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Just a friendly little weed who only wants to be loved like a flower 🌸
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Feeling emotional and fluid to this bop we all love by Lindsey Sterling Hoop: 26 in 5/8 Cherry Tomato from @thespinsterz Spring 2018 Collection go check out the other gorgeous colors and use my code flow_ho to save.


I’m madly in love with my city ❤️💕 Hoop by @funishooping


Alright, last one from the ho series. I couldn’t resist showing you that behind the back coin flip thing!


Gettin cheeky in st.pete. That drop though Returning a #breakbattle from @polish_flow and @klutzy_hooper I’m sorry to everyone I owe a #stopdropandspin to this is for you too💕😊😘. Hoop:Purple Paradise colormorph Polypro by @thespinsterz #checkOutMyBio


If you’re gonna drop it, drop it like its hot 😊🙏🏽💕If you don’t like ass I encourage you to look away. #WillTwerkForHoops


🤗 #LanaIsGod 💕 hoop UV Orange 27 in 5/8 by @funishooping


Something about #TheDream makes me put the ho in Flow_ho 🤗 This is 2 clips mashed together so be sure to watch To the end 😘 This is the first in the ho series, more to come this week 👍


In hooping there are no rules💕😇If you like this hoop check out @thespinsterz Spring 2018 Collection for stunning colors and hey use my code flow_ho 🙏🏽😘


I posted the wrong part of the video earlier 😂 REDO: I wanted to make something beautiful: Salvatore at the Salvador Dali #LanaIsGod#Dali Hoop by @funishooping


I’m honestly so obsessed with one handed butterfly toss and catch 😍


Hi I let my doubles game fall off for a minute but here’s some catch up. Hoops 25 in 5/8 UV yellow Polypro by @thespinsterz use code flow_ho 😊🙏🏽


Many obsessed with the foot toss to chest roll to foot catch. Also peep my lil boy blue sitting in the corner @techswan 😍 #stpeteMurals #lanaisgod


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