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Happy birthday to me! This is what 36 looks like. Here is my breast, 10 days after it was biopsied. At its worst, the hematoma was the size of a golf ball. Thankfully it seems to be dissipating, now it's just ugly rather than ugly and painful.

Calcifications were found in my left breast and the biopsy determined they are ADH DCIS, ergo pre-cancerous or "stage zero cancer." I have to have a lumpectomy and radiation treatment.
But I'm not doing any of that nonsense. One round of this medieval torture is enough for me. In a few months I'll undergo a bilateral mastectomy with breast reconstruction via saline implants. I don't get to keep the nipples, as the pre-cancerous cells are in the milk ducts. I'll have a bionic Barbie chest, which I look forward to tattooing and photographing. Because any excuse to get tattoos.

I deleted my Twitter account. I was spending more time blocking accounts than talking to people. I don't see the point of social media anymore. I refuse to spend another moment of my life arguing with strangers who are procrastinating getting off the toilet.
I'll occasionally post to Instagram whenever I have more gross body parts to share, or have a project to promote. Whatever.
I randomly stream a vlog from Twitch, subscribe (frydawolff) there if you'd like to be notified.
I look forward to building a richer personal life as I take care of myself and my small family, say goodbye to my defective big naturals and make room for some reasonably sized Barbie bumps, amen. #happybirthday


Getting biopsied like a butch BOSS. I might be a zombie and not a vampire because they staked my breast and I'm still alive. My gothling heart weeps black tears.


Shaking my money maker! 💋


Attempting to break the nerd internet with lovely @darindepaul


Successfully Monsterpaloozaed. Stared deeply and longingly into Rick Baker's ponytail up close. Hugged my monster maker friends. Currently am undead. #monsterpalooza


Tears of a pcap clown.


Last day of looking this cute. Pcap I love you, even when you're very hard work.


Oh hi! I'm in Bloodstained. It's a spiritual sequel to Castlevania. I'm not in costume, it was actually for real cold that day, it happened.


New Hair, New York. Pleasure doing business with you.




🌈HAPPY SEASON TWO OF TROLLS: THE BEAT GOES ON, ON NETFLIX! IT'S LOUD AND COLORFUL LIKE ME, WATCH IT. WATCH IT NOW. There's a lot more of me and my characters and me as new characters this season sorry not sorry.💖


Ohmigosh what a great day. I performed screenplays written by elementary students from Young Storytellers, alongside pals like @SaintyNelsen and @bauzilla . 10/10 would play again! Thanks @DWAnimation ! 💖


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