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Cocoa cola💯💦 Collab with @tempo.mp4
I did text, sync, cc, pumps, turb, wave, and cc lens, he did shakes, swishpan, and some other effects. If you’re tryna collab, dm me


Does anyone remember the og appgods squad? Someone should start a squad like that, showcasing the best app editors, appgodsrevamp or something. I’m not going to start it, because I don’t deserve to be in it, but someone who’s a real app god should start it @r6mixx @camberrrrr @goat.vfx @froztvfx @legendaryxi @wokekrazy @apevfx @ollyxcreation @joewrld tag some app gods that could start this


dead and cold -
Thank you to @appointings for the audio off of his story


I’m going to say something. Editing has been a hobby of mine for 3 years now. and I have threatened to quit too many times, and I love to edit. And I’m sorry that I wanted to quit. I don’t care about the support anymore, I just want to edit to get my emotions out, support me or not, but I’m here to stay, as long as you guys are.


I was looking through old projects, and realized I never posted these scraps so here ya go




That summer was when I lost myself


Moonlight lover


Remake of @revert.xo


It should’ve been me. I should be dead. Then the world would go on, and there would be no one to miss. Fuck you god. Why do you have to take everything and everyone I love? Why do you do this to me? Is all part of your “plan” for humanity? That’s fucked up man. You first take my dad, which split my family apart, then you take my grandparents, then my brother, and now X? What the fuck? Why do you do these things to me? I don’t want to be on this planet anymore, and I don’t give a fuck who pretends to care in the comments. Fuck off, you’re just saying those things to make yourself feel better, so you can go home and think “I helped save a life” even though you may have only stalled it. It’s not like you can cure depression like that. It’s not a disease, it doesn’t just go away. The constant feeling of being numb, and emotionless doesn’t just go away. Don’t take life for granted, live in the present, because you don’t know if you’re going to see tomorrow.


I’m sick to my stomach.
My head is spinning.
I can’t stop reminiscing about my suicide attempts.
I’m fucked up.
I can’t stop.
I want everything to just stop.
What is my purpose.
My life is a joke.
Everything is a lie.
Nothing is guaranteed.
I can’t take this shit anymore.


I have made an edit to more than 25 of X’s songs, here are some of my best ones. You will forever be in my heart, you have gotten me through depression, and I cannot repay that. Thank you for everything you have done for me- Will