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Was just filming the @hollywoodhandmaids doing their thang at the Sag Awards with @maxwell_miranda and @chelsealeebee — when Kween Handmaid herself rolled up to give them props. Full circle! #elizabethmoss #handmaidrealness @sagawards #hollywoodhandmaids #silentnolonger #metoo


Cartagena, Colombia // 1.1.18

Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena, Colombia // 12.31.17

Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena, Colombia // 12.30.17

Cartagena De Indias, Colombia

Woot! Flash challenge. Get scared, y’all! In just 2 days, you’re invited to scare your soul with us. If there’s something you’ve been wanting to do but you’ve been held back by fear or anxiety, Sunday is the day. Anything that scares you counts, big or small. Message me for support and to get signed up! It’s free, we’re just here to help you. Mine is big this time. I’m embarking upon a 9 day trip to Colombia, which means leaving my soulmate (see previous post) for way too long, and jumping into the unknown. Travel doesn’t come naturally to me. It’s generally accompanied by days of ruminating and anxiety and nights of bad sleep. But I push myself to travel a lot (and am so lucky and privileged to be able to do so) because I find that the pros always outweigh the cons. So when I want to chicken out, and I usually do, I really work to push myself. Ok, tell me yours. Go! #scareyoursoul

Cartagena, Colombia

My friends Maggie and Drew understand me. Gift giving on a whole. new. LEVEL. #ohyestheydid


Happy birthday (+1 day) to this very wonderful human, and a very Merry Christmas Eve to all who celebrate!

Denver, Colorado

Just over here wondering why we so fervently defend the 2nd amendment but not the 1st. And so I shake the ground. And then get back to work. #netneutrality

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