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Here’s another speak peak of a possible Illuminae Files Character Cards included in the incense boxes illustrated by @kiranight_art. Remember if you collect all 4 cards by end of August you qualify to win a free box! This month’s theme is Smoke & Bones aannnddd there’s an incredible custom exclusive piece 8x10 art by @lesyablackbird. Grab yours via link in bio as they will no longer be available after April. (Shop Link in bio.)


#artvsartist. I honestly have been overthinking this for days. “Am I an artist?” It finally took me a good 5 days or whatever to work up the courage to claim it. Yes. I am. My work is not nearly as fancy and beautiful as the many talented artists out there but it doesn’t diminish the work I do with my own hands. I’m learning that imposter syndrome is legit and doesn’t ever really go away. The trick isn’t banishing it but acknowledging it’s there and rolling with it. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I need to be better about sharing my work around here. More sketches to come soon-ish. Currently trying to pump out an entire new collection for #nss2018


QOTD: what’s the coolest twist on a trope that you’ve read and which book was it?

So the biggest trope I read a lot of is a mortal female falls in love with an immortal male and either through a choice of her own or a consequence of actions, she ends up immortal to spend her life with him. One book that I recently finished ended up being the other way around. An immortal male gave up his immortality so that he could live out a normal human life with the woman he loves. I. Love. That!


BIG REVEAL! I have so many different projects up my sleeve at the moment. Here’s a reveal of one of them. I am launching collectible character cards with an opportunity to win prizes. •

The first set of character cards will be Illuminae files, which can only be found in the monthly incense boxes. Starting this month, all boxes will include 1 of 4 cards. I’ve teamed up with one of my favorite new artists @kiranight_art for these gorgeous cards. Please check her out if you haven’t already. •

If you’ve managed to collect all 4 cards by August 31 you’ll simply DM me a photo and receive a free box. I will be launching another set of character cards for the book-tionery boxes. More ok that soon. April’s incense box is going to be Smoke & Bone and let me tell you. I am DYING for you all to see the art included in box! Shop Link in bio!

FAQ: but I don’t burn incenses! What do I do?! Well.... 75% of people I know don’t burn their bookish candles leave them on the shelf for display. Same concept. The labels can act as displayable art on your shelf or pull out the sleeves and you’ve got a fantastic new bookmark. Incenses can be left out on a tray (very much like potpourri) and still give your place a wonderful smell without burning it.


Do you bullet journal? I’ve gotten such awesome responses to my mini bullet journals that I’ve been including more of them in my boxes. This was the #bujo included in the Illuminae box. It’s 60 pages dotted grid. The art cover was designed by my wonderful co-creative director @nicholartdesigns. I did the lettering 😄 This box was so much fun to put together. There’s a few more left up for grabs. Shop Link in bio.

Here’s my custom Kady Grant funko pop I’ve made. It’s nice to have a hobby for the sake of having a hobby and not a side hustle.


It’s no secret that @lesyablackbird is one of my favorite artists to work with. She designed the most beautiful scene from Daughter of Smoke and Bone, at which I literally squealed at when she showed me a preview. The art piece I’m including into the DOSAB incense box is exclusively custom for this box. Even better? My prints are usually only 5x7 but I’m having 8x10 prints sent out in this box because the details are incredible. NOTE: no, this is not the art piece in the box. I want you all to be surprised as I was. Grab a box before they’re gone for good. Shop Link in bio.

QOTD: what’s your favorite cake?


Do you have an auto buy author and who? As in... it doesn’t matter what the book is about, you’ve got a mountain high TBR pile that threatens to topple over and bury you, or if you’re broke and need to potentially rob a bank to eat but you’ll be damned if you don’t have that author’s book in your hands when it releases. I have very few auto buy authors but @elise.kova is definitely one of them. You can imagine how much I squealed when she invited me to be an ambassador for her books! 🎉 full disclosure: I owned every single one of these and have read and loved them all. (Goodreads account for reviews via link in bio! Let’s be book friends!)


Here’s the second vendor reveal for the ACOFAS box! There’s going to be an exclusive fox & wit candle hand poured and designed by @belleandcocandlemakers. About a handful of those boxes left so be sure to grab yours before they’re sold out! Shop Link in bio.


I am PUMPED for this box! I commissioned one of my all time favorite artist for this box, which I will reveal later on this week. But an entire box for Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone?! Aaaahhhh! 🎉 Trust me you’re going to want to get your hands on this box. Shop Link in bio.


REP SEARCH ANNOUNCEMENT! This was a tough decision but I’ve settled on 6 reps.

• April and May: @for.fictions.sake @busycollegebookworm @dazzlingtragedy

June and July: @little_dragon_pants @vallreads @mariemcwilliamsauthor

Please DM me your addresses. •

On a different note I started making my own custom funko pops. Here’s Hannah Donnelly. Waiting on some parts to make our favorite pink haired fierce fem Kady Grant.

What did you like most about this series?


WHOA WHOA WHOA! 31 people finished the #fnwreadchallenge!! 😳 the random drawn name for the box winner is @empressjai. DM me for your free box! Everyone else please DM me for runner up prizes! (Remember that you’re always responsible for shipping so that I can keep this open to all international readers!) runner ups this month will get an enamel pin of choice plus an exclusive coupon. @briannabeezy @taylahreads @evilqueenreads @editanainggolan39 @maya_yudhianto @this_mama_reads @morganmelchor @findangoh @elliebeth_bennett @a_court_of_friendly_reminders @bookishbex @gritsarereading @chaos_and_books @myreadingchronicles @fairestskyebooks @book.monkey @booksb @stephanie_martinez72 @lauras_book_addiction @_treat_yo_shelf @thedaleykaley12 @bookishexpat @vampire_cutie18 @minajamesreads @exlibriscaity @iam.caryn @candaceclark22 @100books_2018. Don’t forget April challenge just started. New prize packs each month. There’s also a Facebook group if you’re int that kind of thing. Happy reading all and thanks so much for joining! If I missed you just tag me in your finished post and I’ll honor the prize! We had so many people that I might have missed you.


AHHH! I am so excited to announce that I am working with @dianadworak for an exclusive art piece that will be printed on a usable item for the ACOFAS box. Just a few boxes left so be sure to grab one before they’re sold out. (Shop Link in bio)


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