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Regrann from @ollelovborg - Is there anything better than the fact that the summer is comming back..? Yeah, a FrSky transmitter in your hands is even better😊
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RX series receivers coming soon from FrSky
18×17×7mm (L×W×H) Weight:2g/2.4g with two antennas

21.1×17×7.3mm (L×W×H) Weight:2.5g/2.9g with two antennas

21.1×13×7.3mm (L×W×H) Weight:2.2/2.6g with two antennas
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The FrSky R9 Slim+ receiver is the updated version of R9 Slim, with optimized performance and 2 detachable antennas. The R9 Slim+ has all the features of the R9 Slim with the flexibility to work with more external devices by incorporating the inverted SBUS and S.Port outputs.


Dimension:  32*13.5*5mm (L × W × H)

Weight: 4.3g

Number of Channels: Non-EU Version: 6/16CH (Telemetry) EU Version: 6/8CH (Telemetry) / 6/16CH (Telemetry) / 6/16CH (No Telemetry)

With RSSI Output: Analog 0~3.3V

Operating Voltage Range: DC 3.5V~10V

Operating Current: 100mA@5V

Operating Range: Up to 10km or above


915MHz (Non-EU Version)/ 868MHz(EU Version)

Performance optimized

2 detachable ipex connector antennas

Small and conveniently setup

Low latency and high precision

Support redundancy function

Smart Port enabled and support telemetry data transmission

Battery voltage detection

With RSSI output

With inverted SBUS and S.Port outputs


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R9M Lite module is a 900MHz frequency system which is especially designed for FrSky Taranis X-Lite transmitter. This being the “Lite” version of the R9 series works perfectly with all #receivers in the R9 series. In addition it gets super low latency and high precision thanks to the upgraded digital interface and high-speed data transmission. The #R9M Lite has extreme performance with the ability to achieve long distances with one RF power output at 100mW.

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The VS600 is the first video transmitter developed by #FrSky team. The 48 channel Video Transmitter features 3 power settings (25mW/200mW/600mW) and a very useful Pit Mode that allows the users to power it up at a low power (1mW)
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The FrSky Gas Suite has arrived.

The Gas Suite is a multifunctional unit which is mainly used to monitor the operating state of an internal combustion engine model. It allows you to measure in real-time the operating temperature, RPM and fuel flow velocity. In addition the Gas Suite also allows you to control the ignition system manually, allowing the user full control during operation.

Features -Monitor in real-time environment temperature and operating temperature of the engine. -Monitor in real-time RPM and the gas flow velocity -Smart Port enabled and support telemetry data transmission -Enable and disable the ignition control system manually -Parameters (Initial quantity of gas, alarm values and etc.) configuration through transmitters and FreeLink (PC)

Specifications -Weight:19g -Dimension: 40*28.8*12.7mm (L*W*H) -Operating Voltage Range: 4.0V~10V -Measured Range of Speed: 100~100000r/min (Degree of Accuracy: ±2%) -Measured Range of Flow Velocity: 20~800ml/min (Degree of Accuracy: ±2%) -Measured range of temperature:
– TEMP1: PT100: -20℃~ 310℃, Degree of accuracy: ±1%
– TEMP2: NTC: -20℃~ 250℃, Degree of accuracy: ±1% -Physical interface: Temp1 & 2, FLOW, CDI pulse In & Out, Channel In, Smart Port
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FrESC32_35A ESC Release

The FrSky FrESC32_35A ESC features a powerful 32-bit micro processor and supports Dshot signaling. Lightweight and 2-5s LiPo compatible makes it ideal for multirotors.


High-performance 32-bit micro processor

Over-current and over-temperature protection

Optional Dshot signaling (Dshot 150/300/600/1200)


Dimension: 30x16x4.5mm (LxWxH)


Operating Voltage:2-5s Lipo

Continuous Current:35A



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The RXSRF3OM - FrSky 20mm spacing Flight Controller Release

Good things do come in small packages. Like FrSky’s latest flight controller. With a built-in R-XSR receiver and 20mm x 20mm mounting holes makes it perfect for a clutter free micro quadcopter build. The RXSRF3OM is Betaflight OSD integrated and Smart Port enabled, which means it supports full telemetry.


Smart Port enabled

OSD configuration supported

Built-in accelerometer and gyro

Built-in F3 and R-XSR receiver module


Dimension: 27.4×27.4×5.6mm (L×W×H)  20mm mounting hole spacing  2.5mm mounting hole diameter

Weight: 4.5g

Operating Voltage: DC 3.5~12V

Operating Current: 150mA@5V

Channels: 16CH SBUS output (CH8 is RSSI output)

Hardware: STM32F303 CPU  MPU6050 (Accelerometer/Gyro)  R-XSR receiver module



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FrSky R9 Mini 900MHz receiver

Only one chance to order at this special price! No limitations on quantity. The R9 Mini 900MHz receiver is available now at a special promotional price of only $9.99 USD. Mini sized and super lightweight design. For more details please visit FrSky website:

The latest 900MHz receiver from FrSky the R9 Mini. This receiver brings forth all the features of previous R9 receivers in an extremely compact and lightweight design. Super low latency, and it supports the redundancy function to ensure your aircrafts safety. Ipex antenna connector makes it easy and quick to replace damaged antennas.


Dimension: 16*10mm (L*W)

Weight: 1.1g (including antenna)

Numbers of channel:

Non-EU Version: 4/16CH (Telemetry)
EU Version: 4/8CH (Telemetry) / 4/16CH (Telemetry) / 4/16CH (No Telemetry)
Operating Voltage Range: DC 3.5V – 10V

Operating Range: Up to 10km or above

915MHZ (Non-EU Version)/ 868MHZ(EU Version)

Mini size and superlight weight

S.Port enabled and support telemetry data transmission (Support F.Port, download firmware to support the function)

Supports redundancy function

Low latency and high precision

With RSSI output in SBUS

Detachable Ipex connector antenna


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Taranis X-Lite Special Promotion

Taranis X-Lite is available now at a special promotional price of $119.99 USD. The Taranis X-Lite blends the functionality and reliability of FrSky Transmitters with a compact Game-Style controller. The Compact size means you can take it virtually anywhere. The pre-installed high precision M12 Lite hall sensor gimbals can be adjusted without disassembling the case. It also has a quick access battery bay for quickly replacing the 18500 battery. Additionally the X-Lite runs the familiar OpenTX software, and the updated internal and external module interfaces make the data-transmission speed faster with even lower latency.

For more information please visit FrSky’s website:

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The #FrSky #Transmitter Taranis X-Lite Release! This revolutionary #radio blends the functionality and reliability of FrSky Transmitters with a compact Game-Style controller. The #XLite is ergonomically designed, featuring 4 switches and 2 sliders, which means you can still fly your Fixed-wing models as well #multirotors and #helicopters

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Coming soon... -R9 Mini-
Weight: 1.1g with antenna / 0.7g without antenna. -X-Lite-
It features Haptic Vibration Feedback System which provides an alternative feedback system to the voice and sound alert warnings. And Compatible with the upcoming R9M Lite 915/868MHz module.

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