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This week's challenge: Reducing our plastic usage! Nearly all plastics are unable to be naturally broken down and much of our plastic ends up in the ocean after we use them. Plastics leach toxins into our environment and are often consumed by land and sea animals (some of which are eaten by humans!). This week, let's try minimizing the amount of plastics we use. Tip: This includes plastic straws, plastic coffee cup lids, takeout containers, plastic utensils, and foods wrapped in plastic. Add to the #floraliving Instagram Story this week to share your lifestyle changes and progress!

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Busy days at the office, big things soon to come! Who’s excited for the release?🌱 #floraliving

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How did everybody do on last week’s #FloraLiving challenge? This week, we’re aiming to reduce our electricity usage in the easiest way possible: unplugging appliances after using them whenever possible. Send us updates on your progress using #FloraLiving and let us know in the comments how last week went! 🌱💡🔌

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Join the Flora team this weekend at the free to the public @intoactionus social justice art exhibit featuring pieces by 200 artists, and over 80 hours of panel discussions! Into Action is being held at 1726 Spring St, Los Angeles, and runs from January 13th to the 21st. 🌱

Los Angeles, California

Did you know that a third of all food produced globally either spoils before its eaten or is thrown away? We at Flora believe in #sustainability and food justice. | Flora for iOS coming in February. |


At Flora, we believe that even the smallest lifestyle changes aid in preserving our environment and can create habits leading you on the path towards wellness. Each week we will be doing #greenliving challenges in the office and invite you to join us. Tag us with your progress using #FloraLiving and @floralivingapp! 🌱


We’re excited to announce that we anticipate launching Flora for iOS on 2/1. Visit floraliving.com to subscribe to updates. 🌱


Cheers to the first weekend of 2018! Tell us how you guys doing on your New Year’s resolutions so far, and what those resolutions are! 🌱


“I just want to help young people learn how to free themselves in real ways, which is farming, which is agricultural studies, which is maybe growing one thing in your backyard... it’s creating community.” - @kehlani on @beats1official with @zanelowe


Flora is #greenliving made accessible. 🌱


Just another day in the office. iOS app coming soon. 🌱


Engage with holistic, green, healthy, and accessible living.

iOS app coming soon.
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