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What’s the truth about Instagram’s impact on our mental health? In a recent feature from @dazed, counselor Beverley Hills said that for her clients, “it can manifest in panic attacks, anxiety, self harm, sleep issues, academic underachievement, isolation, abuse of drugs and alcohol, and bullying.” Link in bio for the full story, which we curated in #10forToday this weekend📱


While we anticipated #MDW at our desks this week, a @spacex Falcon 9 launched with @nasa’s GRACE onboard, Kilauea volcano erupted, actress Meghan Markle became Duchess of Sussex, a meerkat was captured looking cute and @brooklynmuseum threw a Bowie-themed party 👨🎤



“Now, more than ever, I think we need to be talking to one another and thoughtfully listening.” In its new series “Of America,” @washingtonpost is highlighting voices of American voters across the country and political spectrum. Here’s a preview of five of their stories. Find the full story in the Post’s dedicated magazine on Flipboard:
1. Noel Williamson: A veteran and recovering alcoholic who hopes the next VA secretary has military experience and that more veterans will realize that they are worthy of the help VA offers. (photo: Sandy Huffaker for The Post)

2. Kaitlyn Harrold: voted for Trump but later changed her registration to Democrat. (photo: Marvin Joseph/The Post)

3. Mike Laymon: “The AR-15 has become a weapon of choice for people that do evil things. So the evil person, the evilness of the deed of the person, is being attributed to the firearm, which I think is inappropriate.” (photo: Bridget Bennett for The Post)

4. Curtis Kelly: He feels like the narrative on gun violence is finally changing after the mass shooting in Florida. (photo: Carolyn Van Houten/The Post)

5. Delores Chavez Harmes: She said that Trump has proved himself as “a great role model” on the world stage by being firm, articulate and strategic. (photo: Sandy Huffaker for The Post)


Oh the cliché yet poignant wisdom of a good graduation speech. Cook called upon @dukeuniversity’s graduates to be fearless on Sunday ✊ Who spoke at your college graduation? Any memorable advice? Share with the class 👇


We’re honored to be featured on @unsplash today. Our first collection was photographed by @mattsaf, one of our talented product designers. This is the #BayArea through his lens 👁️ #Unsplash (link to our profile in bio!)


@childishgambino in conversation with @newyorkermag for its March profile on him, titled “Donald Glover Can’t Save You”


A preview of our favorite pictures from this past week. Explore the full curation in “The Photo Desk Galleries” magazine (sources: @apnews, @reuters) #potd📷


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Migrants arrive at the U.S. border wall in Tijuana on Sunday. “A long, grueling journey gave way to what could be a long, uncertain asylum process.” — @kirksemple, Miriam Jordan for @nytimes. Explore the full, curated gallery (📷: @apnews, @reuters) at the Photo Desk on Flipboard.



Our brand has evolved 🖍️ Learn how we found clarity in a time of chaos via link in bio


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