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What's your flying goal for summer 2018?
It is going to be a busy flying / production season!
I'm focussed on sharpening my formation chops with the Chipmunk and working toward my Harvard / T6 check out! I've faced a great deal of frustration around my IFR progress (working on a dedicated post to talk about that) and have made the conscious decision to put IFR on hold until I can focus on it in the fall.
Meantime, the latest Patreon supporter exclusive is live!


Working with Julie Clark was an honour - it was amazing to see her preflight ritual and she spent some quality time with my daughter - video coming soon! link in profile to the current back catalog


Trying to make a good, yet non click bait title for the next video... here's a terribly boring first try - please help with your thoughts:
"NYC Class B + TFR - DOORS OFF Heli Flying + insider tour of safety briefing breakdown - Flight VLOG"
But at least I am pretty sure the thumbnail will be our awesome pilot Christi with the WTC behind her.
This video is being uploaded today as a "scheduled post" for the 13th, as I am heading to "Sun n Fun" tomorrow.
It was a tough one to make because our flight was a shortly before the recent tragedy during a similar flight. We had this one 90% edited as of that weekend in March. So it was pushed back, some further context was added, and a follow up is planned.


One of you WILL get to fly this SR22 GTS to Key West!
Latest video will be live tonight!
Link in bio to enter for you chance to do this flight!


Spins were part of primary training when I got my PPL in the 90’s - If you got to do spins, did you love it or hate it? (and if you never got to do spins, do you think they would make you a better pilot?) Latest episode is live (link in bio) - accelerated and inverted spin training!


#nofilter - I hit some of the most intense thermal induced turbulence flying here in the Dominican Republic! We were in a ‘56 Comanche and I hit the ceiling! (Belt should have been Pitts level tightened). Video coming soon!


Filmed some Caribbean flying yesterday and currently studying for my next challenge when I get home - videos to come!


It is sad that we lost Piper, but I am proud to be able to help tell his story - please SHARE this one!
There are many working dogs, and falconers and other interesting animal control programs at various airports. For instance, there are now eagles being trained to take down drones.
We will be covering more of this fascinating stuff in the future!
You can check out more of Piper's awesome pics and videos here: @airportk9
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The next video is dear to my heart; we got to work with arguably the coolest dog in aviation. @airportk9

He recently passed away after losing his battle with cancer, so this episode is more of a tribute to him and his trainer Brian, who did amazing work.
We need help with two things:
1st, help with the title - I am hoping this video is shared widely (as the video will point to a charity)
What do you think of:
"We've Lost Aviation's Coolest Dog: Tribute to K9 Piper"
2nd, help with the thumbnail... There are four options here - When voting, lets call them:
"Snow", "Flag hover", "Taxiway" and "Basket smile"
Thanks and stay tuned for the video on Friday!


The Coolest Dog in Aviation?
It was an honour to get to work with Piper, and we were saddened to hear he lost his battle with cancer recently. The new episode coming Friday is a tribute to him.
You can check out more of his awesome pics and videos here: @airportk9
#flying #workingdog #dogtrainer #hero #cool #whyifly #avgeek #getoutstayout #neverstopexploring #adventure #instagramaviation #instaplane #fly #flight #sky #lifeofadventure #liveoutdoors #aviation #airplane_lovers
#pilotlife #pilot #aviationlife


Wanna join me for something crazy, awesome, educational, or all of the above? Visit the new contest at the link in bio.


Phenom 300 episode is LIVE on YouTube - and we flew it again today! Just landed in the Bahamas - watch for this episode soon!


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