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QUICK! Need help with the title for the next episode that is publishing TONIGHT! Option 1,2, or suggest your own... 1) TBM850: Flying Fast, Far, and High! Mini Airliner - RVSM FL300 + Tough CrossWind Landing

2) TBM850: 1st time in the Flight Levels! Mini Airliner - RVSM FL300 + Tough CrossWind Landing



Latest "Supporter Exclusive" is live on Patreon! - I got to a point with this edit while boiling it down from the raw 4 hour flight, that I wanted to share with you guys!
This is 45 minutes of non-stop awesomeness... but for the public version, I need to get it closer to, or ideally, under 20 minutes.
So please enjoy my “selects” assembled in linear order, ready to cut down further for the public episode (which comes out on Friday). If you haven't heard about the campaign, search "Flight Chops" on Patreon dot com to learn more.


For the first episode of 2018 I wanted to complete the story of probably my best accomplishment of 2017, which was actually starting and finishing something. I got my multi engine rating!
Training was completed in the fall and then I had a bit of a stressful wait due to schedule and poor weather for almost a month, before I was able to fly the test.
After cancelling and rescheduling 3 times, we caught flyable window just before Christmas, and I passed. Yay!
I've done a lot of type check outs and things with various instructors over the past few years, but this was the first actual flight test, that I done in over 15 years.
It was amazing how visceral that pre-check ride stress feeling was leading up to the test - it felt just like my first private pilot checkride.
Do those jitters ever go away? Full episode at FlightChops dot com.


Happy new year everyone! The 2017 recap / 2018 teaser is live! If only I knew how to make the "swipe up to view" thing work... :P. Meantime, head to FlightChops dot com to see it :)


This was absolutely the most stressful flight of 2017! Enjoy riding along. And I can't wait to share more multi engine flying now that I have the rating!


Multi Engine Rated! It's been a challenge dealing with the recent winter weather - but today was the day - flight test complete! I am very exited to have this rating as it opens up a munch bigger world of aviation to explore!


Multi Engine Rating! New episode is live!


Training set back! I was ready for my multi engine check ride, and Mother Nature had other ideas :(. Super windy and icing above 3,000 feet. Have to wait now to rebook the plane and examiner for after the holidays. Sooooo frustrating! Who can relate?


Just posted to the FlightChops Patreon page!
This free supporter exclusive of my 1st multi engine lesson is a good one - Having seen Jason in the DA42 where his instructor actually shut down an engine (that raw video is already available for supporters), I asked Kevin during our briefing if we’d do the same - Kevin explained that in this older plane we wouldn’t be doing that - but it was all a set up, as toward the end of the lesson, he legit convinced me we had really lost the engine when he snuck and turned off the fuel, and actually shut it down.
After I handled it fairly well, he revealed it was just an illustration of how it could really happen.
The public version of this episode is coming soon, and there is also some more great multi engine stuff coming flying a Beech18 and DC-3 which I was lucky to get to do after a couple lessons flying this Piper Seneca with Kevin.
Welcome to all the new supporters! The personal “Welcome / Thanks” messages are mostly caught up,
And +$5 supporters, the patches are about 2 weeks behind, but I am catching on this soon.
Thanks for being part of the inner circle and supporting the Flight Chops project!


Thanks for all the input regarding the title for tomorrow's episode - Now, I need help with the thumbnail... I was thinking the LifeRaft popping was the obvious choice... but I don't want people to assume there is no flying in the video... so now I am leaning toward the cockpit shot... Let me know your choice! (There are 3 images in this post)


$5,000 in less than 5 seconds!? I need help titling this episode - Here's the teaser video - the full episode will be done tomorrow - we got to deploy a legit $5,000 life raft - is it click bait to put that in the title? I work hard on the content and I struggle with titles being so important to the YouTube algorithm.


I am super proud to be a part of the @ch2a_windsor crew! (This is just after the Nov 11th formation flight with the Fairchild 24R)