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We are pleased to announce that “Frans Lanting: The Evolution of LIFE” film will shown as a part of the 2017 @Mountainfilm Festival, at the historic Sheridan Opera House in Telluride, CO on Saturday, May 27th at 9:15 AM and again on Sunday, May 28th at 3:45 PM. For more info visit: and

Here, a low tide at sunrise exposes the cracked domes of stromatolites lining the shores of Shark Bay in Western Australia. The surfaces of these mounds are the newest sediment layers formed by living communities of cyanobacteria. As early as three billion years ago the ancestors of these microorganisms began to release the oxygen that altered Earth’s atmosphere and created conditions favorable for the evolution of complex life. The spreading pink clouds of sunrise hint at a change in the air. Follow me @FransLanting for more images from my LIFE project, a lyrical interpretation of the history of life on Earth from the Big Bang to the present.
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I was traveling on an icebreaker off Antarctica when our party came upon an extraordinary iceberg that looked like a turquoise cathedral with soaring archways and fluted columns sculpted by the corroding force of waves. When a group of chinstrap penguins came into view, they added reality to a surreal scene—their moment aboard the blue berg as fleeting as the life of the ice itself.
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Making contact with a mountain gorilla silverback is a humbling experience. Gorilla custom requires meekly bowing your head as a submissive pose when you are challenged by a 400-pound male rather than fleeing, as instinct tells you. This big male lived in the highlands of Rwanda’s Virunga Mountains, one of the last strongholds for these remarkable great apes. Follow me @FransLanting for more images of wildlife around the world.

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I don’t have to go far from home to witness awesome wildlife spectacles. Half an hour from where I live, sea lions haul out by the thousands on a rocky outcrop at the northern tip of Monterey Bay. It’s a great testimonial to the natural abundance and the resurgence of life that happened here after the protection of the California coast and the wildlife offshore. Follow me @FransLanting for more scenes from Monterey Bay.

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Año Nuevo State Park

Volcanoes are exhilarating to photograph, but challenging places to expose your gear--and yourself. The caustic fumes in the air corrode cameras and lungs alike, and turn rain into diluted battery acid. At the edge of an advancing lava flow, the heat was so intense that I could only expose a few frames at a time before I had to back off again. Modern-day Hawaii with its beaches and tourists was not that far away, but I was witnessing another era. When tongues of molten lava began to spill down a slope and covered solid ground with a new layer of liquid rock, I quickly moved into position to frame the image I was after--a vision of the world the way it was four billion years ago, when the surface of the Earth was still just taking shape. For more images of volcanoes and other scenes from early earth, follow me @FransLanting.

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A midnight sun illuminates the contours of snow and ice right where the frozen surface of the Weddell Sea connects with the very edge of the Antarctic continent. It was bitter cold during the month that I camped here to work with emperor penguins, whose colony is just out of view. For more images of ice in our time from Antarctica and elsewhere follow me @FransLanting.

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(Tap for sound) Hi Photographers, Tune in this Friday May 5 - Saturday May 6th on to see my free online course “The Art of Seeing, if you’re interested in learning creative techniques for photographing nature. I created this course with Creative Live, which will stream it live for 24 hours. If you cannot tune in at that time or if you want to own a copy of the course, you can buy it directly from Creative Live. If you’d like to join us for a future workshop session, write to us at and ask to be on our emailing list. Video by @ChristineEckstrom

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Santa Cruz, California

Whether you call them cougars, pumas, or mountain lions, they’re all the same cat. They were nearly wiped out along the coast of California near Santa Cruz where I live, but since they were given protection in 1990, they’ve rebounded. They now occur even at the edges of towns and cities, but they are very good at avoiding people. I’ve seen tracks close to my home, but it took the company of a researcher and a tracker to come eye to eye with this splendid big cat looking down on us from an old oak tree. The comeback of cougars in California is a success story, and it shows what can happen if we’re tolerant of apex predators and if we’re protecting enough wild land where they can survive. Stay tuned @FransLanting for more images that celebrate wild California.

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Santa Cruz, California

Today we’re celebrating trees—it’s Arbor Day. I made this image of a grove of buttressed jungle trees festooned with other plants to express the interdependence of life inside a rainforest in Belize. Tree trunks carry nutrients between the forest floor and the canopy. Fallen leaves and other organic debris are broken down by organisms in the soil, then their nutrients are absorbed by tree roots and carried back up to the canopy with remarkable swiftness. In a tropical rainforest, from the moment a leaf falls to earth to the time it is decomposed can take as little as three weeks. We’re all dependent on trees—what they exhale, we inhale. We are linked together in the cycle of life.

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I share this image in celebration of World Penguin Day! In late winter in Antarctica, the first emperor penguin chicks are exposed to the world. Parents cradle them on their feet to keep them warm and off the sea ice. It takes heroic parenting skills to raise a chick in this brutally cold environment where temperatures can drop to 40 degrees below zero with winds of more than 100 miles per hour. I spent a month camped on the sea ice near an emperor penguin colony to document how the chicks grow up. Browse through my feed for more images and stories about these remarkable birds.

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Hi Photographers! You can join me online right now for my free macro photography course for CreativeLive. Watch it here: It’s being streamed continuously for the next 24 hours! The course was filmed at the University of California at Santa Cruz's stunning Arboretum, where I photographed this beautiful pincushion protea. If you cannot tune in right now or if you want to own a copy of the course, you can buy it directly from Creative Live. If you’d like to join us for a future workshop session, write to us at and ask to be on our emailing list. Special thanks to our sponsors: @sandisk @EpsonAmerica @seeinanewway (Lens Baby)
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Santa Cruz, California

I share this image in celebration of Earth Day. One day, after overnight rain had drenched California’s Big Sur coast, sunlight and morning clouds blended land, sea, and air together, enabling me to capture this landscape as a dynamic visualization of a living Earth. The first Earth Day in 1970 marks the birth of the modern environmental movement. It’s more important now than ever. We all need to stay engaged, and the best place to start is in our local communities. That’s where everything begins.

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Big Sur, California

Blazes of blue lupines blanket the hillsides and valleys of the Central Coast of California right now. It’s the best wildflower bloom we’ve had in years because of the abundant winter rains. For this image I used a polarizing filter to express more detail in the sky. To learn more about how I photograph landscapes and wildflowers in creative ways, tune in this Sunday April 23 at 9:00 am PDT on to see my free online course “The Art of Seeing.” I created this course with Creative Live, which will stream it live—and free—for 24 hours. If you cannot tune in at that time or if you want to own a copy of the course, you can buy it directly from Creative Live. If you’d like to join us for a future workshop session, write to us at and ask to be on our emailing list.

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Big Sur, California