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Happy World Turtle Day everyone πŸ˜„ We shot this photo last year between Clarkes and The Pass. Recently while swimming in the Bay we had to dive to the bottom of the ocean (took two of us 4 attempts as we were way out the back) to grab a plastic bag away from one of our beautiful Green Turtles that live in our Bay from eating the plastic bag. Say FUCK NO to plastic bags on Turtle Day & every other Day.


Duh #noshit


Back in Black βš”οΈ


🌧️ preshrunk & and a bit of the easterly πŸ’¨before ✈️ to its new home on the West Coast πŸ‘‹ #dressclean


Original Tee in Vintage Black 🌿organic cotton 🌿 online now ✌️


Getting up close 🌿 chemical free tees #dressclean


S A L T ~ T H E R A P Y πŸ“· @iiindyaa


For those of you that aren’t super hip to sustainable lingo, GREENWASHING is a marketing strategy used by brands to present themselves as socially and environmentally responsible.
To put it simply, what they DO as a brand does not back up what they SAY. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to know whether or not we are being greenwashed, especially with all the saturation in the market and the freedom to advertise how one so chooses.
Some brands may also have sustainable parts of their business, but those may not be the aspects of their business that need it the most.
Here are a couple examples:
☝🏾 Zara has some of the most sustainable practices in the fashion industry regarding their offices, retail spaces and packaging. BUT they are still getting slammed with accusations of child labor - the most recent came from Turkish garment workers.
✌🏾 H&M has a recycle back program where they will accept your items in exchange for store discount. Sure the items will be resold or recycled, and that's great. However, if they really wanted sustainability to succeed, the discount would be exclusively applicable to their eco-friendly apparel.

Both brands have eco clothing lines, and both are methods for them to greenwash you. Remember fashion can never be sustainable. So if you're waiting for the day that it will be instead of shopping smarter and changing your habits, don't hold your breath.πŸ™Š Awesome REGRAM @multitudes_studio πŸ™πŸŒΏπŸŒŽ


Hanging out




We love surf culture in all forms. You can catch one of our own fine art photographer's work @packgallerystudio in Bangalow ... limited edition print runs of Byron's surf breaks & beaches. This one's going gangbusters 'The Pass Commute'.


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