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Final call for 10% off Limited edition prints. Use promo code AWAKENING2018 finishes June 16th

This is the final call for 10% off limited edition prints. It finishes on June 16th. I thought I’d share this just in case anyone missed out! #frantheartist


Off to France you go😎. Skimming stones is a limited edition print. This one is off to its new home in France to the very talented @clairecreative_com. #frantheartist


New Zealand here we come! Two A2 size limited edition prints heading to there new home in the morning! This is the last couple of days with 10% in my print shop! Link in bio if anyone wants to have a look. The promo code is AWAKENING2018 #frantheartist


I rolled the dice today @thecopperhse and got 10% off my order. Whoop. Happy days! It’s well worth going in on a Thursday for this. Oh the thrill😂. If only you could do this in every shop! #frantheartist


So, I managed to pull the job together today. This type of copper leaf is very special. I loved working with it. Maybe 1000 sheets of it was a tad too many though 😆. The texturiser I used is actually used by plumbers to protect pipes outside. (The guy in the shop was very confused when I asked for it, I guessing there aren’t may female plumbers out there)Saved me a fortune. The stuff in the Art shop is huge money and this is just as good if not better. #franthearist


Texture is soooooo satisfying to work with. It’s the freedom of movement after the restrictions of geometric pattern. Playing around with this today. I’m letting it dry and then I’ll add some variegated copper leaf. I’m loving this art feature. A very long day today but nearly there. It’s so worth putting those extra few hours in to get the back broken on it. #frantheartist


Getting there. I’m creating a work of art for Bar Rua in Dublin. There’s something about peeling masking take isn’t there! #frantheartist


Back to the day job today. Working on a very interesting mural the Bar Rua apartments in town. This will have variegated copper leaf and texturiser added tomorrow. I love these jobs. Fast and furious! #frantheartist


Look at this for a venue. I gotta say I’m so glad I decided to add a wall of framed prints. It’s great to see all the paintings hanging together on one wall. This place has drama and light and space. Fingers crossed everything runs smoothly tomorrow. The show is hung, now I can breathe! #franthearist


How many paintings can you fit in a mini🤔😆. Ok I’m all set. One or two hiccups this morning. Like signing one of my original paintings upside down. Like signing one of my framed limited addition prints upside down. I’ll laugh about it later! On my way to Smock finally. #frantheartist


I’m just about to pack up this baby using a Stiffy bag. Has anybody used these before? I’ve got to tell ye. Wow! No wrapping no sticky tap. Reusable. Im pretty happy with this set up I must say. #frantheartist


This is the day I hang my show in @smockalleytheatre. I’m excited and nervous. Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly!. I also added a new shop to my website. You can buy limited edition prints now. Whoop! It was a steep learning curve that’s for sure. There is 10% off with the promo code in the pic for the two weeks while the show is running. #frantheartist


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