Fredric Aasbø@fredricaasbo

Drifting the world with @rockstarenergy & playing with cars! 🚕💨 Video: Rad Dan and I talking drifting and Supras:

@stephpapadakis just did a midseason refresh on our Corolla Hatchback 2AR engine and everything looked spot on. It’s been amazing to see Steph, the boys and our partners eliminate issues and develop these race motors, step by step, throughout these years. Pretty rad to have a 1000 hp, 9000 rpm, long stroke four-banger go four events in a row like that! #PapadakisRacing #KnockOnWood #HoldStumt @formulad


Here’s one of our first runs from #Gatebil Gymkhana! Definitely room to improve, but it was super fun to compete against the clock and (in the end) rack up a win against some really fierce competitors. Would love to do more of this!

@rockstarenergy @toyota_norge #icom @ctekchargers @westlaketyres @rymaxlubricants @boostracefuel (Video by @amundstave)


Zoom in to spot the door flex. (Photo: @takenbybj)


I’m a «function over form» kind of guy and after this past weekend I feel like we’ve figured out a 2JZ engine setup for our Euro car that works really well. The biggest change is going to @rymaxlubricants Apollo R engine oil (we opened the engine after the last round and bearings were perfect, and so are oil temps and pressure). @jepistons 10:1 pistons, Athena Cooper Ring gasket from @kimmitsport, @borgwarnerperformance EFR 9180 turbo, @runbc stroker internals, @boostracefuel, @maxxecu engine management and of course a #jonusracing tune have all helped @vtsracing and I create our best spooling and powerful 2JZ yet. Love dropping the hammer on this thing.


Drone perspective of our winning qual run at #Gatebil Powerslide this weekend, which scores 95.3 points. Fun fact: We go through a brand new set of tires in one run. Drone video by the master @amundstave 👌


Proud of this girl and her crew today. After driving like a boss on Friday and Saturday, Hunter had a decent crash on track today. But she was back on track a couple hours later (thanks, Dag and Andreas!) and nailed the Powerslide section on the last try. Atta girl! 🤘😍 Video soon! #FrankensteinGarage


We won today’s Powerslide competition! Qualified first after trying to whip it into turn 2 as hard as I could, and when the finals got cancelled due to rain we got saved by the bell, so to speak. RAD driving by everyone this weekend and fun times with the crew and new and old friends, can’t wait for Rudskogen in a couple of weeks! #Gatebil #HoldStumt (Photos by @mhrallybilder)


Incredible! We won our very first Gymkhana contest here at #Gatebil! Went up against 30 fierce competitors, and @c_bakkerud really looked like he would take it home for a while there. Super fun to compete against the clock, work on my launches and creep around these obstacles. The guys did a great job setting up the 86-X in full grip mode - and now it’s time to loosen the car back up for tomorrow’s Powerslide contest. Thanks for an amazing day!

Photo: @mhrallybilder


Repost from @gatebil_official today. @huntertaylorr killing it on track! (Drone video by @amundstave)


Get a ridealong in the 86-X at #Gatebil Sweden this weekend! Swing by our @ctekchargers booth on Saturday or Sunday, buy a CT5 charger, you’ll get a Hold Stumt T-shirt for free, and you’ll be in the draw for getting a ridealong! We hand out high fives and poster cards all day every day - the sun is shining and we’re about to go out for our first track session here at @gatebil_official.


Some of you may know that my first drift car was an E30 and bouncing into @joelronnes’ drift car today took me right back (even though mine was far from this cool). Such a cool build by Joel and @mazhar_70! #E30 #drift