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Photo by @edkashi. A boy washes his horse in the waters of the Nile River in Egypt on Aug. 27, 1992. #fromthearchives #edkashi #water #nileriver #egypt #horizon @natgeo #natgeo


Rice terrace in Sapa - Vietnam ✨💚💚💚✨ Picture by ✨✨@merveceranphoto✨✨
#wonderful_places for a feature 💚


The Rhythm of Mood | Photograph by Denis Zastanceanu (@denixoid)
“I really want to go to Barmsee Lake in Germany again in the near future, and try and experience something new,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Denis Zastanceanu. “I wish I could upload a time lapse video of this sunset :)”

“Wow. I agree with Your Shot photographer Janet Ellison who commented, "So incredibly beautiful, Denis! Everything about it — colors, reflections, lighting, mist. Captured absolutely perfectly! :)" What an absolutely breathtaking sunrise. You are right, this moment would have definitely made for an excellent time lapse video. However no worries, because this frame is absolutely gorgeous. Well done.” — @natgeoyourshot Producer David Y. Lee (@davidylee)
This photo was submitted to our “I Want to Go There…” assignment, curated by David Y. Lee. To participate, go to the link in our profile.


¿Por qué las mujeres siguen siendo tan vulnerables ante el acoso y el abuso? La periodista @katiecouric explorará la necesidad de reconsiderar la igualdad de género en "Al descubierto" 📺👇
Estreno HOY, 8 PM PE.
8.30 PM COL.
10 PM ARG.


Photo by @nelsonmakamo
Through his charcoal portraits, South African artist Nelson Makamo (@nelsonmakamo) works to change negative perceptions of African children. “How do you stop the judgment of a child?” says Nelson, who was born in 1982, 12 years before the end of apartheid. “I started adding glasses to some portraits, and just by doing that, it completely changes how someone looks at the painting. They won’t look at that child in terms of a portrait of a child from Africa. A lot of people start seeing a reflection of themselves. That is what art is there for: to show how common we all are.”
Today is #MandelaDay, a celebration of the 100th birthday of the late Nelson Mandela, an anti-apartheid leader and former president of South Africa. “Today, we are what we are because of his legacy,” says Nelson. “When I see people responding to my work, the person that comes to mind is Nelson Mandela. He fought for us to have moments like this where we share ideas. If one man can create a legacy that unites the world, we need to make sure that legacy lives on.”


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【And more】vol.3


A🐦 eye view of this amazing spectacle of Sakura in Japan early April 🎌


photo by @andrea_frazzetta // Cambodia, Tonle Sap lake, the Floating village of Chhnok Trou. A man crossing the village by boat at dawn.
The lake supports a massive freshwater ecosystem, which in turn supports the people who live around it in floating villages. Many of the Cambodian villagers are stateless Vietnamese immigrants. The families build floating dwellings on top of waters where citizenship papers are not required. Despite being built on the water, the floating villages operate similarly to villages on land. There are grocery stores, schools, barbers, temples. Follow @andrea_frazzetta to know more about my next projects #cambodia #floatingvillage #asia


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