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"Hoggle Woggle" by Andrew Lloyd Webber.


You can hear me as the playable Nightborne female in the latest #worldofwarcraft expansion, #battleforazeroth.

5 Felt the itch to write so I wrote a bit more extensively about the experience 2 weeks into post-op #mastectomy #bilateralmastectomy



WOOHOO! And that's a wrap on my pathology, folks. Here are my former boobs on paper. No additional cancer found beyond the pre-cancer. I'm all done! Just breast reconstruction from hereon out. I'm one of the lucky ones. My breast surgeon told me she recently did a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy on a 30 year old, positive for BRCA1. Pathology discovered 7mm of invasive cancer, completely undetected by mammogram, ultrasound, or MRI. Trust your gut, ladies. #mastectomy #bilateralmastectomy


Did you know homemade from scratch tortilla soup made by your friend who stopped by to visit has magical healing powers WELL IT DOES.🥑


Cat nurse is here to help. By drooling on me.


I haven't eaten or had water since last midnight so this vegetable broth is the most amazing thing in the world. Thank you for all of the well wishes, I feel so loved and it helped calm my nerves. The anesthesia hasn't made me ill, it's made me a sassy ass to 11 hayyyy.😘💋 #bilateralmastectomy #mastectomy


Hey, this is Fryda's husband, Joe. Fryda is awake and talking about how awesome her doctors are. Thank you for all the well wishes, she appreciates it! ♥️ - this message approved by Fryda.


Thanks folks don't forget to tip your server.


And now for my next trick... Disappearing boobs!