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All products are handcrafted in Amsterdam.
Specialized in Interior & leather products

Handcrafted leather pouf made out of different kinds of leather. #interiordesign #eigenhuismagazine #frankieboateng #flybirdstudio


X @katharina_mayerhofer
This bag.... 🖤 @katharina_mayerhofer should we produce this One? Or leave it? 🤔


The sound of human. -Inspiration-



“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” - Nikola Tesla



The bullet buffalo.



Our hydro protected bullet bag will keep your stuff dry. Available online or pass by our atelier.

#frankieboateng #leatherbags #madeinamsterdam


Frankie Boateng H.P.01 Concept "Hydro Protected"


Frankie Boateng H.P.01 Concept
The Hydro Protected line started when we were testing materials besides leather that would be fully waterproof. We learned then that there are different kinds of materials, such as nylon, that we can use to keep your belongings dry. The Bullet Bag is based on a weapon bag that carries the weapon and bullets in the small pockets. The Jacket is inspired by the Bullet Bag. When you look at these products, you get a sense of combat: ready to wear, rain protected.


Frankie Boateng H.P.01 Concept
Hydro Protected


EDC Holster -1


As a young man I was always looking for a machine that could create my ideas but back then I didn't know it would be a sewing machine. #flybird #frankieboateng #lockedupwithit


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