Fran the artist🎨@frantheartist

I’m beginning the next phase of painting water.getting ready for ArtSource in the new collection is under way!

I spent the day learning a new skill with the absolutely amazing teacher and friend @isabellegaboritencaustics. This was sooooo enjoyable. Painting with fire is fascinating and fun. Isabelle was so generous with the boards and I got five works of art to take home. I love the creations and I’ll definitely be framing some of them. I put them on top of a frame I already had to see what they might look like. If you ever get a chance, go and do a workshop on encaustic Art. It’s feckin brilliant #frantheartist


I was back to mural painting this week. Working on The Bridge which is a bar in ChapelIzod. Getting the design right was a challenge. I love working closely with the designer, especially when they are GOOD! It makes all the difference. #frantheartist


Time to slow down and get the tiny brushes out. It’s all about the details isn’t it. I began sussing out the little bubbles and how light hits a wave and makes that foamy stuff. I’ve gotta say I’m loving this new painting. I’m definitely going to do more of these. #frantheartist


Part of me wonders should I show this painting when it’s still at the beginning. Than I think, why not. It’s good to show the process. #frantheartist


I was looking through my work on Instagram and noticed I never actually added this painting. This one is called skimming stones and it’s from exhibition I held in June this year. It’s sold and waiting to go to its new home. #frantheartist


Day two on this new painting. I’m working on three at the moment. This is a big one! I felt ALIVE painting this today. Electric even(if that doesn’t sound to corny)I’m trying to capture movement and painting blind a little too for good measure. For those of you who don’t know that term it means following the image with your brush without looking at the canvas. It’s helping me loosen up. Using a pallet knife for texture is next up. Fingers crossed it all comes together. There is so much detail in this so I know I’ve a few days to go on it. I’ve never painted this type of water before, but it’s great fun #frantheartist


I love when a customer sends me a photo of my work hanging on there wall. This painting was a firm favourite from my exhibition. I could have sold this one ten times over. Deirdre snapped this one up a few hours after I posted it up. I think it looks beautiful in her kitchen. It’s just as well I scanned this one for printing before it went! #frantheartist


Starting a new painting. I love using those turquoise colours. I’m trying to paint as freely as I can. Reminding myself that it doesn’t need to be exactly the same. It’s a feeling rather than an identical reproduction that’s important! #frantheartist


And it’s a wrap. Just a couple of highlights and she’s done. I need more seascapes to paint. Photos of sparkles on the the ocean. If you happen to take photos like this please tell me. I’m looking for something new! #frantheartist


I finally got time to work on my painting today. It’s a tough one but I’m making progress. Not sure how anyone else feels but I just want to get better. Click my fingers and be twice as good at painting as I am now. I can’t help comparing myself to others and not feeling good enough. Maybe this happens when your on the cusp of a transition? I know where I want to be but I’m still learning. Is this just me? #frantheartist


These prints went off to there new home today. Beautiful framing with little colour detail by @frames_etc . #frantheartist


How cool are these bottles, it’s almost a shame to open them. That are like a work of art. Fingers crossed that taste as good as they look. Portugal was so beautiful and relaxing. I feel like my batteries are recharged and I’ll be ready for some serious painting next week. Whoop! #frantheartist