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Service dog puppy raiser
-Current Trainee: pup #4, Elijah IV
-Forever Dog: Memphis III
I'm also a foster for local rescues, now up to 50 foster dogs.🐾

In a field full of flowers, he is still the most beautiful thing. 💜


He’s my sunshine on a cloud day. ❤️


You wouldn’t know it by looking at this photo, but he ate a fly about a minute before. 😜❤️
*E is on leash in every photo. Swipe to see the unedited version!


Elijah found a new best friend while walking and shopping in Frisco today! This sweet, little, paint-covered girl could not get enough of Elijah when we entered her moms shop. By the end of their interaction, E was covered in paint as well. 😂 Interacting with children in a positive way is important for Elijah’s training. He could be placed with a little kid just like this one day after he graduates. If Elijah could talk, I’m sure he would say he can’t wait! ❤️


Today is my birthday and there is nothing I’d rather do than spend it with my boys. 😊❤️
*Swipe to see the unedited version!


I’m on a baby photo kick, so here is another of sweet baby E. This was in front of my dorm building. Elijah can’t wait to return to college with me in August and make new memories and adventures!❤️


"Let me love you a little more before you're not little anymore."
I swear it was just yesterday that I was looking into those puppy eyes. When did my baby grow up?💙


A year ago, on this day, I met Elijah for the very first time. He revealed to be a cuddly, calm, and SWEET boy on his first day home and nothing has changed since that day. He has not only made my world a better place, but the lives of so many others as well. I am honored to have been able to spend the last year with him and will cherish all of the time that we have left together. I love you E. Thank you for one of the best years of my life. ❤️


All of his training and commands come in handy when posing him for photos. 😂


The other day when walking the boys someone told me that I was lucky to have them, and I couldn’t agree more. 💕


There truly is nothing like exploring with my boy. 💕


Those irresistible puppy dog eyes!😍 Check out my Instagram story for a Q&A.